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2017/10/21 23:33:45

Adding a tropical touch to my #saturdaymorning #smoothiebowl!.For this Pineapple Peanut Butter #smoothie, I blended frozen organic pineapple and mango chunks, a couple shakes of @bellplantation PB2 powdered peanut butter, @bobsredmill vanilla protein powder, a spoonful of organic superfoods @nutiva virgin coconut oil, @simplyorganicfoods pure vanilla extract, a hunk of ginger root, a thick slice of cucumber, a dash of cinnamon, and enough gluten-free old fashioned oats to thicken; topped with slices of apple, banana, pineapple, & red grapes, @edwardandsons unsweetened shredded coconut, and @eatnuttzo organic power fuel 7 nut & seed butter. YUM! 😋💕.#nomnomnom #trythis #genuine #simpleandpure #love #bobsredmill #Nutiva #OrganicMoments #simplyorganic #eatpurely #fall #authentic #vegan #eatclean #dairyfree #glutenfree#organic #eatwellbewell #instagood #nashua #newhampshire #newengland #smile #😄
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2017/10/21 22:27:37

Happy Saturday! I started the day with a warm bowl of cinnamon apple pie oatmeal (even tho you can’t see the apples, I promise they’re there!!) with lots of creamy @crazyrichardspb, a dark cacao @emmysorganics coconut cookie (reminds me of a brownie, no joke!), plain @chobani, and so much pumpkin cinnamon @purely_elizabeth granola 💃🏼😍🍫🥜 🍎 it was so deliciously messy, I can’t even tell ya 😉💜🤗 Have a fantastic weekend, don’t forget to L I V E this weekend (and always) bc we not have one life, let’s make the most of it! #emmysorganics #cleancookies #eatpurely
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2017/10/21 22:49:50

Saturday morning bliss. Vegan Neapolitan "Ice Cream" sundae (frozen zucchini + frozen cauliflower+ frozen strawberries + vanilla beans + coconut sugar+coconut cream) layered with raw brownie dough, and topped with toasted coconut. #vegan #vegasofig #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganfoodpics #chocolate #unrefinedsugar #antioxidants #health #cacao #eatclean #nutrition #green #organic #wholefoods #gloobyfoods #milkshake #icecream #nicecream #veggies #raw #plantbased #protein #fitness #smoothie #smoothiebowl #eatpurely #beautyfullme
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2017/10/21 22:28:39

Spending my Saturday at work! Taking a little time to myself this morning to enjoy some pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin spice overnight oats topped with sauteeed bananas, pomegranate seeds, @purely_elizabeth pumpkin granola, & @wild_friends pumpkin spice PB! ❤️🍂 lotsssss of pumpkin!!! 🎃 Happy weeekend everyone! #becksliveshealthy
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2017/10/21 16:17:38

Healthy snack with dates, lemon zest, pistachio and coconut yogurt. Recipe on my Facebook page, link in bio 👆🍋
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2017/10/21 08:50:19

Super excited for this Eat Purely Dinner. #eatpurely #mainsqueeze #treatyoself #lazyfriday
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2017/10/21 07:31:31

#Repost @purely_elizabeth・・・Dreaming about this bowl of our OG superfood oats soaked in @thenewbarn milk, @e3live Blue Majik, blueberries, @eatnuttzo and our grain free coconut cashew. Happy Monday! 😘✨#eatpurely #overnightoats #glutenfree #oatmeal #bluespirulina #bluemajik #bluealgae #bluemajikgirls #lovetheblue #ausopen2018 🎾
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2017/10/21 05:42:05

Breakfast this morning before I put the second half in a Tupperware to finish at school.. promptly flipped it over all into the sink 🤦🏼‍♀️ All you can do is laugh and hope your day picks up from there and it certainly did!! Shout out to those kiddos who turn in papers about who their hero is and it's you 😊😊..Yogurt bowl 👏🏻👏🏻vanilla yogurt, mixed berries, granola (chocolate PB always, am I right?), PB drizzle 🍫🥜🌰#dinewithdg
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2017/10/21 05:28:43

Idk, maybe she’s a bear? She sure is cuddly 🤗
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2017/10/21 03:05:58

As the temperatures drop this fall, I'll be definitely making more and more soup. Check out some of my favorite warming soup recipes in my Eating Purely Cookbook, like this one: Roasted Carrot Soup. // #eatpurely #soupthereitis #eatingpurelycookbook
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2017/10/20 02:44:30

Fudge Brownies! These decadently dense chocolate squares are perfect for your sweet tooth craving. Available online - at @goodcheapfood - and at @ellasmercantile 💥💥Made with only 5 simple ingredients: unsweetened callebaut chocolate, eggs, butter, evaporated cane juice and flour. The eggs and sugar are whipped to 4 times their volume and then the melted chocolate and butter are carefully folded in - flour folded in - and baked. So simple and perfect. #eatpurely #chocolate #brownies
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2017/10/20 00:00:37

