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2018/02/22 01:56:52

Are you a planner? I love to plan itineraries (although I have scaled down and learned to leave room for unforeseeable events and down time at a park or a cafe). Some trips are easier to plan than others. This, for example is on the harder side. So many beautiful places, totally unrealistic to cover in a week. I can't even begin to pick and choose. Thank you @thetalkingsuitcase for great suggestions in addition to standard travel guides.#anbatravels2018 #anbaadventures #familytravel #travelwithkids #familyvacation #travel #familytrip #travelbug #explore #tripplanning #travelguides
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2018/02/22 01:03:29

Our guided tours are fun for the entire family! Join us 7 days a week for your next adventure.
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2018/02/22 01:55:54

Grateful for this time away with family! ☀️🍦🎢🌴#familytravel #universalstudios #orlando
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2018/02/22 01:55:36

Nothing beats sharing times with my boys, the times at home cuddling on the couch to the times discovering new & incredible places I love them all! 💙~~~But here are my top reasons why travelling with my loves is so special to me:✨✨✨1. We know these days are unique so we make the most out of them, we take it ALL in and it feels amazing!✨✨✨2. The memories that we create together as a family can never be taken away from us, the shared stories, the first time we saw a landmark, an animal or anything else together will be with us forever💗✨✨✨3. The boys LOVE travelling as much as we do so doing something the four of us love doing together is just pure bliss👨‍👩‍👦‍👦✨✨✨What about you?~~~#familytravel #familybonding #familywanderlust
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2018/02/22 01:54:01

Today me and my man leave for a three day sail.We are pretty terrible at making time to go on adventures just the two of us. Mostly because we love hanging with our little guy. And then because we let our work and our passion get in the way. And then because life's been hard sometimes and we've not always felt loving.And so. After 17 years of this beautiful wild ride together, we promised each other we would make these 3 days happen. That we would remember what drew us to one another to begin with. Adventure. Being unplugged.Winging it.Quiet.Laughter.The unknown.Do you need to be reminded why you fell in love?What can you do to remember? What little or big thing?Tell me as I am learning still.I want to do more things like this trip that fit into our days, weeks (not just years). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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2018/02/22 01:50:14

When you’re trying to point out something on the River Walk & he just turns around & lays one on you out of nowhere 🤷🏼‍♀️ sometimes when I ask for Maddux to give me kisses I call them “kissies” and a few months ago while taking someone’s engagement pictures I kept accidentally saying “now give him kissies” to two grown adults 🙃🤦🏼‍♀️ Happy Wednesday!
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2018/02/22 01:51:26

happy 1st birthday little sandy! you've had quite a year...you've traveled through europe and to central america, you've been on planes, trains, buses and boats, you've played in both the surf and the snow, and one time you even slept through the entire night! we can't promise that every year will be this jam-packed, but we do promise to love you foreva-eva. happy birthday!!🎈🎂 ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ #happybirthday #oneyearold #instatravel #costarica #thedanziglife
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2018/02/22 01:47:15

Do you need a bit more colour in your life? I always think that February is the greyest month of the year in the UK so this year I thought I’d cheer myself up by researching the world’s most colourful places. In my blog post I’ve highlighted 10 of the most colourful places you can travel to from the technicoloured turrets and towers of Pena Palace in Portugal (as shown here) to the gingerbread houses of medieval Sighişoara in Romania and the beautiful blue walls of Chefchaouen in Morocco. Link in my profile.@sintralovers @visitportugal @visit_lisboa @parquesdesintra #ttot #capturingcolour #loveportugal #lovesintra #penapalace
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2018/02/21 23:27:38

Wake up each day, and say thank you for another day. The only thing stopping you from living your best life, is yourself. If you look closely you can see how little I am, and how big these rocks are. Started this hike early, before the blazing hot sun hit us. Look at my shiny arms full of sweat 😂 I prefer spending my time outdoors more than anything. I also write all about my adventures so feel free to checkout some published articles. Link in bio! What’s your favorite outdoor activity? 👇🏻⛰📸🤘🏻
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2018/02/22 01:48:03

Hi Madagascar.🤩🤩🤩#familytravel#singapor#happynewyear
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2018/02/22 01:47:58

Все та же река Маас рядом с которой и возведен #мастрихт . Венеция наверное была первым городом где я увидела дома в воде. До сих пор интересуюсь не слишком ли влажно в таких домах жить. Наверное раз столько времени кто то прожил то выходит жить все же можно:) ..Beautiful Maastricht🎀❤😊..#nikon #nikonphoto #пейзаж #городскойпейзаж #голландия #нидерланды #holland #autotrip #путешествиепоевропе #путешествиенамашине #nikkorzoomlens #никон #никкор #ездимссемьей #familytravel #summerfun #summertrip #loveeurope #cityscape