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2018/03/24 03:29:29

Te invitamos a vivir el #Reto4e #Cali . 🔵El reto de los 4 ejes de desarrollo que permitirán un balance en tu vida. #Emocional #Corporal #Espiritual #Conocimiento 🔵 ¿Aceptas el reto? 🔵CALI, abril 14 y 15 . 📲3108451180 @reto4e
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2018/03/24 03:49:24

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2017/11/30 12:07:56

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2018/03/24 03:48:37

We are creating a life... by design..One that we want to be living.One that allows freedom from 9-5, freedom from an office, freedom to travel, dream, and do what we want, when we want..Monat is a part of that design.Diversifying our revenue, creating passive and residual income, all while helping people in the process #winning.What does your “perfect” life look like?
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2018/03/24 03:48:08

Cantare è un modo per ricordarsi di respirare. 🎤❤️
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2018/03/24 03:47:34

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2018/03/24 03:46:42

♡♡♡ So blessed to be crushing this year & still balancing my Mommy duties...change of mindset is a powerful thing!!#scottreproject #itsamomslife #igotthis #goforit #empirebuildingneverstops #focusonwhy #myfamilyismywhy #mindset #thinkoutsidethebox #noonewaytogetitdone #beyou
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2018/03/24 03:45:09

Y si de poder hablamos, las T-Power entran en escena.Ingresá en el link de la bio y conseguí tus #tpowerCréditos: Atleta: Pablo Forgit - Fotografía: Fausto Muñoz.#sox #soxmedias #tpower #soxevolution #goforit
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2018/03/24 03:31:13

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2018/03/24 03:42:38

Ve por un estilo súper natural ideal para quienes no acostumbran a maquillarse #lashextensions #goforit #Lightset #thelashpoint #tampico #1x1 #bienhecho #masguapa #lashes #instalashes