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2017/10/24 05:45:56

Anyone get super antsy in late fall to get out on their skis? 🙋 Even though I know in reality conditions usually suck, core shots and snakes in the snow the hype never ceases to get to me just a little bit:). Anticipation is good, excitement is good but so is patience. So whether you get out to test that early season pow or chill out with some patience make sure you are doing what you want to do for the right reasons. Have a great week and get outside😊 ✌️
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2017/10/24 05:46:45

I was in Calgary for the @storyhive winners' workshop (knee deep in pre-production for my @kissinghabit collaboration with @stump_kitchen!) and caught a quick glimpse of the mountains from the highway. I have to admit, I'm now absolutely desperate for a trip to Canmore or Banff. The mountains are one of my happy places - what are yours? (Snapped in 2014 - still one of my favourites.) #photooftheday #mountains #canmore #banff #alberta #travelalberta #explorealberta #rockymountains #sky #photography #photographer #daydream #travel #happyplace #wanderlust #creative #lovewhatyoudo #livingthedream
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2017/10/24 05:41:58

Always have one foot forward. Travelling to Norway has opened my life up. I plan to study abroad in the next year or so, as I complete my degree in Kinesiology. During that time, I want to travel as much as possible, and make new friends. Also, see places like this.
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2017/10/24 05:38:43

Our brand new LED500 Pro Series from @dracast has just arrived! Tomorrow we'll be shooting with this for a client that has developed a very cool new mobile app so stay tuned!
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2017/10/24 05:38:21

"Although I deeply love oceans and other wild landscapes it is only mountains that beckon me with that sort of magnetic pull to walk deeper and deeper into their beauty" 🌲
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2017/10/24 05:38:20

Feature RV: Swipe over to take a look inside the 2018 K-Z Durango 2500 D315RKD Fifth Wheel!
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2017/10/24 05:37:28

Anybody else get a text from their parents saying their antelope #hunting trip to southern Alberta was successful? #redneck #explorealberta #pronghorn
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2017/10/24 05:35:45

Who wants to snuggle Lexus? 🏕#campingwithdogs
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2017/10/24 05:27:36

Oldie, but one of my favorites. Stormy skies over jasper
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2017/10/24 05:23:38

What a beautiful day
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2017/10/24 05:22:48

A beautiful evening and morning bouldering in Frank slide. It was a little chilly and a little windy but so fun!....#bouldering #frankslide #climb #girlswhoclimb #climber #hike #southernalberta #nofilter #noedit #alberta #explorealberta #yql #studentlife #getoutside #outdoors
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2017/10/24 05:04:17

Moraine Mondays 🍁To get this reflection I had to go back here multiple mornings for the right conditions and no wind. Totally okay with me as there are much worse places to spend time... #ExploreAlberta
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2017/10/24 05:17:18

I am just so unbelievable in love right now. I’m in love with myself, life, the good, the bad, the simple, the complicated, just all of it. I need every little bit of life because it all is showing me what I need to know to find my now.
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2017/10/24 05:19:39

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2017/10/24 05:18:40

#Repost @difruscia・・・Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. - ✨🙏✨Mahatma Gandhi - taken above the breathtaking Canadian Rockies in Alberta, Canada #explore #explorealberta #alberta #canada #instagood #instadaily #instanature