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2017/11/24 15:11:25

Beautiful quiet days spent doing what I love!21.11.2017Tosh VillageI did a mini haul on my insta live about what I bought from Bhuntar Market. Check it out while its up. Also I had asked you guys if you want to see a Vlog and 93% of you voted yes. I have a few videos from my trip and I am going to try and edit a Vlog out of the ones that I have!#modayaldatravels
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2017/11/24 14:46:24

A Journey to Uphill..“Aapka ghar kaha hai?" I asked this man which translated to where is your home to initiate my conversation on the long journey to uphill..To which he replied that he is a native of the place but would make home to any place where the horse can give him an earning. I asked him if he migrates to different places since I was curious now about his living now. He said typically no, he doesn’t but sometimes when the tourism is at its lowest, he does go to the city with his horse which he proudly calls, Masti which means fun. I asked him if Masti earned him enough to survive? He said yes it does but he immediately adds that his needs aren’t much..“How many members are you in the family”, I asked.“Five! Me, my wife, two sons and one daughter”.“How much you typically make”, I asked.“Around 2000 - 2500 rupees in a beautiful day with God's blessings”, he continued, “else it can be as low as 500 rupees.”.“Is that enough?”, I asked counting my expenses. "To the world, I do not earn, I am a brat spending on a vacation with my dad’s money."“Cut your cloth according to the cloth (jitni chadar ho utna pair failayen). I know there is a civilization that doesn’t care about my growth but then I am thankful. My desires are limited due to that ignorance”, he replies and then shouts “run Masti!”..I smile to myself on my selfishness on how sometimes I bargain with people who are already having a hard time to exist...📝OurMagpie📷OurJP..#jullae #jullaeofficial #indianwriters #indianpoet #writersofinstagram #writer #poetsofinstagram #poets #writerscommunity #microfiction #poetrycommunity #instawriters #instapoet #stories #travelblogger #travelphotography #travelgram #traveller #travelstories #indiapictures #indiaclick #travel #indiantraveller #travelwriter #travelwriting #writersofindia #indianblogger #mountains #mountainlife #horse
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2017/11/24 14:38:59

Had such a lovely little lakeside picnic! Check out my stories for more! #usa #georgia
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2017/11/24 14:32:21

Good morning from the beautiful lake Phewa. It's Nepal Band today and I'm spending the day at the lakeside sipping local himalayan coffee and local beers. Perfect way to spend the vacation. #phewalake #solotravel #pokhara #nepal #landscape #lakes #himalayas #mountains #boats #naturalbeauty #lakeday #vacation #travelasia #indiantraveller #relax #lakeview #boats #paddleboats #lazymorning #brew #coffee #lakelove #travel #chill #lazy #sunkissed
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2017/11/24 14:29:52

The Republic of Maldives has been a muslim country since the 12th century AD after a mass conversion from Buddhism. Although there are alternative accounts but the most probable seems to be that the then Buddhist king converted to Islam influenced by the moroccan traveler Abu- al Barakaath-Ul Barbary whose tomb stands to this day in Malé, near the Friday Mosque. He is remembered in Maldivian #folklore as a medieval Perseus, who saved a young woman marked for sacrifice from a sea-demon or sea-jinn called Rannamaari.According to some unholy pact between the people of Maldives and Rannamaari, a virgin girl was sacrificed to the demon at regular intervals to appease its bloodlust, else its wrath would turn upon the people. The king of Maldives had the task of choosing the virgin girl. On the appointed night, dressed like a bride, she was shut alone inside a temple near the sea and, the next morning, people visited the temple to collect her mortal remains. The demon appeased, the people of Maldives could carry on with their lives undisturbed, until it was again time for the sacrifice.It so happened that the family whose hospitality Al-Barbary had enjoyed during his stay in Malé had a young girl, and she was chosen by the king for sacrifice. Al-Barbary decided to pay back his hosts for their kindness by taking the place of the girl on the night of the sacrifice. Nobody else knew about this arrangement. When it was night, Al-Barbary, dressed as a bride, was led to the temple. Shut inside the temple by the priests, he waited for the demon, reciting Quranic verses.According to one variant of the legend, as Al-Barbary waited inside the temple on the first night dressed as a bride, the monster came into view. As it drew near, Al-Barbary attacked it and taking it by surprise, overpowered it. He then learnt to his amazement that the monster was none other than the king of Maldives who, with the collusion of temple priests and courtiers, used this method to satisfy his violent lust and keep his subjects in fear.CONTINUED IN COMMENTS.