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2017/11/19 22:56:19

Snug Sundays... ✨
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2017/11/19 22:57:25

Today’s the day!! Set those alarms because at 6pm (MST) the shop reopens and will be taking on a very limit amount of orders. All these orders will arrive before Christmas (according to Canada Post’s shipping guidelines). Two week turn around for this lot. What are you hoping to snag?
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2017/11/19 22:46:34

.🌠 #MoC_062 || MOODY LIGHT 🌠_____________________________________Congratulations Karolina, (@intothegreen8) your magical capture has been featured by @MagicofChildhood!Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful photo with us.___________________________Kindness is Magic! Please join me in congratulating them by visiting their gallery, and please continue to share your magical captures by tagging #MagicofChildhood for features..Featured by Chelsea: @this_gr8_kozi_life______________________________#moc_intothegreen8.#jj_its_kids  #portraitpage  #portraitmood  #connectingmoms #momentslikethese #momsofinstagram #motherhoodrising #honestmotherhood#momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram#motherhoodunplugged #dailyparenting#modernmotherhood #bicfp #thatauthenticfeeling #thatsdarling#momlife #vscokids #instagood#documentlife #justbaby #instabest#photooftheday #letthembelittle#phototag_it #thebest_capture#hipkids #postthepeople
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2017/11/19 22:47:13

.某君:為什麼這麼清(寡)...我:蕃薯糖水就是蕃薯+薑+糖+水。我:你還想加什麼?...#黃家日常 #這就是生活 #吃貨 #糖水 #蕃薯 #有得食就好食 #manyisphotos #photography #documentlife #myfamily
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2017/11/19 22:41:48

A photo from yesterday, when I was full of hopes and dreams for a good night’s sleep. Jokes on me.
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2017/11/19 22:40:58

Had a little adventure with The Starnes Family yesterday for a quick Christmas Card session at Dunnottar Castle! This was my third time photographing them, love seeing their babies grow.
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2017/11/19 22:39:22

Ansan, South Korea (November 2017): Tagged along with the @after_the_sewol team the other day again, this time to Ansan for shooting reenactment scenes.With @s.wooo @neilpgeorge @bear_nomad #KimJongHo #KimSatByeol #JungYuJinThe image is a behind-the-scenes shot from the “After the Sewol” documentary on the Sewol Ferry disaster on April 16, 2014. More about the film here: http://www.afterthesewol.com and https://www.facebook.com/afterthesewol/. #afterthesewol #sewolferry #sewoldocumentary #sewolferrytragedy #세월호 #세월다큐 #세월호참사 #filmmaker #documentlife #documentary #documentarynow #416 #filmmaking #southkorea #sewol #otherwhere #travel #korea #ansan #behindthescenes #bts(photo by @marliesgabrieleprinzl)
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2017/11/19 22:37:28

Thankful for her joy and light.. simply being in my world, choosing us as her family.. #whpthankful ❤️🙏🏻❤️
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2017/11/19 22:33:08

Hello friends! Back here after a little break from social media 🤓It felt so good not to be on my phone all day long and I used this extra time to rest but mostly to watch every single guitar tutorial I could find on Youtube 😅Because yes I finally got myself a guitar and started to take a few lessons (even if as you can see, someone has already tried to steal it from me!) Carla Bruni wannabe anyone?🙋🏼😂
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2017/11/19 22:32:51

PresentsPhoto by: @growing.oak .Selection by @wandermom28Tag: #atdiff_kids .Our team: @michellebishoff @lovelytammie @liefstoerstout@angie_mahlke@this_beautifuljourney@luci_andthebirds @wandermom28 ... ▪️Please follow our family pages ▪️.@atdiff_shots (main)@atdiff_moods@atdiff_faceless@atdiff_silhouette@atdiff_portraits
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2017/11/19 22:32:25

G A R D E N // I really do like our new (well we’ve been there over a year but y’know 😄) house. But the garden is really steep, and very wet at the moment so it’s just not very good for the boys to play in. My mum and dad’s garden is fab for them though so we’ve come here today to get out of the way of daddy and grandad who are painting our hall and stairs this weekend. #gardenplay
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2017/11/19 22:30:54

Hiep hoera Marly 3 jaar 🎂🖤
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2017/11/19 22:22:25

Be still my heart! 😭😭😭😭 Julie Putnam McNeely's story is breathtakingly beautiful!!! Chronic aches and pain, burning indigestion, colon struggles, the list goes on! Thank you for being bold enough to share Julie!!! ❤️ She shares: "I have a story to tell. At 30, doctors told me I would likely have part of my colon removed in my 40’s or 50’s. I would have to do what I could to maintain the discomfort, they said. They sat across from me- this homeschooling mama of 3 littles, preacher's wife, and nonchalantly informed me I would have to take meds pumped full of chemicals for the rest of my life. 8 pills- EXPENSIVE pills- every day. Morning and night. Medicated enemas regularly (Just so you know what level of YUCK we are talking about here). For every question I had, their answers only brought me fear and disappointment and dread for the picture of my life they effortlessly painted in what felt like the most permanent ink. They declared that these things would now be my life. I felt it creeping in, rushing over me, trying to attach itself to my identity. And I almost couldn't breathe. No! No, no, no, no. That is what my spirit said. But I had no idea what to do. So I started a journey to find a way. A natural way. I decided to take charge of my health. I lost 60 extra pounds I had carried since my teens- well honestly, since I was little. I had always been the chubby one. I schooled myself in nutrition and eating for health and healing. For the first time in my life- it was NOT about a fad diet or an outward goal. I was eating to live. I was moving to live. I researched supplements and tried all the methods, theories- I gave them a go...and some did bring temporary help...but my body remained inflamed, tired, and in daily discomfort- even through my smaller sizes and hard workouts. Hear me: discomfort was not a possibility for my day- it was a certainty. Daily. Gut issues. Excruciating head pounding that made me run from noise and light. Burning in my throat and chest that affected my voice and ability to lead in worship. It was my normal. I popped excedrine and ibuprofen like candy, and hydrocodone as needed to survive my days. (Cont'd in comments...)
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2017/11/19 21:44:19

I interrupt all my Christmas themed photos to bring you this Momsgiving tablescape from a couple nights ago 🤗 such a fun night filled with laughter, we definitely all felt recharged (even if extremely tired) the next day.
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2017/11/19 16:00:36

We went to the park tonight and she was beaming as she told me how great she did at her horse riding lesson - detailing the proper way to clean the hoofs and buckle the saddle. She names every single frog she sees. Last time we were in Show Low she chased a lizard around for an hour. She is very concerned about the lost cat of a school teacher and wants me to tell you to call the police if you find him. “His name is Pumpkin, but if you’re allergic you shouldn’t touch him.” Love how much she’s into animals, but sincerely hoping the 🦎🐸🐱 stay far away! #animallover #momentswithmoph PS: Quite possibly the last time I pick her up 😭😭😭