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2017/10/19 05:26:17

details on a commission for @ivykaralash ! 💚 tell me what you’re thinkin’ friends!
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2017/10/19 05:26:04

One of my firsts. #studiolife
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2017/10/19 05:25:00

• 1 of 2 • fabric dye, acrylic, glitter, granular glass bead gel, crackle paste, modeling paste, gesso on canvas • 9×9 • 🦎 #abstractogram
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2017/10/19 05:25:38

Sometimes I get better ideas when I'm doing other things and away from the computer - makes it hard to quantify concept development time 😆...#concept #sketchbook #graphicdesigner #graphicdesign #designsketch #designworklife #designer #doitfortheprocess #atlantadesigner
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2017/10/19 05:23:16

New post up on the blog. Click the link in my profile to see how I've made the transition back to black ink.
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2017/10/19 05:22:37

Flowers for you. Full view of this is available in my story, and this piece is available for sale at @collected._art in Holly Springs, NC on Thursday and Friday.
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2017/10/19 05:20:23

I made something that I can't share just yet, but the best part is that it's a collaboration between my hubby @mrbosia and I. His gift and mine combined have no limit. (Except us, and we are both Gemini, 😂) Really, really for the future!!!! 👩🏾‍🎨
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2017/10/19 05:17:44

Enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders over $15 through next Wednesday! No code needed, it’s automatic.
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2017/10/19 05:18:02

Y'all, traded in my usual canvas for this beautiful piece of birch / so pretty right? / just finished the stain and it's 🙌🏻🙏🏻 / www.Meredith-Parker.com
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2017/10/19 05:16:51

The finished piece! I think I managed to pull it all together! The palette is a bit more mute in person (dunno why?), but I think it may make lovely yoga pants!!
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2017/10/19 05:16:02

Look who got some happy mail from @bootaybag_ on this rainy, fall day!! I am a sucker for any subscription service that makes my life easier. I am way to busy with my mom life to go shopping for underwear. I like to browse for the cute ones and I can't do that with one babe strapped to me and the other trying to climb store shelves...that's just the truth. @bootaybag_ will send you two pairs a month for $12 and free shipping. Let them know your style preference and they will cater to that. Plus, share with #undermatters and BootayBag will donate $1 a chairty. This one goes out to the Melanoma Foundation. You get cute underwear AND you're giving back! Win win, guys!______ #ad #bootaybag
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2017/10/19 05:15:27

Those drippy #wip layers 🖤 #kirstenwhitlockart
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2017/10/19 05:14:41

This piece is very special to me. It is inspired by my time serving at the the Bahá'í House of Worship in North America, where my belief in “the twin directing principles of the worship of God and of service to one’s fellow-men” was solidified. The buildings in this image are known as Mashriqu'l-Adhkárs—The Dawning Place of the Name of God. At this moment nine of these institutions—unique in the annals of history—stand in the world. This glorious institution was given to the world by Bahá'u'lláh, and this piece was created in honor of the upcoming celebration of His Birth, 200 years ago. On 21 & 22 October, people from every walk of life will join together in celebration of the birth of One who taught that women and men are spiritually and socially equal in the sight of God, that there is no place in this world for any form of prejudice, and that the way to overcome such inequities and prejudices is through prayer and service to the world of humanity. There is room enough here for all of us. There is space enough here for each of us to contribute to an ever-advancing civilization. There is a great need for every. single. one of us to work together in the name of love and unity, that this darksome world may become illumined through the rays of loving-kindness, generosity, compassion, and truthfulness. That equity and justice may be a true reality for all people. And that all people may be free to contribute to the building up of a world that values the nobility and uniqueness of each and all. If you are moved by this and interested in learning more, I am happy to help you find a celebration in your locality. Prints of this piece will be available for a limited time. #bahai #bicentenary #houseofworship #santiago #chicago #kampala #sydney #frankfurt #panamacity #apia #delhi #battambang #temple #mixedmedia #abstractart #sillouette #flashesofdelight #doitfortheprocess #creative #love #unity #equality #prayer #service #worship
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2017/10/19 05:13:15

I scream, you scream, we scream for @ahomeinsuburbia's ice cream bunting! 🍦🍦🍦 The Nerd Burgers loves to share the work of our super talented makers in the handmade community so that others can discover and connect with you! If you'd like to be featured or know a friend who would be interested, tag the photo with #nerdburgersclub and tag us @nerdburgersclub, as I'll be choosing some to feature on our feed!