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2017/09/22 11:30:32

O ÚNICO LUGAR QUE O SUCESSO VÊM ANTES DO TRABALHO E NO DICIONÁRIO... #Einstein #SoldierTeam #outdoortraing #euatleta #errejota #xgym #pretinho #projetoogro @danidaniandradee @leosartore
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2017/09/22 11:28:35

Embracing the season of the witch!! 🖤🖤..🖤: @the_official_monsterdoll
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2017/09/22 11:08:55

Si A es el éxito en la vida, entonces A = X + Y + Z. Donde X es trabajo, Y es placer y Z es mantener la boca cerrada - Albert Einstein ...La mente de un pensador es compleja pero produce ideas que nunca vienen a una mente común y corriente. BK..#frases #pensamientos #einstein #followme #TagsPorMeGustas
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2017/09/22 10:58:14

The story between the two stars , Vega and Altair, is of my favorites. It begins with Vega, who is a basket weaver, and Altair who is a sheep herder. They meet a fall quickly in live. They loved each other so much that they couldn't spend a second away from each other. This got their parents annoyed. Vega wasnt doing her weaving and Altair wasnt herding his sheep. The parents asked the gods to help them. They complied. A river was put between them, symbolized by the milky way arm. This separated them eternally. Every night they cried out in sorrow and anguish. Their screams were heard from Earth and its creatures. On the 7th day of the 7th month of every year the magpies of Earth hear their calls of sorrow and fly up towards the stars, creating a bridge across the river. The couple, for one night each year, could finally be happy😌
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2017/09/22 10:36:50

1. DOES NOT MEASURE ENERGY FROM A BODY AT HIGH SPEED, KINETIC ENERGY IS MEASURED BY NEWTON'S EQUATION.2. EINSTEIN CONFRONES ENERGY FROM AN INCORRECT TRANSFORMATION OF MATTER IN ENERGY WITH KINETIC ENERGY FROM A BODY IN MOTION3. THE THEORY OF EINSTEIN'S SPECIAL RELATIVITY WAS TO DETERMINE THAT THERE IS EQUIVALENCE BETWEEN ENERGY AND MATTER.4. Electromagnetic Radiations have volume and are provided with mass and, when propagating at the speed of light, present Kinetic Energy measured by the Equation of Kinetic Energy of Isaac Newton, which is embedded in the majority of Physical Equations5. The mass dilation advocated by Einstein is absurd. Realizing this he left her without exposing the motives.6. Einstein's misguided energy equation would lead to mass dilation, for by adding more energy to the system and as the speed of light is the maximum and constant limit, the mass would have to increase.7. In measuring the Energy of the radiations emitted in the spectral rays of hydrogen, Einstein and Niels Bohr created a mathematical artifice that transforms the Einstein Energy Equation used in the Bohr Equation in Newton's Equation.8. This mathematical artifice was purposeful and to this day the only person who noticed this cheating was Luiz Carlos de Almeida (Author of the book: PHYSICAL THEORY OF UNIFICATION - Unification between Gravity and Electromagnetism)9. Frank and Hertz have proved that the Kinetic Energy of accelerated gas emissions in gases is equal to Kinetic Energy of the accelerated electrons towards the gas.10. Franck and Hertz were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics to change the interpretation and say that the incorrect Model of Niels Bohr, supported by Einstein was correct.11. The pickup, they bought the views of Franck and Hertz to agree with Bohr's absurd theory that used Einstein's Energy Equation.#einstein #einsteincharlatão #einsteinlied #afarsadeeinstein #theeinsteinfarce #einsteinpick #newtonxeintein #einsteinliar #einsteinisnotagenius #conspiracytheory #physical #physicist #physicists #e=mc2 #theoryofrelativity #alberteinsteinComplete book in last post
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2017/09/22 10:36:26

No regrets, just start now.
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2017/09/22 10:18:14

Cuando Charles Chaplin y Einstein se encontraron, Einstein dijo:Lo que admiro de usted Charles, es que no dice una palabra, pero todo el mundo le entiende.Es cierto, replicó Chaplin, pero su gloria es de lejos mas grande que la mía. El mundo entero le rinde admiracion pero nadie le entiende. 🎩 #Einstein #charleschaplin #genios #inteligencia
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2017/09/22 10:17:17

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." #tbt #einstein #sunybrockport #science
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2017/09/22 10:07:40