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2017/12/15 13:08:08

348/365: JuvenileOne of the things I hear all the time when I do insect programs with the public at work is that a smaller dragonfly or ladybug or some other insect is a "baby." This comes up especially with the ladybug programs as there's one species of ladybug that is quite a lot smaller than the others people find. If you see wings (or in beetles, the elytra, the hardened shell that protects the flight wings underneath), you're looking at an adult insect, so not a baby! (One exception: mayflies get wings in their last immature stage and molt once more to become adults.) The little stink bug in the photo has wingpads, but no actual wings, so you can tell it's not an adult yet. The small orange dragonflies flying around my area are not baby dragonflies - they're just a smaller species. They're flying, therefore they have wings, ergo they are fully grown adults!