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2017/11/20 23:08:42

Some homemade dhoklas for the Gujrati cuisine lover within meLove their sponginess and sweet spicy taste and oh so awesome texture that melts on your tongueKudos to me and my cooking skillsLike please ignore my self praise its over blown#food #foodie #foodtastic #foodforthesoul #foodmania #foodforthesoul #foodporn #foodforthought #foodforreview #foodreview #foodreviews # #foodforthought #foodrevolution #foodblogger #mumbaifoodie #mumbaikar #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifood #mumbaifoodblogger #sweettooth #mumbai #mumbai #awesome #yummy #tasty #dhokla #dhoklas #gujraticuisine #foodphotographer ##tastefullysimple #mumbai #awesome #harshistastebuds @mumbaifoodie @foodiepediamumbai @foodmaniacindia @tinyfoodexplorers @thehungrymumbaikar @foodofmumbai @foodtimetravel @thehungrymumbaikar @munchymumbai @aakritiranagill @cherrytomatosweetpotato @things2doinmumbai @thecrazyindianfoodie @food @tinyfoodexplorers @the_gustation @foodguidelines @things2doinmumbai @thehungerblogger @thecrazyindianfoodie @thefood_vault @thegobblediaries @thegreatindianfoodie @thefoodpunch @pbtbmumbai @theorangepotatoblog @howtogetabooty
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2017/11/16 19:45:08

Discover the rich culture at Gujarat's biggest festival - Rann Utsav!Book now to witness the Grandeur of Gujarati Handicrafts, cuisine ,Camel cart excursion and much more. Book now at 040 40122455, 040 4851914, or ✉ imran@travelsolutionsredefined.com#TravelSolutionsRedefined #simplifyingtravel #TSR #lovetotravel #livetotravel #gujrat #gujraticuisine #cultureandheritage #traditions #bucketlist #travelgoals #Indianheritage #indianholiday #discover #camelcart #yogaandmeditation #yoga #rannutsav
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2017/11/15 16:18:42

DAAL DHOKLI WITH A TWIST .INGREDIENTS.FOR DHOKLI :.Gram flour- 1/ 2 cupWheat flour- 1/4 cupTurmeric powder - 1 tspChilli flacks - 1 tspAsfoetida - 1/2 tspCoriander leaves - 2 tbsp finely chopped Oil- 1 tbspSalt to taste .FOR DAAL :.Split pigeon peas - 1/2 cup Turmeric powder - 1tsp Red chilli powder -1tspAsfoetida - 1/4 tspSalt to taste Oil -1 tbsp Mutard seeds-1 tspCumin seeds - 1 tsp Dry red chilli - 2Curry patta- 5Sweet Corn -1/2 cup crushed Lemon - juice of half lemonJaggery - 1 tspPea nut - 2 tbspGrapes - 1/4th cup.FINAL TADKA :Red chilli flacks - 1 tsp Ghee- 1 tabsp .FOR GARNISH : Pomegranate - 2 tbsp Grated coconut - 2 tbspRed chilli flacks - 1/2 tspBoiled corn slices - 2-4.PREPARATION:Boil corn slices and keep aside. Boil the daal in a pressure cooker and make a smooth paste out of it..METHOD : Mix all the dhokli ingredients in a bowl properly to make a soft dough. Add little oil and let it rest for 10 minutes. Make thin Roti and cut small sqare shapes. I shaped these like pasta(take a iron rod or plastic pipe)Cover the piece of Dhokli on the iron rod, fold and lightly press the joint and shape it like a cylinder. Transfer it to a plate. Repeat the same process to make all dhoklies.Heat a pan with water and 1 tbsp oil. Let it boil, then drop the dhoklies in it and boil for 8- 10 minutes and strain them.TADKA : Heat a pan with 1 tbsp oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds let it splutter then add  dry red chillies, asfoetida, turmeric powder, chilli powder, curry leaves..saute for a minute add  daal paste and mix it properly. Add 2 cups of water to it. Add crushed corn, for texture you can add peanuts too. Cover the lid and cook for 5 minutes. Add slices of boiled corn and grapes to it and boil for some time.Add jaggery to it (Adjust salt and sweetness)..LAST FINAL TADKA :Heat ghee in a big spoon, add Red Chilli powder and mix this final tadka in daal .Finally add dhoklies in to the daal, mix properly. Sprinkle  lemon juice in it. Healthy  delicious Daal Dhokli is ready to serve with rice or roti or just like that.#homechef #gujraticuisine #instafoodie #daldhokli #instachef
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2017/08/14 23:02:14

#ईदडे#मुस्कुराइए आप #गुजरात में हैं।😎😎😎
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2017/11/12 12:06:11

