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2018/03/25 02:35:02

What are you having for breakfast? (Cookies and Cream Dream)
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2018/03/25 01:23:51

The Mexican hot chocolate at @dandelionchocolate does not disappoint. It’s a bit spicy for kids but I love the flavor! I’m so glad they opened a chocolate spot in the ferry building 😄
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2018/03/24 21:06:06

Cuando creí que Filipinas no podía ser más linda.. llegamos a El Nido
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2018/03/24 12:43:58

Can you spot the key decor in this space? 👀 We can! 🖖🏻 // 📸 by @j_kranz
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2018/03/24 12:27:10

Bro this new camera lens is lit 🔥👌
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2018/03/24 11:27:29

Getting fresh baked pies ready... Are you coming by this weekend??
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2018/03/24 05:11:47

Coffee is the greatest thing, and we in the United States have never had it so good. Who’s doing it best in your state, right now? I’ve got the story @foodandwine. See below for the top fifty - for full details and 100+ more recommendations, link’s in the bio..ALABAMA @prevailunionmgm.ALASKA @steamdotcoffee.ARIZONA @prestacoffee.ARKANSAS @onyxcoffeelab.CALIFORNIA @andytownsf.COLORADO @sweetbloomcoffee.CONNECTICUT @storyandsoilcoffee.DELAWARE @brandywinecoffeeroasters.FLORIDA @panthercoffee.GEORGIA @eastpolecoffeeco.HAWAII @konacoffeepurveyors.IDAHO @formandfunctioncoffee.ILLINOIS @metriccoffee (with a special shout-out to @everybodyscoffee).INDIANA @conjure.coffee.IOWA @horizonlinecoffee.KANSAS @ptscoffee.KENTUCKY @quillscoffee.LOUISIANA @congregation_coffee.MAINE @44northcoffee.MARYLAND @vigilantecoffee.MASSACHUSETTS @lilwolfcoffee.MICHIGAN @populacecoffee.MINNESOTA @wesleyandrews.cc.MISSISSIPPI @beanfruitcoffee.MISSOURI @messengercoffee.MONTANA @blackcoffee.mt.NEBRASKA @archetypecoffee.NEVADA @vestacoffee.NEW HAMPSHIRE @wayfarercoffeeroasters.NEW JERSEY @oqcoffee.NEW MEXICO @cutbowcoffee.NEW YORK @parlorcoffee.NORTH CAROLINA @counterculturecoffee.NORTH DAKOTA @youngbloodcoffee.OHIO @presscoffeebar.OKLAHOMA @cirquecoffee.OREGON @noblecoffee.PENNSYLVANIA @passengercoffee.RHODE ISLAND @boltcoffeeco.SOUTH CAROLINA @indahcoffee.SOUTH DAKOTA @coffearoasterie.TENNESSEE @steadfastcoffee.TEXAS @noblecoyotecoffee.UTAH @labarbacoffee.VERMONT @onyxtonics.VIRGINIA @blanchardscoffee.WASHINGTON @cambercoffee.WEST VIRGINIA @tiptopthomas.WISCONSIN @rubyroasters.WYOMING @pinecoffeesupply.#coffee_inst #coffee #coffeeshop #eeeeeats #coffeesesh #discoveramerica #visittheusa #traveller #travelling #instatravel #instacoffee #igersusa #foodandwine #igersf #coffeeholic
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2018/03/24 09:13:15

Sunlight through Sauvignon Blanc highlights these gorgeous Grilled Whole Jumbo Prawns with Calabrian chili-garlic-basil butter...um, yum! And thankfully, the sun is shining again!! 🙏☀️#pier23cafe #igersf #sf #igers #instagood #instafood #grilled #prawns #sun #weekend #sauvignonblanc #wharflife #eatersf #seafood
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2018/03/24 08:20:02

lines, neutrals, and my love • san francisco, ca
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2018/03/24 05:30:54

Not having all the answers has been the best comfort zone for me lately. Making choices that I normally wouldn’t do, and finding myself smiling from ear-to-ear along the way has been making my heart super happyyyyy. No regrets. Ps. Hi everyone!!! It’s been awhile. ☺️#acertainslantoflight #strideby
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2018/03/24 06:43:50

Passionfruit and guava. Officially ready and waiting for you on the website. 😉