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2017/11/22 04:12:37

Need an easy healthy side for Thanksgiving? Click the link in my bio for my sweet potato casserole--it's paleo, vegan, gluten and dairy free. #imadethis #hailsweetpotatoes
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2017/11/22 04:12:39

Roasted veg ahoy 🍠🍆🥔🥕 Love this time of year as we creep towards Christmas and it’s all about autumnal and wintery veg. I know I harp on about rummaging in the veg drawer for any sorry souls that look set for the bin, but you’re giving veg a whole new lease of life by cooking it and then storing it for a few more days in the fridge (or longer in the freezer). #foodpics #foodlover #wastenotwantnot #dontwastefood #zerowaste #veggies #eattherainbow #cookwithrosie #familyfood #healthyfood #healthyfamily
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2017/11/22 04:12:38

Hi. Prepped lunch for tomorrow! Mushroom, spinach and chickpea curry. Hiding underneath is some quinoa. (Black and white) Thanks Aldi. This curry took maximum 20 minutes from start to finish and tastes great. This is Vegan and GF. #mealprep #lunchprep #lucybeecoconutoil #healthyfood #glutenfreeeat #eatyourveggies #vegetarianmeals #veganglutenfree #veganfood #familyfood #veganfamilyfood #vegetariancurry #foodforfoodies #foodblogeats #foodblogger #lunchbox #lunchtime #lunchideas #fiveaday #eattherainbow
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2017/11/22 04:12:04

Do what makes your soul shine!✨.Have you ever tried durian? It's the smelliest (and one of the most nutritious fruits) in the world... This innocent elephant is a piece of durian chocolate! Is made of durian, coconut milk and sugar. Tastes.... weird 😄 but ok, I think! It reminds me of persimmon, baked banana and blue cheese (maybe becouse of the odour).Would you dare to try durian?.Happy tuesday!
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2017/11/22 01:15:57

it’s always fun to blur the lines between breakfast and dessert 😉 search “apple pie parfait” on the blog for (super simple, protein-packed) recipe! 🍎 🍨
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2017/11/22 04:11:01

#Tuesday 🌸.Hello-hello, je suis désolée pour tout ce qui préfèreraient que je ne fasse plus que des crêpes (le petit sondage de ma story) 😳 mais je suis pas prête à abandonner mon porridge 🥣 Je ne vois vraiment pas meilleur moyen de commencer mes journées sorry 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️.Du coup ce matin c’était un petit porridge tout chaud avec mes toppings du moment : baies de goji, lamelles de noix de coco 🥥, kiwi 🥝, graines de courge, graines de chia, soja et purée d’amande 😍 Le combo parfait pour un bidou complet 🤗.Je vous laisse, je file chez le kiné ❤️
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2017/11/22 04:08:02

Beck wanted icecream for breakfast! 😄Ummmm 🤔 sure, coming right up.Walah, Grinch "Nicecream"!!!- Couple handfuls of frozen mango- big handful of spinach- Couple splashes of almond milk- Blend. And boom. The boys had this with some homemade peanutbutter oat balls I made yesterday. They were super easy.Happy 2 year old. ✔ Happy mama. ✔
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2017/11/22 04:07:04

💐 Blue Macha @matcha.blue vegan protein smoothie bowl mixed with frozen banana, cashew nut, pumpkin seeds and cashew milk topped with dried crushed pomegranate seeds 💙 📷 @desires_of_the_foodaholics 😍 #plantbased #eattherainbow #natural #bluematcha #colorfulmatcha #sugarfree #dairyfree #matcha #matchablue #healthy #eatclean #healthyfood #gofruityourself #smoothiejar #prettyfood #organicfood #healthycuisines #vitamins #minerals #antioxidants #recipe #fitfood #food #plantbased #fresh #fruits #beautiful #berries #plantpower #flower
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2017/11/22 04:06:09

Amazing raw vegan birthday cake by Samira @alphafoodie Which one would you start with? @thrivemags #birthdaycake #rawvegan #eattherainbow
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2017/11/22 04:05:45

Adding a little more colour with a throwback to this beautiful fruit platter 😍 is anyone else missing summer fruits?! I love persimmons and pomegranate...but I am missing those mangos like crazy 🤩 It’s been a busy day in the kitchen today, and not one thing came off 🤣 does anyone else have days like that?! I’m hoping to make a few tweaks but let’s see. Do you have any favourite foods or recipes you’d like me to recreate? Drop a comment below! 💖💖 a big thank you too to the amazing @rawfoodchefjulie who had me on her website! Go check it out for a three bean chilli recipe and a little interview with me. Thank you so much Julie 😘 #fruit #fruitsalad #fruits #fruitplatter #fruitarian #eattherainbow #eatplants #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #sweatwithkayla #bbg #mango #tropical #vegansofig #vegan #plantbased #plantpowered #healthydessert #healthysnack #papaya #fruitlover #thrivemags @thrivemags @kayla_itsines #feedfeed #abeautifulmess #ahealthynut #huffposttaste #thatsdarling #gloobyfood #foodstyling #foodart
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2017/11/22 03:58:44

