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2018/02/22 16:38:18

Little glimpse of today's workout..1️⃣ Barbell hip thrusts - worked with the higher bench today so had to give myself a boost up, making sure to look forward to avoid overextending & squeezing your toooshie. 2️⃣ Barbell Deadlifts - I try to focus on and think about hingeing at my hips. Also completed smith machine squats, leg curls + some cable abductions (KILLAAAAA)
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2018/02/22 12:28:28

I AM SO PUMPED!🔥🔥🔥.I have been spending some time this afternoon getting all my girls set up for our FREE health and fitness challenge!💪.YES, I said FREE!!!!! 🤑.Free kick@$$ workouts, a delicious and SIMPLE meal plan, AND 24/7 group support and accountability!!!💜.Have you been thinking about making a change but don't know where or HOW to start??.THIS👏IS👏 IT👏! Workouts that ANYONE can do. A meal plan that EVERYONE can follow, that will get you AMAZING results!!!.No pills. No gimmicks, no quick fixes (I ain't about that life). Just good old fashioned healthy eating and effective workouts with the support of likeminded women!💫💫💫There is still time to join if you haven't already! We start on MONDAY! Give you tons of time to meal prep!.If you have been waiting for a sign, THIS IS IT!!!🤟 Comment below if you want in!!! #fitnessjourney #startyourfitnessjourney #selfcare #fitnessprograms #workouts #gettingfittogether #accountabilitygroup
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2018/02/22 03:34:51

Don’t fall for the National Pancake Day trap😵🤐.* I just opened up 3 additional client slots for March* Personalized 4 week, 12 week, & competition prep open now* DM me/email me for more info on packages-swipe➡️
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2018/02/22 01:05:17

I dare you to do something today that will challenge every bit of YOU! No challenge, no lifeeee! I have been cutting for now 2-months and haven’t been this happy with my body EVER. The key this time around has been following my nutrition plan to the T’. I’m sure you knooooow, DIET is EVERYTHING and also the hardest part for a lot of people....I get it! Like what are macros?! How much should I even eat? How many meals should I have! What about cheat meals??? Sign up for my Nutrition coaching today! - 5 slots available to start March 1st! #Trainwithkay #WhenDietMeetsResults #FNSCertified #ChristFueled
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2018/02/22 00:36:06

Meet TBR rockstar Arlynn! She started with our 6 Wk Transformation Program & lost 4 inches in her waste alone! “It exceeded my expectations!” Check out her story ⬆️ We are so happy to have her apart of our #Tbrtribe 💪🏼💯👏🏻#teamtbr #totalbodyresultstbr
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2018/02/22 00:09:51

This morning we got a call from a 30 year old guy who has a few friends that just had heart attacks! He is interested in our nutrition program because he has two little kids, and wants to take control of his health..THIS photo is the biggest reason we do a 24-48 hour "nutritionally supported"** intermittent fast 2-3x per month and have for 3 years. Clinical research shows that eating quality proteins, veggies, healthy fats, lower consumption of refined carbohydrates PLUS intermittent fasting for up to 48 hours can reduce 2x the visceral fat than diet and exercise alone..What is Visceral fat? It is a form of gel-like fat that’s actually wrapped around major organs, including the liver, pancreas and kidneys. ANYONE can have visceral fit (not just those with a belly)..Why is it dangerous?Visceral fat is considered toxic, and is especially dangerous because these fat cells do more than just sit there and cause your pants to feel tight — they also change the way your body operates.❤️ Message me to learn more ❤️.Carrying around excess visceral fat is linked with an increased risk for:- Coronary heart disease- Cancer- Stroke- Dementia- Diabetes- Depression- Arthritis- Obesity- Sexual dysfunction- Sleep disorders.** I say "nutritionally supported" because there's a difference between fasting without providing any nutrients for your body, and fasting while giving your body everything is needs vitamin and mineral wise.
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2018/02/22 00:02:53

Spring Program Registration is OPEN! Be sure to get your registrations in for some old favourites as well as some new or come back programs below.. * Spectacular Science* Dodgeball* Girls in the Game* Circuit Training* Kids Night Out* Ball Hockey*Aquafit PLUS* Cardio Shadowboxing*Baby & Me Bootcamp... and more!
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2018/02/21 23:16:13

I am _______. The words that follow this statement are unbelievably powerful, because they become your truth. What you believe, what you consistently think and what you tell yourself...it all becomes your reality.——100 pounds ago when I could barely walk around the block without my legs being on fire, doing an exercise like this seemed impossible. But I quickly learned that I would never be able change if I didn’t truly believe I could. So I started a new type of exercise...——Each day, I would tell myself:——✨I AM STRONG.——✨I AM ABLE TO DO HARD THINGS.——✨I AM WORTH THE EFFORT TO BE HEALTHY.——And I still do it to this day.——Fast forward to now, at age 43, I’m the fittest I have ever been and able to rock tough exercises like this. It took YEARS, a lot of positive thinking, falling down and getting back up (over and over), self love and DECIDING my health comes first to get here. It’s not about the exercise itself, but who I have chosen to be and, therefore, who I am. Strong. Able to do hard things. Healthy. ❤️💪❤️——What follows your “I am” statements? What will you tell yourself today? Who will you choose to be? (EXERCISE CRED: 80 Day Obsession Program - Plyo Mountain Climbers)
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2018/02/21 19:14:47

Happy Pink Wednesday! Day 35 of 80 complete which was total body core. Man oh man did we sweat today. Autumn is really taking this program up a notch and I love it!Have a great day everyone!
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2018/02/21 10:45:11

