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2017/12/18 02:32:05

Fabulous Festive Apollo 💖💗💖 Happy Sunday morning everyone.
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2017/12/18 02:31:16

I swear, I have no idea who was digging in that muddy hole. 🐾
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2017/12/18 02:32:03

“What do you mean those cookies were for Santa?” 😋_________________________________🐾 Follow our pawtners: 🐾@team.mischief.managed@dewey.blaze_________________________________#bullterrier #minibullterrier #mbt #bullterriersofinstagram #instabully #bullybreed #dog #dogsofig #dogsactivelife #besomedoggy #fitdogsofig #dailybarker #dogumented #sendadogphoto #toppetsnews #showpetslove #dog_features #thecanineway #iphonephotography #iphone #iphonex
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2017/12/18 02:31:31

What is this green nonsense? Take me back to the white fluffy stuff!! 🌿🙅🏻‍♂️🔜❄️☃️
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2017/12/18 02:31:03

Is it playtime yet?!?
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2017/12/16 00:00:38

Bird watching 👀
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2017/12/18 02:30:37

Guys! I graduated from puppy class today, it was so much fun & I got a new toy! 👨‍🎓 🐾🐾 #sundayfunday #puppygraduation
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2017/12/18 02:29:21

Mum, come cuddle us. #snowdays
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2017/12/18 02:31:10

All eyes on me... well except the #springerspaniel who i think nature has poured on 15 dogs worth of mischief 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #gsd #blackrussianterrier #labradoodle #rhodesianridgeback #dog #dogs #dogsofig
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2017/12/17 06:42:11

Getting in our exercise before we watch football all day 🐾
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2017/12/18 02:28:19

Today, I had the great honor to meet the “Bakery Ten”. And as I slowly introduce each one of these wonderful “Pitties”, I want you to know that they forever changed my life. Each and every one of them. If you asked me yesterday how to define love, I would have mumbled and perhaps given you an objective opinion. However, now I can show you. I can show you love in a true pure form at the height of it all. Maybe, just maybe, we found happiness because we were both finally able to be ourselves. This moment wasn’t always easy. This was months and months of learning what it’s like to know that life can be beyond incredible, it can be a gift. Each and every single day, and for that, we smile. The Bakery Ten were not initially given the opportunity to this entitlement that they rightful deserved. It was stolen from them. Today, the earned it back. They trust and love. They captured life and defined love with forgiveness. They combatted hatred with affection and now it’s stronger than ever before. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I felt loved unconditionally. And, I’d like to think they did as well. What I want them to know, is that although we can’t necessarily define this, we can show it. Day in and day out.This is Muffin and she is a major lap dog!! She loves to give affection and is great on walks but has some slight tendencies to still want to pull. I can assume it’s from her excitement for adventure! Muffin does not do well with other dogs. However, she would be more than enough love on her own. Please stop out and visit with those who are looking for love. Finding that is what the holidays are all about. Adopting that and bringing it home will be the best present anyone could ever give or receive. Thank you so much for your consideration. -Muffin & Eric @hobbes2485