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2017/10/22 00:28:36

a farm house breakfast 🔮#pancakesfolife
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2017/10/22 00:36:09

Summery fall #fromwhereistand
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2017/10/22 00:36:02

I have been feeling so stuck lately 😩 I have been blessed by all of you this season with steady client bookings, but I'm still being hard on myself & convincing myself it's not enough. _Maybe that's it, though. I haven't been spending enough quality time with my family, friends, or Steven because I've been keeping myself so busy. All of this + full-time school + a part-time job becomes a lot sometimes & now I'm unhappy with my editing process, how my photos are shot & everything in between._Being transparent & genuine helps, though. My hopes with my photography are that I can connect with other people, share stories of triumph & grow together. So, if you're in this rut alongside me, take this as your reminder to spend more time where your heart is. Call your mom & dad if you can, give your partner a kiss & play with your fur babies- I know I will 💘✖️model: @josee_emmons
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2017/10/22 00:33:12

Black on black: the colour scheme for birthdays, funerals, AND parent-teacher nights!!!
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2017/10/22 00:33:34

Day 4 of the #FCGetCreative challenge was to clean out your bag leaving only the things that bring you joy - here’s what I ended up with (and yes, that elastoplast brings me so much joy on days my shoes are rubbing just a bit too much)
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2017/10/22 00:34:34

The women you’re becoming will cost you people, relationships, spaces and material things. Choose her over everything.
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2017/10/21 23:59:37

Awwwww Shucks 🌽•••Looking for an a-maze-ing weekend activity? Head up to @outhouse_orchards in Westchester for some apple picking, pumpkin patch and corn maze fun!
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2017/10/22 00:34:10

Wenn man den halben Tag in der Stadt verbringt und am Ende doch nur mit Blumen nach Hause kommt. Hätte ich einen Ehemann, wäre dieser sehr stolz auf seine Frau. #ihavethisthingwithfloors 🌹
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2017/10/21 23:48:34

Bedtime, and breakfast, are better in Magnolia Baby. 🌟 Shop our Magnolia Baby FLASH SALE this weekend only! Take 20% off all MB styles! #saturdaymorning #pajamaparty 👶🏼 🌟💕
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2017/10/22 00:32:49

💕STUNNING WINTER OUTFIT 💕Absolutely stunning 3 piece Charizma inspired linen outfit. Order yours today at www.desiposh.com 💃💃💃 #lovedesilovefashion #winter #styleoftheday #ootd #outfit #fashionblogger #fromwhereistand #outfitinspiration #weddingseason #stylemepretty #pakistaniwedding #pss #pakistanistreetstyle #desiposh #whatiwore
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2017/10/22 00:30:04

Obsessed! That's the only word for it. I don't know if it's because I witnessed her birth but from the second I saw her the only word I could think was perfect and while shooting her sister's birth story I took this and I'll I can think still is perfect. (The un-cropped version has her sister in it)
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2017/10/22 00:32:03

Ready to step into the weekend 💜
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2017/10/22 00:29:35

I put on my rose gold shoes...let the party begin
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2017/10/22 00:32:03

Saturday morning grocery shopping. Happy Saturday! #targeteverything #targetstyle #fromwhereistand #plussize #curvygirl
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2017/10/22 00:28:50

Many thanks to all those that made HEY! PLAY! Games in Modern Culture possible. It required the hard work and collaborative spirit of dozens of staff, interns, volunteers, board members, sponsors, and curators. After late nights, long weekends and technical challenges, it felt great to preview the exhibition last night—at the @chicagodesignweek kick-off party, to boot! The show closes in February, and you are not going to want to miss it. Play: ChiDM.com #fromwhereistand
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2017/10/22 00:31:36

When it starts to rain but you forgot your umbrella at home, so you have to squeeze in a coffee shop and wait forever and ever for the weather to change, and since you have nothing better to do you start a new hobby which consists of enviously rating people’s umbrellas. So far, he is at the top of the competition......#NewHobbies #FromWhereIStand #ColorMeHappy #Autumn #Rain #StreetView #ExploreMore #BrowsingItaly #Wanderluster #LiveAuthentic #LiveFolk #NothingIsOrdinary #LiveTheLittleThings #FindItLiveIt #SimplePleasures #ThatAutumnMagic #ForAHappyMoment #AllWhatIsBeautiful #LittleStoriesOfMyLife #PassionPassport #ThePrettyCities #WhatItalyIs #FlashesOfDelight #VerilyMoment #VisualOfLife #ThatAuthenticFeeling #DarlingWeekend #OfQuietMoments #SeekTheSimplicity #Florence