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2017/09/20 09:09:25

Early morning coffee run in LA!!! #citygirl.Want to add that effortlessly chic stylish look for your early morning coffee run? @nakdfashion has exactly what you need! ..Check out my IG stories with @nakdfashion and you can get 20% off your entire purchase at na-kd.com using my promo code mayandtravel20 (only available during the time my IG story is live)!!! Free worldwide shipping!..Have fun shopping everyone! #nakd #nakdfashion
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2017/09/20 08:44:32

Rollin' up to Gaudi with your new friend. Solo travel everyone. 😂✌🐤
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2017/09/20 08:21:26

Vernazza in Cinque Terre👉👉👉 Follow: @blueskydestinations-📷 @thererumnatura📌 #blueskydestinations to be featured
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2017/09/20 08:16:13

This photo was taken two years ago during a huge transition period in my life. I quit my 9-5 and had spent the summer traveling all over before packing up my apartment and moving for grad school.•Two years later and I find myself in transition again. I now have my MBA and have begun building my career as a freelance editor, writer, and consultant. I've been unapologetically pursuing my career goals and vision, which has resulted in me living this digital nomad lifestyle.•I'm excited to share what I learn along my journey on here. However, I also want to acknowledge that while I'm by no means wealthy, I do possess a certain amount of privilege that has allowed me to get to this point in the first place, and I will be speaking from that perspective.•Either way, I really hope I can be helpful to those looking to travel, transition into living a digital nomad lifestyle, or freelance full-time. I'm also looking forward to connecting with some like-minded folks with similar goals on here. Sound good?
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2017/09/20 08:15:55

Different types of tea in Granada's rabbit warren market streets. How many cups of "infusión de cannabis" do you think it would take to have a buzz going on?....#tea #teaoftheday #marketday #market #420 #420blazeit #marijuana .#granada #andalusia @spain @spain.vacations@livelove.spain#spain #españa #spain🇪🇸 #visitspain #europe.#femaletraveller #femaletravel #femaleinspiration #femalemotivation #girlslovetravel #letsgowonder #girldiscoverers.#passionpassport #athomeintheworld #wanderlust #mytinyatlas #welltravelled #traveldeeper #exploringtheglobe #travelawesome #doyoutravel
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2017/09/20 07:47:09

I'm in transit and I love it! There's something about places of mass transportation that make them ideal for shooting. People-watching, lots of long perspective and angles. Not sure, but I take so many photos of train stations and airports and rarely get a chance to post them! I imagine I'm not the only one...;)
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2017/09/20 06:52:45

Here's to another lap around the sun filled with adventures around the world 🌎 Twirlin' into 26 feelin' so #blessed by the overwhelming love and support from the world's best people. Thank you to everyone who dropped a message or phone call today and a special thank you to this guy for always lifting me up and making me feel like a princess 💕
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2017/09/20 07:36:34

From the garden to the plate. Breakfast in Ghalat. 😋🇮🇷🍅
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2017/09/20 07:27:22

My biggest – Life Hack—for feeling ‘Inspired and Prosperous’ is to walk right 👣into the arms of Mother Nature and feel her beauty all around me – 🍀Its my quick fix to feeling good 😎Cabarita Beach is surely a jewel in Mothers Nature's crown 👑inviting us all in to renew and replenish! – #doitnowproject #itsnevertoolate
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2017/09/20 07:17:37

I think you can tell from the look on my face that this was one of the happiest moments of my life. Mama elephant was loving her little dip too. Read all about my unforgettable day with elephants on da blog #linkinbio
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2017/09/20 07:16:29

Visiting the train grave yard in Uyuni before the 4x4 drive to the salt Flats 💙🚞 #traingraveyard #uyuni #bolivia #gadventures #travel #travelphotography #femaletravel
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2017/09/20 07:02:30

It has been one of those days where you drop everything, spill everything and just seem to be a general klutz. But take heart, even in all my general chaos I'm super excited to share today's recipe with you. A 5 ingredient, 5 minute healthy hot chocolate that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you some extra antioxidants. It's up on the blog now! Head on over and check it out 😘
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2017/09/20 06:57:18

Last year I rang in the new year in Kyoto, Japan. I rang some bells at Fushimi Inari, received a beautiful fortune and watched the sunrise at Kiyomizu temple. It was an unforgettable experience!...Where will you be ringing in the 2018 new year? Comment below 👇🏼...www.lovingandalive.com...#travelTuesYAY bloglife #travelblog #bloggerstyle #lovingandalive #gyspysoul #globetrotter #exploremore #letsgosomewhere #travelblog #wanderess #wanderfree #travelmore #traveling #readygetjetgo #beautifulworld #nomadicjunkies #nomadicwoman #traveller #femaletravel #wanderluster #worldtravelpics #getouthere #travelpic #postcardsfromtheworld #postcardpic #girlywanderlust #wheretonext
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2017/09/20 06:56:47

64 days and we go again ✈️