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2017/12/13 08:21:21

One of my favorite desserts also happens to be one of my favorite #chopmotion videos🍎🍎...This was always a staple in my house growing up (and still is!) Makes you want to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and a bowl of apple crisp 😋...What are some of your favorite seasonal treats?👇👇👇
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2017/12/13 08:21:01

Lunch I threw together today with lots of farmers market finds! Organic romaine + @markleyfarms heirloom tomatoes + @sunflowersproutsandmicrogreens + @malibufarmersmarket candy cane roasted beets + feta cheese + shredded carrots + leftover grilled chicken + balsamic vinaigrette + @paleomg candied pecans! So many amazing nutritious ingredients in this salad! #allthegoods #salad #organic #kitchensinksalad #holisticnutrition #wellness #foodie #paleomg #grainfree #glutenfree #candycanebeets #farmermarketfinds #love #nourishthebody
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2017/12/13 08:19:32

”Let yourself rest” 🙌🏻 Vilodagar är lika viktiga som under träningsdagarna. Utan vila har kroppen ingen chans för återhämtning. 👐🏻 Utan vila försvinner de energilager som kroppen bygger upp för att utvecklas med. ”Rest to later impress” ✨ #goodnight
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2017/12/13 08:18:30

Roasted red beet hummus loaded with vitamins and minerals makes a great dip, dressing or topping for your next Christmas party.It also makes your holiday platter stand out with it's natural coloring from the beets!INGREDIENTS:* 1 small-medium roasted red beet* 1 can chickpeas* 2 tablespoons of tahini* 2 cloves of garlic* 1/4 extra-virgin olive oil* Fresh lemon juice from 1/2 lemon* Salt and pepper to tasteDIRECTIONS:* Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until a smooth and creamy texture.* Optional toppings: 1 tsp olive oil and herbs of your choice (rosemary, cilantro, parsley)* Serve with carrots, celery, cucumbers or crackers#ahaw #christmas #xmas #holidays #holisticnutrition #nutrition #health #wellness #healthyeating #hummus #beets #allergyfree #dairyfree #organic #tricities #portcoquitlam #coquitlam #pittmeadows #mapleridge
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2017/12/13 08:11:08

With only two weeks to Christmas and New Year, I know many of you have started to think about "how 2018 will be different", what you want to achieve and how to improve your health and well being..NOW is the time to start acting and focusing on the foundation of your habits to be able to build up habits that will transform your life!Get in touch today to book your first appointment and start 2018 certain that you are going in the right direction!.🇧🇷 Nos comentários 🇧🇷
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2017/12/13 08:13:15

love myself, cellulite and all💕
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2017/12/13 08:08:45

Super excited for our juicy global training class tonight for our coaches at 7:30pm EST 💖💖
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2017/12/13 08:01:38

QUOTE OF THE DAY-“Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.” -– Alan Alda
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2017/12/13 08:01:49

Turmeric – especially its primary pharmacological agent curcumin –is said to be as potent as phenybutazone, hydrocortisone and other OTC medications for inflammation.
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2017/12/12 23:47:27

CLEAN BEAUTY | @mindbodygreen list of the main topics of WELLNESS conversation in 2018 • "I am very bullish on the natural beauty category," said Kara Cissell-Roell, co-founder and manager of venture capital firm VMG Partners and investor in nontoxic beauty brand Drunk Elephant. "In particular, natural beauty brands that use high-quality, safe ingredients but also deliver exceptional results—this is the holy grail of today’s beauty market." • natural beauty products are around 95-100% active vs their counterparts that are around 2-5% active and full of synthetics & endocrine disrupters • way to go for clean beauty! 💦 •.....#naturalisbest #lifestyledbylozo #whatnatureintended #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #healthygifts #lifestyledbylozo #livevibrant #cleanbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #naturalbeauty
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2017/12/13 07:54:15

8 months as a Naturopathic Medical Intern and the most impactful information I have learned so far is that the majority of conditions stem from a chronic inflammatory state. -..Weight gain, pain, fatigue, digestion, hormones, mental health, metabolic syndrome -all can be so greatly impacted by providing anti-inflammatory interventions.-To reverse the progression of disease, to alleviate the symptoms,to treat the ROOT CAUSE, we must address inflammation. 🌹✌
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2017/12/13 07:54:22

Ageing - A simple message: eat Plants.⠀Fibre - lots of it!!
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2017/12/13 07:54:55

When your son has the stomach bug!!!! We never catch this junk, What!!!!!!#onguard #purify #essentialoil _________________________________________________________________________________FOLLOW 💧💧 @ahealthieryou.eoFOLLOW 💧💧 @ahealthieryou.eo FOLLOW 💧💧 @ahealthieryou.eo___________________________________ -For tips, tricks & Techniques. All things essential oils. 💧🌸🍋🌷🍊🌱🌹💧________________________#bossgirl #holisticlife #bossmoms #essentialoilsforlife #essentialoil #holisticnutrition #womenbiz #allnatural #doterramom #mompower #strongereveryday💪 #strongmoms #doterralife #momswhoworkout #womensupportingwomen #womenpower #workfromhome #beyourownboss
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2017/12/13 07:54:11