I have something for you! 🌱Recipes🌱Meal Plan🌱Creating a Balanced Plant Based Meal EducationDrop an Emoji below if you're needing to drop 15 pounds for a healthier you! YES! Even during the holiday season! Not only will you drop the excess weight and feel lighter. You will regain mental clarity, have much clearer skin and increased energy levels! IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST WEIGHT LOSS YOU GUYS!!! Swipe 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽to see testimonials from my clients!!! No pills. No supplements. No BS. Just wholesome recipes that help your body return to a state of balance and HEALTH!!! DROP THAT EMOJI BELOW to begin feeling Happier and Healthier ASAP! I've done it, my clients have done it- so can you. Why wait when you can begin today??? 🙌🏽✨🌱
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2017/11/22 04:03:26

Pasta s/g con crema di zucca aromatizzata alla salvia e funghi porcini./.◾◾◾◾Ciao guys! I don't know how i've survived almost 10 days without posting any pasta recipes!😝So today i want to make pasta lovers like me happy ( i hope so!) with this creamy and delicious pumpkin and porcini gluten free pasta. I've use dried porcini mushrooms and you only need a tiny amount because they are very powerfull. And let's be honest, i was looking for an excuse to use this beautiful ornamental pumpkin that my friend gave to me!________________________________________🌱 Ingredients:◾ 200 gr pumpkin puree◾10 gr dried porcini mushrooms,chopped◾ Vegetable stock ( about 1or 2 cups)◾Half an onion◾1 teaspoon dry sage◾Salt and pepper🌱Rehydrate the mushrooms🌱 Sauteé the onion with some water or stock untill tender. 🌱 Put the chopped mushrooms with the sage and let It cook for about 10 min( add more stock if needed). 🌱 Add the pumpkin and more stock and let It cook for another 5 minutes or untill the desired thickness. 🌱Adjust with salt and pepper and mix with cooked pasta.________________________________________How often do you eat pasta?🍝I have It almost everyday day! What can i say?! Im italian !😂🇮🇹
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2017/11/22 04:03:14

Pasta bowl🍝Organic pasta with a veggie-tomato-olive sauce.I am busy again. 😅I have many appointments this week but when I come home I am happy to spend some time for cooking, 👨🏻‍🍳taking and editing photos and for you, my lovely IG friends. 😽This is my kind of meditation and #mindfulness at the moment.☺️What do you like to do after work to relax? Or is your job your hobby?🤩💞💕💞#charlinesgratefulness : I am grateful that I have found so many things I love to do during the last 1,5 years. 💕💞💕 💕💕💕💕🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪Pasta-SchüsselBio-Nudeln mit einer Gemüse-Tomaten-Oliven-Soße.🍝Ich habe momentan wieder ganz schön viel zu tun. 😅Neben der Arbeit habe ich noch einige Termine diese Woche aber wenn ich dann nach Hause komme, bin ich froh etwas Zeit mit Kochen👨🏻‍🍳, Fotografieren, ☺️Bildbearbeitung und Euch, meinen lieben IG-Freunden, zu verbringen. 💖Das ist momentan für mich so etwas wie Mediation und Achtsamkeit zugleich.😊Was machst Du am liebsten, um nach der Arbeit zu relaxen? Oder hast Du Dein Hobby zum Beruf gemacht?🤩🌈💖🌈Charlinesgratefulness: Ich bin dankbar dafür, dass ich so viele Dinge in den letzten 1,5 Jahren gefunden habe, die mir Freude bereiten.💖🌈💖 💕💖💞💖#vegan #starchsolution #pasta #soulfood #vegans #instagoodfood #vegancommunity #lactosefree #cookinglove #vegandeutschland #eattherainbow #grateful #whatveganseat #wholefood #veganbowl #letscookvegan #veganforlife #foodlover #plantbasedfood #healthycooking #nudeln #italianfood #highcarb #veganrecipe #healthyvegan #organic #plantbased #comfortfood
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2017/11/22 04:02:15

Do you educate your children? What’s Your best advice? To be honest I don’t actively educate Laurella. All I do is including her in my daily life and taking time for her needs. In average I actively play 1-2 hours with her maximum a day. Most of the time she is just joining me or playing alone. But what really matters is that I take time to answer her questions whenever they come up. Whenever she needs attention I pause my schedule and give her my full attention. I learned that kids only need 15 minuets full attention every day to feel good. Every morning I tell her what we are about to do the coming day so she knows. By doing so I noticed that Laurella is more confident and gives me the time I need. As long as she knows there is something scheduled the coming day or days she is fine with that. On days I have a lot of appointments I’ll tell her in advance that we have a busy day ahead and I tell her how I want her to act. And it works. Everyone say that Laurella is so balanced and relaxed and I think it’s because of that. I did not read much about how to raise kids. To be honest I read one book. All I do is following my instincts, treating her with respect and giving her all the love I can. What is your best advise when it comes to kids?