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2018/01/21 13:30:48

"You see better when you go slow", acrylic painting on 8"x 5" canvas panel 🌷🌷 .I love the dim brightness that the morning light throws on this one 💓💓These small panels look so cute in the corners of my home and lovely when put together. Painting small gives me freedom to try many different things each time.. and the result always surprises me 😍 in love with this one...Message or comment to shop..Follow me here if this painting warmed your 💓
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2018/01/21 13:32:12

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2018/01/16 02:06:23

Remembering back to April or so of 2016 where I think the inspiration started to not only paint - but flowers!!! My mother had a really tough back surgery and on a trip to visit her with my dad- we took a break outside of the hospital - where there were rows and rows of tulips!! After seeing my mom in so much pain and feeling helpless- those tulips and their beauty brought some instant joy!!! Color!! And a fresh outlook!! Painting something like that is happy!!! And the fact that my mother is doing great!! Things do BLOOM again! Happy Monday!!! Just sharing~#floral #joy #color #newbeginnings #newblooms #newdayeveryday 🌺
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2018/01/21 13:31:41

⚡🍒 Meet your Lip Tints! 🍒⚡ Your favourite lip products now come in two NEW shades: ROSE, a natural daytime red; and DAHLIA, a mahogany bronze red that's perfect for date nights! Available now, link in bio!
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2018/01/21 13:31:35

These wonderful coasters have finally arrived to their owner! Thank you, Ms. Teresa! We do hope your beverages enjoy standing on your coasters. Want your own? Click the order form on our bio! #heartsy2artsy #handmade #coasters #corks #package #watermelon #pineapple #nightsky #floral
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2018/01/21 13:30:43

🌖🌗🌘Transición.......#self #bodysuit #floral #redlips #blackhair
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2018/01/21 13:29:53

The three fabrics next for the clutches. 😊 Which is your favourite? #clutch #floral #bag #etsy #colourpop