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2017/09/27 01:36:36

How do I like to spend my free time? A D V E N T U R E #byeeee ✈️.But hold up. We need to remember that as humans we over think and over complicate EVERYTHING *guilt as charged, sometimes*.I'd jump on a plane any damn day for a get away and adventure. But don't get stuck or lost in booking days off, the logistics of life and planning itineraries. Under that plane wing is a city, it could even be YOUR city. An hour or an evening getaway to your own city to try a new restaurant or just have a drink somewhere new can help you reset and recharge during your down time!.Don't be basic in your thinking. And don't overlook a local adventure during your free time💕 How do you spend your free time? Tell me below⬇️
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2017/09/27 01:36:24

Нашла свой автопортрет в музеи современного искусства в Бангкоке🤓😂вот такая же смута происходит в моей голове последнее время. И девушка на портрете тоже как и я по моему в шоке от происходящего💆🤦‍♀️😂#мысливслух #instaday #art #искусство #drawing #рисование #ilovetravel #путешествие #выставка #exhibition #travel #traveljunkie #wanderlust #asiatrip #positivethinking #bangkok #thailand #бангкок #тайланд #neverstopexploring #gooutside #roamtheplanet #фотодня #picofday #followme #instalikes #workfromanywhere
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2017/09/27 01:36:09

I'm in uni but I miss my best friend so damnnn much 😫💛
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2017/09/27 01:34:55

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2017/09/27 01:32:05

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2017/09/27 00:20:31

It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. (Edmund Hillary. Wise man.)
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2017/09/27 01:31:53

So here's a little Travel Tuesday. This is from a trip to Costa Rica in Jan. 2016. This was the sunset from the boat on our way back from snorkeling. One of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. What's a memorable moment from of of your vacations?
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2017/09/27 01:33:29

Prague becomes so mysterious when the night comes ... #prague #czechrepublic #oldtownsquare #churchofourladybeforetyn #staromestskenamesti 🇨🇿/// August 2015
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2017/09/27 01:32:53

Punalu'u! Anyone else think it looks like black caviar when you pick it up? 🤷🏻‍♀️