Today's breakfast "Jalebi-Fafda" way from Gujrat Via @_dharaaa__ "Saras che aa to" 😅 😍😍😍Gujrati people and Gujrati cuisines are just mind blowing 😋😋😎😇 #veebeehunger#jalebi#fafda#gujrati #breakfast#gujraticuisine
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2017/11/10 19:17:46

Marrying rawa idli and dhokla 😁 #recipeMake batter with one cup #semolina (rawa), one cup curd, water, turmeric powder, ginger-chilli paste and salt. Keep the batter aside for half an hour. Add quickly mix fruit salt or Eno just before pouring the batter into Idli moulds. The Place the stand in the microwave and allow it to cook on the highest power for four minutes. Switch off the microwave and carefully remove idli using a spoon. For tempering, heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, green chilli and curry leaves. Remove the pan from the flame, and pour it with the spoon over the #dhokla .
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2017/11/10 16:06:59

Khatta Dhokla #sikandalouscuisineThrilled to have nailed the khatta dhokla with the help of friend Roma Patil 1 cup rice.¼ cup urad dal 1/2 Teaspoon Sugar.1/4 Teaspoon - Optional.1/2" Ginger - Optional.2-3 Green - Optional.2 Tablespoons Sour Curd.2 Tablespoons White Oil.1 Sachet / 1 Heaped Teaspoon Eno Salts.Salt To Taste. Oil To Grease Pans.Step 1:In minimum water soak separately rice and dal for about 6 hours.To the rice you add methe seeds while soaking.Then drain the water , reserve it , and first grind dal first to a paste , then add in the rice , ginger and chilies along with sugar and make a fluffy batter using very little water.Keep the batter to ferment overnight or for 7-8 hours. I fermented mine for 11-12 hours as its getting cold in Delhi .Step 2:When the batter has fermented and you are ready to make your dhokla add salt , sour curd and Oil to the batter and mix it up nicely again, oil helps in the softness of the dhokla.Step 4:Finally when your water is boiling and you are ready to steam the dhokla only at that stage add 1 Teaspoon Eno Salt to the dhokla batter and vigorously whip up the batter again . It will start to bubble and foam.Step 5:Pour dhokla batter in a greased steamer pan and sprinkle pepper and red chili powder to taste .Step 6:Steam the khatta dhokla in a steamer or a pressurecooker covered without the whistle for 7 minutes .​​Soft , spongy and super delicious !​ Atul SikandDirector, Asian Hawkers Market Pvt. Ltd. #asianhawkersmarket #sikandalouscuisine #veebaasianhawkersmarket Administrator & Owner Sikandalous Cuisine https://www.facebook.com/groups/325180622895/ Follow Me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/atul_sikand/#dhokala #khattadhokla #gujrati #gujratisnacks #gujraticuisine #indianrecipe #indiancuisine #atulsikand #sikandalouscuisine #sikandalouskitchen #sikandalousfarms #snacks #vegetarian
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2017/11/03 13:59:06

Tasty Dhokla treat! #gujraticuisine #dhokla #chutney
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2017/10/31 21:01:42

The good old humble #khandvi (sweet & savoury bite-sized Indian rolled snack made from gram flour)....a #vegetarian's delight 😚😚😚 yummy snacking on my #tuesdaytreats 🤗🤗🤗 #gujju #snack #gujraticuisine #veggielover #vegetarianlife #healthy #goodness #greenchilli #indiancuisine
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2017/10/31 15:40:31

Sweet Gujratis' Missile Breakfast - Dhokla🤣😍😎A savoury Gujrati brekki made with gram flour and rice,fermented and steamed. Tastes best with Coriander dip and Red Chilli Chutney😍😍😋😋😋#dhokla #khaman #gujrati #gujratifood #gujraticuisine #yummyyummyinmytummy #tasty #delicioso #followforfollow #like4like #instagram #instagood #instafood #foodporn #foodiegram #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #steamed 🤗🤗😋😋
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2017/10/28 10:54:40

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2017/10/20 23:25:43

Annkoot! Legend goes that this elaborate meal was a result of a conflict between Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu, offered to the Mount of Gowardhan on the second day of Diwali. This spread is called Chappan Bhog, which literally translates to a meal consisting of 56 delicacies. I have always been interested in the geography and history of food and how it has unfolded and adapted in time. I happen to come across this celebrated spread at Gandhidham (small town in the region of Kutch in Gujrat). This region being dry and arid the delicacies are mostly grain based and have direct influences from Gujrati cuisine. The other parts of the country i.e. the Gangetic plain has its own varieties to offer. I am used to see greener and more hydrating delicacies since childhood, but this looks equally tempting and sumptuous. It was impossible for me to document this the way I wanted to on a brief visit to this Krishna temple. But I promise you will have more documentation of Chappan Bhog from me in the future :)