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2017/12/12 13:15:28

Nawww.. this is my #bestnine2017 ! It makes me so happy to see these pics. I love my friends here on insta and I love the fact that social media lets us share our journals which previously would remain private. It’s my favourite thing about social media, that we get to share our creative souls and encourage each other!😊💜✨
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2017/12/12 13:18:04

from @andreetravel stunning creation!➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖💙Tag someone you'd like to go here with📷 Photo via: @septianba➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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2017/12/12 13:12:38

Starting a business is hard for the artist I am. I'm so excited by all the hard work leading to my vision but I also have to put aside my long painting sessions. I mostly paint when I'm teaching these days, which means only adding a few brush strokes here and there without having time to get in "the zone". I miss it but I know it's temporary -- and hopefully it will be worth it and allow me to do even more painting than I ever did one day.
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2017/12/12 13:13:05

I started this piece to release and express the stress I've been feeling about a case at work that's been confusing the hell out of me. I found myself using very intense colors - lots of dark red, dark brown, and of course, black. 🌀I had to stop to go to a doctor's appointment. As always, the news from the doctor was not encouraging. Like many trauma survivors, I can be quick to catastrophize a situation, e.g., I'm never going to heal, chronic pain will destroy the rest of my life, etc. But today I surprised myself. Despite the horrid pain, I told myself that I will suffer this moment, and ONLY this moment. I will not compare this moment to past experiences and will not think about future pain. I will only concentrate on this moment, right here, right now. That was HUGE for me. 🌀When I resumed working after my appointment, I realized I was far more compassionate towards myself than I have been recently. Instead of thinking that I'm dumb or incapable, I accepted that my current case is indeed confusing and challenging - which actually makes it quite interesting. I decided that I'm going to show my case notes to a colleague tomorrow to get his perspective, and am not concerned that he'll think I'm dumb or incapable. In other words, I'm going to ask for HELP and I feel good about doing it. Again, HUGE for me.🌀When I had time to work on my art again, I realized I was trying to soften the intensity by blending in bright colors. It didn't entirely work, but it does feel true to the moment I'm in right now. . I don't know what the shapes represent. They just intuitively happened. But I could definitely feel an internal shift. 🌀For the first time in quite a while, I feel progress happening. It's happening. And it's REAL. 🙏🏼🕉🙏🏼🕉🙏🏼#abusesurvivor #rapesurvivor #chronicpain #chronicillness #righthererightnow #embracethemoment #makingprogress #imhealing #imdoingit #itsreal #cptsd #intuitiveart #arttherapy #artprocess #creativeprocess #artforhealing #chalkpastel #lawyerproblems #askforhelp #growthmindset #doitfortheprocess #onebreathatatime
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2017/12/12 13:08:17

Repost @elementalurchin 💘 #artflowsessions・・・My update is finished!Before you make a purchase -PLEASE read the descriptions of the items you are buying. For example:-There may be listings that have multiple items in the photo, but the listing is only for ONE item...-Some of the Crystallized Ferns have sharper edges...-Items may be chosen as necklaces, hair pins, ornaments...Things like that, etc etc.Have fun browsing! Remember, this is my LAST update of the year! Last time to snag something before Christmas!...#artgram #natureinspired #craftsposure #makersmovement #art_empire #art_we_inspire #foundforaged #calledtobecreative #postitfortheaesthetic #doitfortheprocess #creativeprocess #instartist #createcultivate
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2017/12/12 13:05:34

“Cantilever” Mixed media on paper 24 x 18” #dailypractice #painteveryday
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2017/12/12 13:00:10

Our dining area at @passagesventura has all the snacks, gourmet meals, refreshments you need to fully enjoy gathering together with other clients. We welcome you to call our confidential telephone number at (866) 361-580, for more information on how you can come get the treatment you need. 💥 Non-12-Step Addiction Recovery📔 Most Insurance Accepted
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2017/12/12 12:59:06

Detail shot of a large piece in progress. I ran out of gold leaf as I was starting to add it to the center area on this. Ugh! So I restocked today and plan to return to this piece the next time I am in my studio. #artinprogress #abstractpainting #goldleaf #makemoreart
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2017/12/12 12:59:33

365 Days #createeveryday To The Sea! I will create every day of 2017 and post a drawing/painting/sketch/collage/typography or photo. The first two subjects my favorites COFFEE AND THE SEA! I would really like to keep to that subject for the whole year! I've got something brewing! We'll sea how the beans roll! #createdaily #moderninteriors #doitfortheprocess #abstractacrylic #365daysofart #coffeeandme #abstractart #sketchaday #rieats #coffee #ilovecoffee #expresso #deepbluesea #cappuccino #wavesrollingin #firstcoffee #eastcoast #interiordesignart #westcoast #coffeecup #coastaldecor #oceanwaves #butfirstcoffee #minted #interiordesigners #ctartist #mintedartist Carole Crohan all artwork property of #CaroleeXpressions #carolecrohan
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2017/12/12 12:54:36

Another gorgeously wrapped present waiting under the christmas tree 🎄! This one is gold glitter spots on white wrapping paper. Then in the space around the spots I wrote some lovey cute things to my handsome husband 😍.