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2017/11/19 06:28:07

Car camping done right 👌🏼
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2017/11/19 06:28:38

Give attention with intention
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2017/11/19 06:20:46

On the rocks? Sure. I can grow anywhere.
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2017/11/19 06:17:54

(photo credit: f-u-g-i-t-i-v-o on tumblr)(description credit: dopemysticwitch on tumblr)𖤐A Witch Is a Force Of NatureOld World Witchcraft is more than a practice, it is a comfortable way of life. A way of looking at the physical and spiritual as a collaborative source of manifestation. Witches are in tune with nature, in tune with themselves and in alignment with their all-powerful inner Witch.When you embrace a sacred relationship with your inner Witch, you awaken within qualities of the elements and forces of nature. This is the discovery and connection to your powerful self. Your inner Witch has the power to transform every area of your lif - in just about any manner you please. Effective spellwork becomes second nature. Spellwork is a form of creation. Manifesting the invisible and the imaginable into real life verifiable forms, through perfectly natural means. Witchcraft allows the practicing Witch to summon into creation circumstances, events, experiences and possessions of the Witch’s choosing. Your inner Witch is waiting. Are you ready? 𖤐rock in peace to Malcom Young 🖤 I've been a fan of AC/DC since I was five years old and my babysitter used to sing Highway to Hell to calm me down as a baby. the band has been with me for so long, this (and every AC/DC death) really hit me hard, please excuse me if I'm late to replying to dms/comments. blessed be, Malcom, love you forever.𖤐mature discussion/friendly comments are encouraged, immature comments/hateful speech will be deleted and/or blocked. photos and information are not mine unless stated. please DM/comment if I got any crediting wrong. my DM's are always open, feel free to message me with any questions, comments, or constructive criticism.--𖤐--#satanism #satanist #satan #theisticsatanist #atheisticsatanist #lucifer #educationalpage #religion #eclecticsatanist #asabovesobelow #aswithinsowithout #666 #avesatanas #blessedbe #darkaesthetic #witchesofinstagram #witchcraft #pentagram #witch #likeforlike #innerwitch #forceofnature
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2017/11/19 06:16:21

Follow @georgie_stokes_345----------------------------------------For more of the worlds greatest travel places follow @georgie_stokes_345----------------------------------------•🚶🏾🌲✨• Shadow Walker •Currently headed to the Bonneville Salt flats for the first stop on this week long adventure. Super stoked for gas station dance sessions and a granola bar based diet.Stay Adventurous Dear Friends!! ....Tags #beautifuldestinations #wildernessculture #superhubs #Artofvisuals #AGameofTones #Earthfocus #moodygrams #folkgrid #bevisuallyinspired #visualsoflife #ourplanetdaily #discoverearth #exklusive_shot #meistershots #illgrammers #Createcommune #exploretocreate #lifeofadventure #stayandwander #liveauthentic #roamtheplanet #folkgrid #visualsofearth #liveauthentic #visualsoflife #forceofnature #ig_color #way2ill #Ourmoodydays #visualsoflife
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2017/11/19 06:07:40

Guys, I just found me another #AdventureBuddy!! Stay tuned... 💕•••#OptOutside #ForceOfNature #GetUsBackToTheMountains #traildogs #FallInNewEngland #dogmom
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2017/11/19 06:02:53

Gonna miss colors like this for the next few months
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2017/11/19 06:05:14

4.5 miles #hike40 on part of the Deschutes River Trail. #52hikechallenge2017 Kicking off my #bendlife on some solo adventures while I find my feet again. Met a 4pt buck and a lot of friendly people. I am a #forceofnature 💪🏼
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2017/11/19 05:53:08

"We had a pretty incredible day teaching Nepalese women how to ride mountain bikes! This was one of the most rewarding clinics of my life. Some ladies could hardly balance on the bikes in the beginning, and by the end of the day all of them road down a single track downhill trail giggling the whole way. The confidence they exuded and the beaming smiles will stay with me forever. I can honestly say I witnessed the power of mountain bikes more than ever when these ladies expressed new-found confidence in themselves, after doing things they never thought they could do." -Lindsey Richter @LadiesAllRideInsta-Family!!! We're extremely hopeful to receive your backing of our current Kickstarter project, Moksha. ❤ (link in bio) #MokshaFilmMOKSHA is a film project designed to invest in the future of Nepali women, by connecting with and supporting female Nepali mountain bike riders with immense potential to thrive, and in turn, lift the nation through companionship and adventure. The film follows the long road of success and failure of women who push for opportunities to build skills crucial to personal development, increased employment potential, and Moksha. 📽 @WRKSHRT //#AndShesDopeToo
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2017/11/19 05:51:41

The mighty Niagara Falls (U.S. side🇺🇸) #forceofnature #powerofwater