CLEAN EATS | all @pearlbutter BACK IN STOCK 💗💛💙🖤 • get 20% OFF your order with code👉🏼 lozo20 • featured here is the Beauty Butter 💗 •B E A U T Y B U T T E R BENEFITS:- PEARL: Rich in amino acids, calcium, & conchiolin, a complex protein that stimulates COLLAGEN production to visibly HYDRATE skin. Recent studies have explored pearl’s emerging role in bone health.- SHAVEGRASS: Due to its high silica content, it has been suggested as a treatment for OSTEOPOROSIS & a way to help produce & maintain healthy COLLAGEN levels.- PITAYA: Its fiber is made up mainly of oligosaccharides, which act as powerful PREBIOTICS, stimulating the growth of friendly gut bacteria. Clinical research has also focused on the fruit’s positive effect on HEART & SKIN health......#naturalisbest #lifestyledbylozo #whatnatureintended #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #healthygifts #lifestyledbylozo #livevibrant #cleanbeauty #nontoxicbeauty #naturalbeauty #pearlbutter
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2017/12/13 07:50:53

Are you TIRED, do you have unexplained numbness and TINGLING, do you have a DEPRESSION or ANXIETY, do you suffer from DIARRHEA or CONSTIPATION? •If so, Maybe you should consider incorporating more B VITAMINS into your diet! •B12 deficiency has been a hot topic for decades, we have fortified our grains, breads and cereals with B vitamins so we don't suffer the dramatic consequences of deficiency. It is a common deficiency and can be identified with your family doctor BUT..... • WHAT about the rest of the B's??!?! •They are IMPORTANT too!! Individual B vitamins serve as catalysts, which drive our chemical reactions that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for LIFE! •ENERGY production is one of the primary roles of the B VITAMINS so therefore FATIGUE is generally a prominent symptoms when we aren't getting enough! •Vitamin B-7 is necessary for metabolizing CHOLESTEROL, fatty acids and amino acids. •Vitamin B-9 and B-6 are involved in breaking down amino acids which are the building blocks of PROTEINS in your body. •Metabolizing DRUGS and TOXINS in your LIVER depends on vitamin B-5. •Your body needs vitamin B-2 for processing CARBOHYDRATES, fats, proteins, IRON and other B vitamins. •As you can see, B Vitamins are involved in almost all of our bodily functions, when they are low we can suffer from MENTAL ILLNESS, extreme FATIGUE, poor DIGESTION and poor DETOX just to name a few! •So HOW can we get MORE B's? •SIMPLE, some of the best sources are meats like chicken, turkey, SALMON, dark green leafy VEGETABLES, wheat germ, RICE, green pea, LENTILS and nuts such as almonds and PECANS... split peas, sweet potatoes, MUSHROOMS, broccoli and AVOCADO all contain B vitamins! •Instead of surviving on coffee, red bull and stimulants perhaps incorporate a few more foods that are rich in B's and you find yourself FULL OF ENERGY!
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2017/12/13 07:50:12

Warrior B. What does being a warrior mean to you? For me it means pursuing your goals with kindness and determination, setting boundaries, taking time for self care, speaking with courage and truth, believing in yourself, and forgiving when forgiveness is needed... even towards yourself. What are your #wellnesswarrior goals? How can you start to achieve them today? #outdooryoga #poseoftheday #virabhadrasana2 #warrior2 #wellness #holisticnutrition #selfcare #goals
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2017/12/13 07:47:51

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2017/12/13 07:47:57

♡ .// ☉🎄Christmas is coming!! 🎅🌏//. 14 DAY  GENTLE DETOX!🍏🍊🍅🍐🍄🌶🍓🍐🍎🍌🍉🍑 //SAFE FOR EVERYONE!//.If you are feeling some of the following... .🍍Tired and lethargic🍉Lack of drive or passion for life🍍Depression or moodiness 🍉Poor concentration or memory🍍Pimples or clogged pores🍉Body odour🍍Cellulite or excessive weight 🍉Poor digestion, bloating or gas ..It can be difficult to get motivated when your body doesn’t seem to be helping you or functioning at its full capacity ♀️ ... and these symptoms are some potential indicators of toxicity within your body ❌.Our gentle cleanse program , the 14 Day Delicious Detox, is the perfect way to uplevel your health and vitality 🙌🌈💫.Comment below or PM me if you’d like to learn more xx ⤵....#health #nutrition #rawfoods #wholefoods #phytonutrients #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #xenawellness #herbalist #nutritionist #naturopathicmedicine #life #balancediet #detox #cleanse #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #newdaynewme #love #mumsbeingawesome #mba #australiagram #tribalwellness #prevent #selflovejourney
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2017/12/13 07:44:56

The yoga studio I go to has been doing a Christmas light challenge where you hold different positions all while wearing Christmas lights!! Well, FOMO got the best of me last night and I had to join in! One thing Yoga has taught me is to laugh at myself!!
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2017/12/13 07:44:16