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2018/03/18 14:53:23

I thought Day 1 on the TCT would be one of the hardest. It's the first day of the long trek, we had to wake up at 1:30am (thank you daylight savings time 😳) your not used to the pack completely, and you still have all your weight (food), but after looking back on the trip it was one of the easier days! Despite the fog, heavy mist, and 2 inches of thick mud on my boots it was still a beautiful day on the island. We hiked 16 miles and 4,000' of elevation. This pic was taken when the clouds began to clear and we got our first sight of the ocean 🌊 #transcatalinatrail #catalinaisland #backpacker #ocean #summit #womenwhohike #optoutside #hiker4life #girlswhohike #peoplewhohike #forceofnature #amongthewild #52hikechallenge #toughwomenonly #choosemountains #mtnchicks #mtnchicksdoitbetter #thegreatoutdoors #exploremore #keepitwild #socalhiker
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2018/03/18 14:52:55

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2018/03/18 14:50:10

I’ve experienced a lot of rain this winter. This past week has been the bundle-up-and-drink-tea kind...a little different than the warm-tropical-dance-in-the-rain kind. 😂 #mauidreaming #tropicalrain
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2018/03/18 14:40:59

I had just walked by a cave, alongside a rushing glacial river, while I sloppily made my way up landslides of scree for basically 679 miles. I was in my own head when I saw a fluffy little cat curled up in a ball in the cave. “How cute!” I thought...immediately followed by a WAIT I GONNA PROBS DIE. When I realized it was a puma, close enough that I could poke it with my picket, it was only ten feet away and a single fat tear dripped down my cheek. I contemplated later how I could’ve snapped the rare and elusive creature and got the million dollar wildlife shot photographers everywhere hope for in the wild. Alas, I was too busy pooping my pants, crying inside and shuffling up blocky loose boulders like a big fat idiot. Visions of mountain lions eating my neck and stalking me from behind for miles on end in the Patagonian great beyond became all too creative and real. I opted for the classic panic and run which looked a lot like a baby giraffe walloping around for the first time with tiny shoes on. It was all in all pathetic, and when I got out of what I self-deemed the danger zone, I wrote my family a goodbye love letter in my head. Jk. Mostly.
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2018/03/18 14:44:13

Lily (@adventuresofmoe) was very specific with me in that she wanted video (NOT photos!) of her skiing yesterday. She kept making faces like this, so I relented and shot video the rest of the time. 🎿 Give this kid a decade, and when her father @joelintherockies and I are old, grizzled, and gray, we'll be following her up the skin track instead of motivating her up the hill with the promise of apple sauce. ⛷ 😋 Yes, that's right. Lily is four years old, and already ski touring. If I had to ski uphill at her age, I would have been extremely grumpy. 😡 Twenty-five years ago, I was Lily's age, and learning to ski from my own parents. 🎿 I remember skiing the East with my parents, grandparents, two wisecracking uncles, and cousins, all as a group.While my parents were the serious ski teachers, it was my uncles who were the silly ones, making my brother and I laugh, or goading us to ski faster. I believe we need both sorts of role models in our lives––parents who lead by example, and uncles who show us how to cut loose a little bit. Closing in on three decades on this planet, it's now my turn to be the crazy uncle and make the kids laugh by making silly turns and jokes, or wearing a "leaf on my nose" as Lily refers to my Canadian nose protector 😝I may never be qualified to be a father myself, but an uncle in spirit to the next generation? That I know I got. ....#MountainMonday #wanderlust #adventure#OptOutside#ThisIsArmada #earnyourturns #ortovox #avalanchesaftey #skimo #skitour #skitouring #liveskirepeat #MakeAmericaDeepAgain #beonewithyourgoal#sendandreturn #skimountaineering #noplacetoofar#GordiniMTNcrew #scarpana #Ski #skiing #Skiingislife #winter#forceofnature#wherelumixgoes #lumix #lumixstories#Garmin #patagonia #OspreyPacks
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2018/03/18 14:42:10

cheers! to a good day with these handsome fellas. i wish i could put days like today on repeat.
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2018/03/18 14:24:55

The snow is melting and the dirt is GOOD out there! Here comes summer. ☀️🤘...#gojuliana #srammtb #noordinarylife #forceofnature #ladyshred #maxxis #fromhighabove #truvativ #rockshox #chopshopco #seejanebike #ridelikeagirl @julianabicycles @srammtb
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2018/03/18 14:22:19

Watery Pisces season had me feeling more like this geyser than an oceanic abyss and brought to light just a few ways I self-sabotage. I have observed old dormant fears bubble to the surface and I’ve realized that fear can act as a bottleneck creating the resistance to slow our flow and pressurize an eruption..I’ve been drinking after committing to abstain (for personal reasons I may address some other time), flirting with a tantalizing temptation that is testing whether or not I’m ready to uplevel, and clinging stubbornly to Ego..How do I avoid geothermal catastrophe?I am, after all, the fire of the Earth.How can I loosen the constricting bottleneck of my fears?How can I consciously clear debris to allow for more consistent, powerful flow?.I’ve been gently observing myself with love and compassion and allowing my Maiden the space she needs to kick and flail and stomp. We must simply keep showing up for ourselves with enough grit to do the heavy lifting required to remove the boulders that are bottlenecking the flow both into and out of our hearts. ❤️
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2018/03/18 14:14:10

“The earth has music for those who listen” - George Santayana #niagrafalls #forceofnature #waterfall #power #photography #quotes #mothernature
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2018/03/18 14:03:09

Are we lost if we are finding ourselves?@l_o_r_y
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2018/03/18 13:43:31

Putting to rest The ghosts of misadventures past on #quandarypeak today #co14ers #thirdtimesacharm
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2018/03/18 13:28:46

#Portland #thorns pre-season!!! Vamos queridas Thorns!!! 🌹🌲
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2018/03/18 13:23:45

Unsettled skies, the perfect remedy for an unquiet mind. #amirite #runningismymeditation #runwild
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2018/03/18 13:22:07

MP Herbal soap 💚#natural soap #hummingbird #forceofnature