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2018/03/21 23:54:02

Bumped in to my bro in stobie wen I was out on my run , asked him to get a selfie of is . U know wot mean lol . #Roadwork #fitness #running #Alwaysworking #fighter #fearless #DundeeSoldier #Nevergiveup #onecitymanydiscoveries
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2018/03/21 23:51:11

Fueling my body with the good stuff! Then, off to run some errands!.HAPPY HUMP DAY!🎉🙆🏻‍♀️💕.{Hillshire farm turkey sausage, steamed sweet potatoes, sautéed carrot spirals, mushrooms, & Brussels sprouts with a dash of garlic powder on top}💙🌻.#teamorenda...#riseandgrind #bebold #confident #proud #girlpower #bossbabe #girlboss #ladyboss #unstoppable #yesyoucan #workitout100 #warrior #likeaboss #womenempoweringwomen #womenempowerwomen #lovethislife
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2018/03/21 23:50:41

Beautiful Soul A L E R T 😍 A little over a year ago, when I was battling my sickness (flesh eating bacteria in my sinus that doctors thought was just a sinus infection and it didn’t go away for a year and a half until surgery and narly antibiotics and a possible port in my heart 😳 caused from dirty utensils during a wisdom tooth extraction 😳) < I know. Narly. I almost died, the doctor gave me a month if I didn’t have emergency surgery and definitely would of if I didn’t have all of the help and guidance that my amazing earth angels helped me with. Like my family, friends, the amazing doctors/ nurses A N D this woman @tarajenellew who at the time had no idea how much her story and book had helped me heal and grow and stop living in fear! Wild as it is when my doctors told me to become Vegan last February, because it was the next step to health ( before we knew about the horrible flesh eating thingy) I went up to Mt. Shasta and went into this rad store Soul Connections. They have books on “How to be Vegan” so I sat down and was reading the book. At that moment I was thinking to myself, “man I just really need help right now. I’m so sick and I don’t know what to do” and before I can start a next though this book....Soul Courage .....fell into my lap. 😳😳😳 so I looked at it ...then immediately looked around me to see if someone was above me that dropped it. No one. Then I grabbed the the book case to see how sturdy it was. ... well, it’s apart of the wall so..... Then I looked up and examined the book shelf and above my was books on Big Foot and there wasn’t even a spot for the book to come out of in such a full book rack. So what did I do? I bought it. Duh 😂 what’s even MORE WILD is they didn’t even have the book on inventory so when I took it up to purchase, they just charged me the price on the back of the book. It was honestly 100% what I needed to hear!!! It’s such an incredible and inspiring book that’s so R A W and so D E E P. That anyone can relate, connect and grow from. No matter what your battling in your life... this book is for you. BEST PART!!!!! After reaching out to Tara over a year ago to tell her this story I finally got to meet her
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2018/03/21 23:51:32

To be beautiful means to be yourself. ❤️ .Photo Credit : @sequen.ce #free #smile #beauty #BeHappy#Beyourself #pretty#selflove #love  #LoveLive #Fun #enjoy #black #HappyPeople #photography #blackandwhite #fearless
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2018/03/21 23:50:17

Be VERY conscious / mindful of the negative Self Talk you think and what you speak out loud to yourself and others, as it can have a MASSIVE effect on your emotions, feelings, mindset and ultimately results..Your brain is like a SUPER COMPUTER, and the data (thoughts) that you feed it (money/finances, fashion, health, sport, personal development, joy, laughter, positive/negative chatter & vibrations), will have massive part to play in how you act and react to what is put in front of you each day....If you don’t first (or in parallel) prepare your INNER CORE (such as your beliefs, values, mindset, habits & disciplines), and instead decide to work work play work, (or any combination of just those 2 outputs of your life) you may find your attitude, actions, your environment, your actions and reactions, the relationships you are surrounded by, and your perspectives - become volatile and sometimes even toxic... in turn resulting in nothing negative Karma and negative results..📸Photo Credit to @kylekerr for this incredible visual/artwork👌
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2018/03/21 23:46:51

Mom, I promise to never stop dreaming or give up. You are and always will be my light. You’re the real OG 👸🏽______I grew up in a house surrounded of powerful women...from my great grandma who was the head of a household in an island with over 30 yrs under a dictatorship. She was also the family business owner and did not know how to read ... to my mom and my aunts who always went against the status quo. They were progressive during times when women were “expected” to be subservient. I was always inspired by my tía, Aura, who always did whatever the hell she wanted and her sense of freedom was undeniable. My mom went through hard times in an unhealthy relationship with my dad but her adventurous spirit never gave up. She set herself free and raised her children alone. I remember her going through phases of depression and I was too young to understand but I was always there for her. Growing up, she often told me that I was the one to heal her with my kind and loving spirit. These women will forever be my warriors and my inspiration! _______I am not telling this story for you to feel pity! Certain paths are just meant to be and this is just a reminder. I’ve been a warrior since I was in the wound, I grew up surrounded of female warriors. Women who took space and were not afraid to fight for what they wanted. Women who became healers and never stopped loving_______I am a dreamer, a leader, a warrior, a healer, a lover. I am so much! 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️ #untoldstories_______Mami, prometo nunca dejar de soñar ni darme por vencida. Tú eres y siempre serás mi luz! 🧡
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2018/03/21 23:51:07

Show everyone how #fearless we can be after the pain & damage we chose or needed to be able to be this STRONG If you can smile again it's a #blessing from God 😉
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2018/03/21 23:49:32

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2018/03/21 23:48:09

@martimeling 🦋Butterfly Kisses🦋 eye makeup looks are the perfect way to Spotlight our JamBeauty Lip Lacquers. The look inspired by the Colorado Hairstreak pairs perfectly with Charming. #jambeauty #charmingjb #coloradohairstreakbutterfly #butterflykisses #butterflies