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2017/09/25 15:01:36

I took this photo in January after one of our many rainy days. I was in layers of clothing while these ladies were surfing in the pacific #props
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2017/09/25 15:03:09

And though my love is rareAnd though my love is trueI'm like a birdI'll only fly away—NF
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2017/09/25 15:02:58

#Repost @deadendbrigade (@get_repost)・・・BADASS! had the pleasure of meeting Rosa and her husband bopper today. the shoot took a turn for the best and I'm so grateful. I was heading into it with the mentality of highlighting Rosa who's a founding member of gasoline girls car club and her 65 ford falcon and really showcasing the ride. well her 65 is sick but y'all just gonna have to wait to see it some other time. as I got to the backyard she was jacking her ride up and getting ready to flush out all fluids out since she's planning not to drive the car for a bit. as I got to talking her love for cars was evident right off the bat. so i knew the shoot had to be all about her working on her rig called "la callejera" a proper fit. what struck me even more was her passion for working on her car and desire to teach other women to learn to work on their own cars. so I decided to try to capture Rosa's focus and love for working on her car and partially show the falcon. Rosa is not only a hot rodder but an advocate for women in the male dominated kustom kulture. her passion for the lifestyle is something she loves to share and the sense of inclusiveness in her voice is a sign that someday female mechanics and builders will transcend gender barriers and become the norm. I look forward to that. follow her adventures @roadkroozer••••••#streetphotography #gasolinegirlscc #theimaged #californiacaptures #kustom #blackandwhite #fordfalcon #cityofangels #badasswomen #65falcon #losangeles #kustomkulture #vivalasvegas #girlsrule #createcommunes #hotrods #westcoast #discoverla #xicana #losangelesgrammers #conquer_ca #chicana #cargirls #wecapture_la #abc7eyewitness #lbgramers #lbpost #californiacaptures @nadamasrosa @obigbopper FOLLOW HER @roadkroozer to keep up with her ride.
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2017/09/25 15:00:51

Raise your hand if the last think you think about at night is what you're going to eat in for #breakfast? ✋️#guilty
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2017/09/25 14:58:18

He doesn’t pose. He isn’t aware of the camera 🐶. #TheAnimalSeries #ShotOniPhone
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2017/09/25 14:57:08

the sunsets here at whittier are always on point!
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2017/09/25 14:55:39

I'm highly considering cosplaying as SallyPhotographer: @elisabethorourke Model: @kenziecakes Bathing suit: @hottopic
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2017/09/25 14:55:30

Beach days ❤️🇺🇸
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2017/09/25 14:54:48

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2017/09/25 14:43:07

It’s a vibe. 🖤
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2017/09/25 13:20:31

i got to play tourist today with my wonderful @greenwemoon friend. we went iconic sign spotting, totes fun ✔️ #hollywood #hollywoodsign #lakehollywood #losangeles #la #discoverla #signgeeks #nofilter
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2017/09/25 14:39:55

Minutes before sunset in Malibu!
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2017/09/25 14:38:28

Monday in Venice Beach 🌴🥐🌴 Colazione da @gjustabakery uno dei nostri preferiti per una pausa all day long #infoodwetrust #gnamboxincalifornia #visitcalifornia #discoverLA
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2017/09/25 14:29:22

Fall has begun and I'm looking forward to more drives through the ranges.
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2017/09/25 14:24:44

We have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at La Fuente Bar and Grill. Don't forget our Happy Hour And Beer Bucket Specials.