Stop it with those gorgeous abs at age 48!! I love Alayne's story, she had tried EVERYTHING until she found Hitch Fit! Dialed everything in and in just a couple months she achieved her goals 😍😍❤❤***FREE Fat Loss over 40 Secrets eBook 🎁Link to download in profile ☝️Includes 👇 👇✔ 5 secrets to PERMANENT fat loss✔ Tips for women of all ages✔ Fat Loss recipes✔ Mistakes most dieters make✔ Magnum supplement guide✔ Exclusive coupon codes✔ 50 jam packed pages of info! 👉 Get yours today 👍*Customized fitness for Women over 40www.HitchFit.com**#absover40 #Fitnessafter40 #transformyourbody #over40andfit #40andfit #transformationcoach #transformyourbody #fitnessaddicted #fitnessjunkies #fitwomenover40 #beforeandafterphotos #beforeandafterweightloss #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessprogress #getfitforfun #HitchFit #healthyfitness #weightlossprogress #healthylifestyle #fitnessmotivations #fitspirational #instafitnessmotivation #strongandfit #fitnessinspirations #strongwomenover40 #fitnessgoals #beforeandafterphotos #fitnessprograms #transformationphoto #transformationjourney
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2018/02/21 10:44:40

Do you remember what it felt like before you had kids? Do you remember the times you dreamt of your children and what they would look like? I remember one of my biggest fears was that I'd lose myself. I'd lose my body and attractiveness. That may sound selfish but I was afraid of change. But change can be good. From the moment you realize you're going to be a Mom to the time you bring your baby home for the first time. And you begin to realize you need to work on being the best version of yourself you can possibly be for them! Even after having 2 babies, I'm still no expert, but I think Moms are sexy! We hold the family together, we teach our children the ways of the world, all while looking good doing it! We are still us, just with a bigger title! And what's our secret weapon? Exercise and healthy eating! A Mom who takes care of herself is a straight SUPERHERO! A fit Mom can do it all and have it all - a supportive husband, beautiful kids, amazing life, AND an amazing BOD! Dont be a skeptic! Don't underestimate what exercise can do for your life. It can change everything!! •••#12monthspostpartum #hustle #lifestyle #fitlife #dreamer #believe #hardwork #grind #mood #vibes #instagood #instapositive #momofgirls #fitnessprograms #csectionmoms #blessed #bored #driven #motivated #dreamer #busymoms #girlsthatlift #girlsquad #wahm #sahm #workingmoms #momblogger #blogger #transformationjourney #transformationtuesday
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2018/02/21 09:17:50

Chicken veggie stir fry for the win! Yum yum 👌.....................
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2018/02/21 07:59:01

Wednesday rest day + these delightful overnight oats calls for some serious 😍😍😍😍😍
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2018/02/21 07:05:23

***HEY MEMBERS**Check your email for our 2018 Programming Survey. Please do your part in helping us develop our programs and class schedules for the year - complete the survey! #gym #survey #fitnessprograms #customerservice #customerfeedback #blastathleticclub #toronto
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2018/02/21 06:50:38

#transformationtuesday-When I released my Fit4u: New Years Revolution Program my amazing and supportive little brother @parra18 was one of the first to join!-As you probably know my program is a 4-week program created with the intentions to help people lose fat and gain muscle!-After completing my program, this is his transformation!!! It is usually pretty difficult to see a significant difference in just four weeks, however the change he made in his body is remarkable!-This is what hard work, dedication, and some guidance can do for you!!-If you’re interested in making this kind of change for yourself message me and we can get you started!-I’m a proud coach, and even more so an insanely proud big sister! Thank you for your constant love and support bubba! I love you and am excited to continue watching you progress on this journey! ❤️---#fitness #fitnessprograms #mishailabethany #fit4u #fitnesstransformation #bodytransformation #bodypositive #gainz #muscle #fatloss #weightloss #musclemass #fitnessmotivation
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2018/02/21 06:05:59

My three fitness programmes....START: the first step into fitness! FITTER: designed to reach your ultimate fitness goals! STRONGER: physical and mental capability! #start #fitter #stronger #future #fitness #futurefitness #fitspo #fitnessprograms #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney #lifechanges #lifestyle #chooseyourlifestyle
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2018/02/21 03:21:43

🍑.....#fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #похудение #марафонпохудения #fitnessprograms
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2018/02/21 01:10:00

This weeks #healthtiptuesday •THE AVOCADO SEED/NUT•Many people throw away this part of an avocado. But you shouldn’t! Studies suggest 70% of the avocado’s nutritional values lie in the seed/nut of the avocado. Said to help lower cholesterol, fight viral and bacterial infections/diseases, and also aid in reducing intestinal disorders and digestive problems. You wouldn’t buy a loaf of bread and throw away 70% of it would you? So why do that with your avocados?My most preferred use of the avocado seed/nut is to chop it up into small pieces and add to a salad. But you can also chop it up into larger pieces and blend it up for smoothies, among other uses. Eaten plain and on their own is a little bit of an acquired taste to say the least, and eat with caution, they’re hard. So I don’t recommend chowing down straight into the seed, the best way is to chop it up or blend it. And make sure you peel the outer layer first.BEWARE, they’re slippery to cut up! So use a small sharp knife, and if your cutting skills aren’t up to scratch the risk of a severed finger or thumb outweighs the nutritional benefits! But if you’re sensible, this is well worth your time to not only get your money’s worth, but to get the added nutritional values all stored up inside that bad boy ✌🏻•••#mabfituk #healthtips #nutrition #avocado #healthyfood #instafood #healthylifestyle #healthyfat #goodfats #foodtips #healthyeating #healthy #eatclean #nutritiontips #seeds #nuts #stayhealthy #personaltrainer #nutritionprograms #fitnessprograms