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2017/11/24 10:46:54

Taking a moment to chill at the G Y E O N G B O K G U N G P A L A C E , SEOUL • built in 1395. The amazing vibe about this palace was the three large similar buildings separate by large walkways mimicking a sense of deja vu. Behind the city of Seoul and ahead the mountains, these palace grounds were burnt during Imjin War fires and rebuilt to great architecture again.#browngirlgrams #instatravel #travelgram #cntraveller #natgeotravel #travelandexplore #wanderlust #travelphotography #traveltagged #girlswhotravel #globalladies #globetrotters #travelawesome #femmetravel #feature #bloggers #thetraveltag #ladieslovetravel #wetravelgirls #girlsthatwander #travelcommunity #beautifuldestinations
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2017/11/24 10:27:50

Got the sunset in and now for the amazing sunrise from our villa... #nofilter it was breathtaking even at 6am 😂
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2017/11/24 10:15:08

Can you answer this riddle? 👇👇🤔What is a "baller" good at?
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2017/11/24 10:08:18

EN/RU 🔸So, I'm in Ho Chi Minh and you are looking at famous Notre-Dame de Saigon (even with classic pigeon on statue's head)⠀I've been here before and this city charmed me with authentic behavior!⠀That's what exactly I felt yesterday morning - excitement and inspiration!I can't explain in words, but it's a crazy mix of everything.. people eating in the street, drivers sleeping on their bikes, billion of stylish coffee places and Soviet Union phrases on the billboards..⠀Though my yesterday activity was short, as a day before I was awake almost for 20 hours and all those roads made me tired. Let's see, what today will bring to my story.)☀️☀️☀️Итого, я в Хошимине, а вы смотрите на известный Нотр-Дам де Сайгон (даже с классическим голубем на голове у статуи).⠀Я тут уже была, а город очаровал меня своей аутентичностью.)⠀Именно это я почувствовала вчера утром - восторг и вдохновение! Не могу я словами описать, тут такой дикий микс всего на свете.. едящие на улицах люди, мото-таксисты, спящие на своих байках, миллион стильных кофеен и лозунги из Советского Союза на плакатах..⠀Тем не менее, вчерашняя моя активность была не продолжительной, потому что до этого пришлось бодрствовать часов 20, что меня утомило. Посмотрим, что же сегодня принесёт в мою историю.)•#hochiminhcity #notredamdesaigon #explorevietnam #navetnaya_in_saigon
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2017/11/24 10:04:49

Yesterday, we went to a local coffee farm, called 'Las Acacias Coffee Farm, were we learned about the coffee making process. Man it takes forever before you get the final product. So enjoy your coffees ☕. Also we a great view.#coffeemakingprocess #lasacaciascoffeefarm #salento #colombia #southamerica #globetrotters #wanderlust #goodfriendswholovetotravel #girlstraveltheworld #roundtheworldtrip #passionpassport #traveladdict #dream #explore #discover
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2017/11/24 09:57:59

While in Noosa, I got to ride around in a van named Piña with a new friend. Thanks to @instagram, I connected with @photo.mishi , a Canadian born aspiring photographer who bought Piña- his first van after realizing he has nomadic desires to explore Australia while living the van life.💨 He's also a bartender and is considering teaming up with the opening of new bar in Spain. 🙌We shared a lot of similar stories of wanting to live life on our own terms while traveling the world. Shoutout to all the van life people, because you inspire me. 🌻And thank you @nomadshostels for this cute hippie van shirt 😊☮️📸 @photo.mishi @vanlifers #worldtravel #jazzyglobetrotter 🌎
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2017/11/24 09:49:26

🥃😇'A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.' Lao Tzu 🤗Do you love travelling? Tag your buddy that you love to travel with ! 🐨👒🕊
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2017/11/24 09:49:24

⭐️😍'A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.' Tim Cahill🐒🌹What are your dream destinations to visit?⛴💚Let us know in the comment box below
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2017/11/24 09:37:32

🌷🙋‍♂️'Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.' Thomas Fuller ☺️Do you love exploring? Tag your lover that you love to travel with ! 💓🌍🦈
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2017/11/24 08:53:35

One does not simply go to the beach, without a good book 🤓 #tbt #kohtao