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2017/10/09 18:33:25

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2017/08/31 16:51:24

💠 Four new fuzzes from @stompunderfoot just in! The PI, Tri-Muff 72, Exciting Fuzz and the 73 Brick Muff. Mufftastic ⚡️
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2017/08/26 06:08:56

Just in! Limited Edition @stompunderfoot “Exciting Fuzz” In the early 70’s, the K. Tayama Electric Instruments Co. from Japan released the Mirano EF-1 Exciting Fuzz, based on the Big Muff circuit. Rarer than a hen’s tooth, these vintage units are prized for their sweet sound due to the low-gain transistors they used. SUF’s limited-edition “Exciting Fuzz” nails this vintage tone by using New Old Stock BC109B transistors, for a fuzz that is punchy, warm, and surprisingly “delicate.” The “Exciting Fuzz” won’t obliterate your tone and best of all, you can play chords and still manage to hear each note clearly. The only bad news is that we managed to nab only 2 units, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! $185#limitededition #miranoef1 #excitingfuzz #bigmuff #vintagebigmuff #bigmuffclone #vintageeffects #vintagegear #stompunderfoot #eldiabloamps