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2017/09/23 11:03:30

FreestyleFriday Part 1: Youre my best friend. Part of me like breathing...now half of me is left..🙏🏿🎵 who am i to say cover by : @damiyrmusic 😍 Check him out! Original song by Hope📽@taditodi
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2017/09/23 10:59:25

Thinking of home. Things are changing and its hard to get a grasp on it all. Loved ones have left and it isn't the same without them. I can still travel back to New York and hang out with my family. Share food and good times, picking up where we left off. But after the laughs, there will be that expression of longing for those that have gone to share in the laughter once again. I dread those looks that no one will address but everyone will know what's being thought. They were always there, and when I was away, I could be assured that everyone would be where I left them. Gaps remain, in the spaces we still designate for them out of respect and gratitude to God for having them in our lives. Will it ever get back to what it was? Can we be reunited, assured that they will stay. I wonder what wonder they are experiencing and are there gaps left for us in designation in this new place. I still have the key you gave me so I could always return home. Just make it familiar again. I would need a moment to take it in. Maybe a few moments. I'm sure you will understand.Its our time now. I feel so ill-equipped in comparison to how you were were to me. Yet, I know in my heart that I can be and do anything because that's what you would tell anyone who thought otherwise. So I'll become anything because I didn't have to be anything for you to believe in me. And I'll tell the story later. I see your highlighted bible you left behind; you don't need it anymore. But it was your company while you passed through here, so you wouldn't pass through alone and afraid. I witnessed some of the torment and trauma that stayed with you through life. You didn't ask for any of it, but you carried it and still gave and inspired to the degree that your pall bearers weren't close individuals, but strangers that you touched. There's still one more chapter for you, and I intend to see it through while you are being awarded your crown. If some of the jewels aren't recognizable, its because they are a result of things to come
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2017/09/23 11:00:22

FreestyleFriday Part 2. Dont know why im still waiting...many moons have come and gone.🎵 who am i to say cover by : @damiyrmusic 😍 Check him out! Original song by Hope📽@taditodi
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2017/09/23 10:54:19

FreestyleFriday Part 3: I dont know anything at all, who am i to say...you love me...🎵 who am i to say cover by : @damiyrmusic 😍 Check him out! Original song by Hope📽@taditodi
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2017/09/23 10:32:30

I can tell you that if you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark world full of fear, your body’s health will be compromised as you physiologically close yourself down in a protection response. -- Dr. Bruce Lipton
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2017/09/23 09:57:43

My knowing is too solid. You can't tell me a thing. I trust the unknown. 🖤✨ Deepak yet again. 💎🙏🏾 #Deepak #Divinity #In #Me #Infinity #In #Me #Oneness #Manifestation #Consciousness #Creation #Love #Peace #Light #Unity #Nature #MotherNature #Is #Home
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2017/09/23 09:15:54

Feeling thiiiaaack and pretty today after back attack friday! Excited to spend the evening with the mrs, watching the best of #albertametal tear it up across #deadmonton! I also intend to make a gain or two while im at it. Bring on the #quesadillas ! #starliteroom #mercuryroom #livemusic #gains
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2017/09/23 09:39:37

Infinite endeavors sustained by the sight of isle of paradise illuminated by light. Go now in service to your fellows of earth, your deeds will forever lift you in your attainment of worth. For all of us children shall unite once again, discovering our journey at the end we begin.
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2017/09/23 09:03:03

#Fauvistic Dorje Shugdenhttps://shar.es/1V5bQWI recently commissioned a very special #image of the #Dharma #protector Dorje #Shugden in the Indian and Byzantine styles. I like art a lot, especially #spiritual #art, because it represents #divinity as the #artist feels will inspire the most faith. It is with this in mind that I would like to present you with something as equally #precious and #divine as before, and that is this #fauvist form of Dorje Shugden. What I find particularly interesting about this image are the #flames in the background. I have included this image here for all of you, so you can download, print out and place on your #altar or simply hang up for divine #blessings. ~Tsem Rinpoche#Fauvism#French#France#kindness#wealth#peace#tsemrinpoche#tsemtulku
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2017/09/23 09:00:46

Rp via @lovespellsmasterIn need of a soulmate reading, chakra healings or personalized meditations?🔮 contact Psychic Ashley Madison🌙 @Lovespellsmaster for more details and personal attention for any spiritual problems or questions 🙏🏼 first time client consultations always free. (21+ only) #lightworker #divinity #career #clairvoyant #wealth #health #chakra #tarotreadings #intuition #psychic #spiritual #newbeginnings #synchronicity #enlightenment #indigo #wisdom #soulmates #reunite #twinflames #psychicreadings #lovespellsmaster
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2017/09/23 08:32:36