One thing I always have on hand in my pantry is quick breakfast options. Without breakfast, I get hangry real fast, y'all. Oatmeals, single serving cereals and @kodiakcakes on the go pancakes are great options for when you're on-the-go and need food that will keep you full and give you the nutrients you need to power through the morning. When we were moving, this @purelyelizabeth cranberry pumpkin seed oatmeal saved the day since the entirety of my kitchen was packed away in boxes. 💃 Not sponsored at all, just want to share the deliciousness with y'all! Happy Thursday!
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2017/10/19 20:09:08

sometimes i think i make smoothie bowls with the sole purpose of dumping a bunch of granola on top... (just me?)•the instagram giveaway gods were smiling on me last week and thanks to @balancedbylisa, i got to try the AMAZING new @purely_elizabeth nut butter granola flavors. basically, i’m fairly certain i could live off this stuff. no, i’m not joking.•the smoothie bowl dEats (in case you’re curious):- 1/2 frozen banana 🍌- Handful of frozen zucchini 🥒- 3/4 cup (ish) frozen blueberries- big spoonful of @navitasorganics hemp seeds- 1 scoop @furtherfood marine collagen (hmu if ya want a discount code)- small spoonful of @maisiejanessunshine almond butter- 1 tsp @gaiaherbs macaboost- 1 cup almond milk (i really like @thenewbarn)- @purely_elizabeth maple almond butter granola, banana, and more almond butter to top 😋
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2017/10/19 08:20:49

Autumn Harvest Soup with spiced chickpeas and vegan creme fraiche #happyhomo
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2017/10/19 03:03:48

RUN don't walk to @wholefoods because PURELY IS ON SALE!! $4.99 now through 10/31. // 🏃‍♀️#bestnewsever #sale #wholefoods #eatpurely
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2017/10/19 00:31:13

Did y’all miss my smoothies bc I know I sure did🙃 even if it was 44 this morning....which made it even harder to get out of bed. BUT it’s just a 3 day week so I can totally do this and YOU CAN TOO! Say it with me now “I can & I will make the rest of this week great!” Okay now believe it & go make today rock 💃🏻🤘🏼ps loving my @danielwellington classic petite ashfield in rose gold that helps me get my booty to class on time! Use ✨RUNNINGCARROT✨ for 15% off your order! #danielwellington #classicpetiteashfield // frozen roasted cinnamon carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, and green beans + roasted cinnamon delicata squash + @rootznutrition chocolate banana nut + @majusuperfoods ashwaganda + @hybridherbs reshi & lions mane + @vitalproteins collagen peptides + @powbab + @rebbl golden milk + @purely_elizabeth banana nut butter granola Codes: ✨RUNNINGCARROT10 ✨for 10% off @majusuperfoods , @rootznutrition & @powbab
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2017/10/19 00:34:44

happy humpday my friends! i didn’t post yesterday— I was still reeling from conversations and thoughts and feelings I was having related to sexual predation. I wrote a lot (and worked my armz off in the gym) and had some snuggles with loved ones, and I feel ready to re-engage today. // SO. started the morning with yoga for neck & shoulder relief with Adriene, then headed to the gym for the #lgfallchallenge HIIT workout (lunging on the treadmill! @laurengleisberg is turning that machine into a veritable playground) + @toneitup daily moves... I wasn’t gonna do the DMs but @camm_tiu inspired me with her post about how she was adding them on. & I feel good! // then home to OATS: Punkin ZOATS with a big spoonful of @traderjoes crunchy PB & some @purely_elizabeth maple almond granola. // we got this. .....#tiuteam #tiu21 #tiunyc #tiusharks #tiudoeslg #lgsmilemore #toneitup #eatpurely #zoats #bgbcommunity #tiuliveyourtruth
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2017/10/18 23:26:49

Simple and delish yogibowl:whole milk vanilla @siggisdairy with sliced pear, blackberries, spoonful of @purely_elizabeth original granola, and the new @secondnaturesnacks coconut almond medley 👉🏻 dark chocolate chunks, whole almonds and toasted coconut chip trail mix. Building a yogurt parfait is the perfect no-cook breakfast for busy mornings. Pick your yogurt base (choose something with full fat to feel fuller longer), add fruit for a fiber boost and touch of sweetness, and sprinkle something crunchy on top like this GF Nola and trail mix combo 🥜🍒🍫🥄Nutrition 375 cal • 50g carb • 13g fat • 16g protein#breakfast #yogurt #yogurtparfait #dailysiggis #secondnaturesnacks #eatpurely #glutenfree #trailmix #healthyfats #healthy #healthfood #fitfood #nutrition #macros #foodstagram #yummy #wholefoods #eatingwell #tiumiami #tiuteam #flexwithlex