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2017/10/24 04:01:30

#meatlessmonday is tasting so good over here ☝🏼organic spinach + sautéed zucchini, onion, & bell pepper + 1/2 avo + @hilaryseatwell black rice burger + @hopefoods lemon peppercorn hummus + @manitobaharvest hemp 💛s happy new week loversss
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2017/10/24 04:00:20

Halloween is almost here! Still need to stock up for trick-or-treaters? Our Fruit & Veggie Strips are 25% off with the code FRUITVEGLOVE25 through Oct. 26! Head to shop.pureorganic.com to pick some up!
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2017/10/24 03:59:43

A beautiful and balanced bowl loaded with all the goods to keep you strong and nourished for the week ahead 💪💯 A bed of mixed greens & spinach 🌱🌿 topped with organic @bilinskisausage Italian chicken sausage + artichokes + red onion + cherry tomatoes 🍅 + @traderjoes Just Beets chips + @bellechevre fig goat cheese + kidney beans + avocado 🥑 + @woodstockfoods Tamari pumpkin seeds 🎃 + @hilaryseatwell chili lime vinaigrette & a side of nourishing @teaonic herbal tea 🍵💛 #healthyliving #cleaneating #teaonic #brewingbetterhealth #repost @rachaelsgoodeats
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2017/10/24 03:58:50

P A T A T J E S | Of ik patatjes wil uitproberen mijn nieuwe XXL Airfryer.. Hmmm, oké, oké, als het echt moet 😌😂😍 Er wordt altijd gezegd dat de patatjes uit de Airfryer super lekker zijn. Oké, ik was wel een beetje sceptisch, maaaaaar.. Ze zijn gewoon super krokant en lekker! Ik heb dus de 100% krokant garantie van Philips getest 🎈Ik ben groot fan en moet mezelf inhouden om niet dagelijks patat te eten 🙈We gebruikten frietjes speciaal voor de Airfryer. Omdat de XXL Airfryer zo groot is kun je er een hele zak patat in kunt gooien 😬Zoals je kunt zien is Jozef ook groot fan van de patatjes. Ik ga niet zeggen hoeveel hij er op heeft 🙊O ja, er ging per ongeluk ook eenhele doos kaassouffle's op 😌
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2017/10/24 03:58:37

Our most popular ones! We made a video on how to make them this weekend. Soon you can make them yourself! #butterfly #cheesefest #😋🦋🦋🦋🦋#todayfood #Geneva #switzerland #instafood #healthyfoodshare #foodporn #lunch #snacks #foodlover #cooking #chef #baking #homefood #RestaurantCreation #philanthropy #solidarity #butterflyeffect @leffetpapillongeneva #leffetpapillon
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2017/10/24 03:56:28

Healthy Snack Ideas! 🍱 Which of these is your favourite?! SAVE/LIKE if you found this useful and FOLLOW @nuvisionexcel for more health and diet tips 🍌🍓..Credit: @meowmeix THE SNACKSSnack 1 - med banana + 3 tsp PBSnack 2 - rice cake with 1/4 cup marinara & 1oz (2 tbsp) mozzarella cheese Snack 3 - 1 1/2 cups seedless grapesSnack 4 - 2 eggs + raw bell peppersSnack 5 - 1/2 cup kiwi berriesSnack 6 - 1 cup celery + 2 tbsp almond butter....#fitdutchies#eatright#healthandfitness#wholefood#healthydiet#healthymind#stayhealthy#eatinghealthy#healthymom#healthychoice #healthymeal#getlean #healthyfoodshare#coconutoil #healthiswealth#behealthy #realfood#cleanfood #healthychoices#protein
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2017/10/24 03:55:36

Caramel Cashew Butter 🤤🍯I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of refined sugar I eat, but I absolutely love caramel 😩! So when I stumbled across @nadiashealthykitchen‘s recipe for homemade caramel cashew nut butter, I had to give it a try and it didn’t disappoint. It can be used to top yoghurt and granola, as a dip for fruit or even to spice up your boring morning porridge. #HealthyAlternativesGo to Nadia.link and search “date caramel” for the recipe. 🔻What’s In It?!🔻 🥜 Cashew Nuts🍯 Dates🥛 Coconut Milk
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2017/10/24 03:54:13

I love trying new dishes, or ingredients, and @purplecarrotox continues to deliver such unique plant-based meals that are packed with flavor, like this Sweet Potato Sushi Bowl! 🍠🍚 It's filled with speckled rice, roasted sweet potato, sautéed kale, marinated cucumbers, nori strips, and a sauce made from vegan mayo + yuzu juice, which is a cross between lemon & grapefruit juice! I shared the other bowl with my mom, who isn't really a fan of sushi, but she loved the sweet potato & kale addition 😋💛.Also, if you're interested in trying more creative dishes, click the link in my bio and use code "KRUTI" for $30 dollars off your first delivery! #pledgeplants #ad.#eatprettywithkruti #eatpretty #inspirehealthy
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2017/10/24 03:50:45

Dinner last night. Seitan and mushrooms with miso gravy and noochy biscuits😋
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2017/10/24 03:50:39

Love holidays and travel, but I do love coming home and getting back to the food I know and love!! Back to work and normal routines;Breakfast: Fruit & yoghurtLunch: chicken soup with 2 handfuls of kale, cabbage and spinach wilted in the heat of the soupDinner: spicy beef, with peppers, rice and fetaSnacks: banana and this packet of super tasty apple crisps 👌🏼 by @sparefruitco absolutely delicious 😋 ------#healthyfood #health #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #foodisfuel #nutrition #healthyeating #tasty #mealideas #inspiredlife #healthyfoodshare #onthetable #eatright #food #healthyfoodchoices #cleaneats
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2017/10/24 03:48:27

Sitting in a talk dreaming about this lunch from Saturday. Chicago's food has been amazing! Split this danish Benedict with a friend and also had the most amazing black bean burger I have ever had. Sad to leave, but happy to escape the rain!
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2017/10/24 03:49:03

These Chocolate Chip Blueberry Almond Cookies might not look like much but I can assume you they are delicious AF!.This was my 3rd attempt at these bad boys! And I must say each time I get the recipe closer and closer to perfection 👊🏻 Thinking next time a little less coconut oil should do the trick along with more Almond Butter.....cause really who doesn't want more Almond Butter!.Btw these bad boys were inspired by my FAV smoothie @juicetruck the Almost Chocolate with Blueberries added in! If have yet to try it, get your a$$ there asap and slurp that goodness up 😋