This is my 1st lifetime. I suck @ A LoT of things, but I specialize in love. Venus is my ruling planet. Venus doesn't have water. I'm 100% masculine energy. I'm not used 2 emotion. Therefore, sometimes my direct words cut a bit deep. I apologize. That's not my intention. I'm attempting 2 express the totality of a particular situation. N I'm sensitive 😩😳😌 I notice all the problems of the World. I think they'd all disappear if love was our soul focus. If we loved, there'd be no war, no violence. No negativity. Imagine a world like that!That's the World I'm building 4 myself & my whole family. The 1st step was acknowledging certain shit factually happened & makin peace w/that reality. Then I had 2 4give myself 4 not speakin up. I had 2 innerstand my choices. Master self 4giveness. Then, I had 2 4give them. While they were still doin stuff! 4giveness is only as difficult as we make itHonestly, I feel traumatized by all I experienced. The fact that my King checks on me allll the time, illuminates my soul. Suddenly, I 4give everything b every1. I just wanna love. Every woman is capable of exuting her own version of that same majic. Time 2 recieve ladies. Put ur left palm out & tell the Universe 2 shower u w/ur giftsLove is the only answer I kno. Love is the gr8est lesson my family's taught me. Love is healin my family❤ If u want a happy ending as well, mentally press reset while 4givin urself & every1 else. Do the work 2 heal all of u. Enjoy what u produce Ladies, especially Mom's, we need 2 lead by example. Our children follow our lead. My babies maintain their gratitude journals & study strengthening their spiritual powers on top of goin 2 school & doin regular kid shit. Bc they follow what they see. Lead responsibly ❤🔆😘 #ElectricLady #TwerkNTone #TeamAlchemy #LuvNLite #HealChallenge #writersofinstagram #horoscope #lover #daytonlocal #meetup #happy #birthday #celebrate #makeyourmark #believeinyourself #energyhealer #letsdothistogether #twinflames #soulconnection #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #union #unity #spiritualpath #coaching #journey #lightworker #divinity #maferefun #healer
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2017/09/23 08:28:43

maybe freedom isn't about not having the ego orpainful emotions no longer. maybe freedom meanscoming into our own power,and acceptingour human experience.feeling and being with the ego,in love and acceptance and control;control,over how we do things for ourselves and accepting the unknown, and becoming at peace with what is meant to come in.maybe it is trusting in the Universe to guide us in every way, and surrendering to what we must do.it's not letting the most vulnerable parts of our being's control our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, experiences and consciousness.it is choosing to be. being with the ego and all emotions and reality around you. not running away from what the ego seems uncomfortable.maybe,it is being open.to all that will happen.for each experience we have is divinely given from the earth below.and each message we receive if we listen is divinely given by the celestial being's above. to relax.to let go,and release. surrender, take actions, become whole in balance, and grow.
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2017/09/23 08:29:44

The Fall Equinox is upon us… .As the seasons shift I am always mesmerized by the inescapable ability of all aspects offered forth by Bhudevi (Earth) to transition with ease. The luminescent colours of the forest slowly transform to the warmth held in the crimson, marigold and ebony palette that miraculously and almost suddenly lies before us. Within the landscape of nature there are so many teachings resting under the surface that reveal to us these new possibilities… to accept change, to embrace transition, to recognize that what will be will be..Along with the changes in the season our lives somehow morph at the same time, as we fall back into the routine of school, study, plans, the harvest and enjoyment of root vegetables and of course cozy sweaters. .Despite the fact that it is possible to glide effortlessly through the shifts of life, it is not always a seamless challenge, as I think we can all attest to. But, we can take refuge in the fact that a practice of self service, whether that be yoga or something else entirely, can soften the intensity behind change and invite us to adapt in new ways to support this movement through the cycles of life..Enjoying 5 mins in the morning to sit and breathe, maintaining the regular routine of your studio or home practice, or starting a gratitude journal can be a beneficial way to maintain wellbeing and peace of mind. In my belief, most important is to be gentle with ourselves and take on what is manageable as sometimes 'less is more'...#mantrastudio #yogawithapril #sacredyogicteachings #yoga #yeg #yegyoga #fallequinox #photocredit #infusedstudios
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2017/09/23 08:26:17

I'm grateful for silly faces, soul sisters, and sunny Septembers. I'm grateful for equinox energy evolving. I'm grateful for bounteous, boundless brilliance. I'm grateful for discovering depths for highlighting heights. I'm grateful for poignant purpose and active alignment. I'm grateful for riveting radiance, compassionate connection, humbling humanity, and grandly gracious goddesses. This, and more, I share with this most astounding of lovelies, @merrymaryhynes. I get equally grounded and floated aloft by my tribe - and perfectly so. #gratitude #exuberance #divinity #humanity #namaste #profaneandprofound #wonderplaycoaching