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2017/11/20 04:02:47

Wczorajsze spotkanie z Piko i Emilem i ich historią z @thetranscontinental race. Piątka dla chłopaków i ekipy @bikepark.com.pl ❤🚲🎡🍝 #thetranscontinenatalrace #TCRNo5 #TCRNo5cap260 #TCR #cyclerace#cycletrip #bikepacking #traveling #kolarstwoszosowe #szosa #longdistancecycling #endurancerace #enduranceracer #wroclawscykurierzyrowerowi #wrostro #wkr #emilstalowałyda #pikoniezwyciężony #bikeparkpoznan #nightriderspl
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2017/11/20 02:50:25

Видящий и видимое. Мемориз стамбульских приключений. Этим летом вместе с @ash_kavinsky ответственно пронеслись на великах по Турции. 🔴🌄#turkatur #travel #outdoor #istanbul #streets #travelgram #streetart #cycletrip
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2017/11/19 15:53:42

I clearly didn’t understand the concierge’s sarcastic smile when I rented a bike to Fremantle. I geared up for 1h 10mins cycling as indicated by waze. I ENDED UP cycling for 2hrs 30mins non stop and have never done as many bicycle hikes before!!!Completely dependent on my offline waze therefore I had no other choice but to move forward. Had to complete what I started just like how my Amma taught me. I cycled 24km nonstop and couldn’t be more proud even though it took me forever to get there and I am dead meat now. #cycling #instatravel #cycletrip #perthtofremantle #fremantle #travelgram #traveller #travelpost #sweatysunday #selfie #instafie #perth #westernaustralia #australia #aussie #musafir🎒
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2017/11/19 07:12:29

The Twin Peaks bikelane.
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2017/11/19 02:55:37

Gradara fortress is one of the most visited monuments in the Emilia Region. It’s a “must” for cycling tour!
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2017/11/18 18:24:24

[ENG BELLOW][POR] Uma das coisas que estava em nossa lista era a travessia do Parque Nacional Tongariro, a distância de Welligton até o estacionamento de Mangatepopo, ponto de partida da trilha, são de 340km. Saímos pela manhã e passamos o dia na estrada, a nossa intenção era chegar o mais próximo do parque, para começarmos a caminhada bem cedinho, devido ser uma das trilhas de um dia mais famosas da Nova Zelândia, o parque recebe centenas de turistas todos os dias.A travessia do Tongariro é uma trilha de 19,4km feita entre 8 e 9 horas, o que vai depender muito do seu ritmo e condição física. É um desafio percorrer essa distância em um terreno montanhoso....Leia mais no Blog, link na bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽.[ENG] One of the things that it was on our bucket list was Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the distance from Wellington to Mangatepopo car parking, the start point of the trail, is 340km. We left in the morning and spent the all day on the road, our plan was to get as close as possible to the National Park, to start the trail early in the morning, as the trail is one of the most famous trampings in New Zealand, the park receives hundreds of tourists every day.The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a trail of 19.4km and takes 8 or 9 hours....Read More in the Blog, link on Bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽...#pedaispelomundophotography #pedaispelomundo #bikewander #bikemag #weaterornot #welovenature #adventurecycling #tourpelomundo #cycletrip #cycletour #cicloviagem #mochileiros #modernoutdoors #havenolimits #tongariro #tongariroalpinecrossing #newzealand #novazelandia #trecking #tramping #tilha #montanha #vulcao #volcano #mountain #vcnooff
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2017/11/18 16:20:13

Усім доброго ранку!! Проснулась сьогодні о 8:30 від дурнуватого сну і баняком замість голови, у мене так часто буває, мені краще трішки недоспати свою норму, ніж переспати!! А дурнуваті сни мені сняться якраз якщо я пересплю хоча б пів години..Вчора це були недобросовісні замовники, котрі понаклеювали класичні шпалери та понавішували коври на стіни. А сьогодні моя родина та підготовка до свят та як я з братом спускалися на величезній м'якій іграшці, це був ведмідь, з високої гірки по снігу..Та й таке.. А от скільки б не спав Юрчик, йому все мало, бо він спюх))Вдалого дня друзі!!
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2017/11/17 19:56:53

Normal is never inspiring . Then it beats me why each day we aspire to be as normal as can be. I aspire to be the way a child feels each day astonished at what the world has as an offering . The experiences ,moments of exhilaration after extreme struggle, the feeling of being alive . This moment is etched in my memory forever a cycling expedition to Bhutan the gruelling climbs and the dangerous down hills the moment of happiness at reaching the top of a mountain in your cycle . I will be back on the saddle soon enough as there’s never one dimension to a person. .......#throwback #mtbgirl #bhutan #cycletrip #adventure #fitness
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2017/11/16 22:32:07

Autumn foliage remains an experiential phenomenon. Cycling along red or yellow bordered roads is a fantastic experience! In Emilia Romagna there are a lot of roads that have something of special. The silence and the color!!! Thank you @hotelarizonariccione_ for the mystic experience…
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2017/11/16 17:09:19

As we got into the Lake District, we had hands-down our best day of cycling. It did involve conquering the monster that is Kirkstone Pass, but once we got to the top and discovered a pub, spirits soared. We had a cheeky half with that panoramic view falling away all around us, before racing back down to sea level to experience Lake Windermere in the sunshine ⛵️