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2018/02/23 07:26:40

If you didn't catch my blog post from Monday, check it out now! This DIY watercolor tube paint storage can be customized SO many ways: size, shape, made to fit whatever tube size you prefer to use, with or without swatches, etc. 🎨😃 Link in profile! #watercolorart #watercolorpaint #watercolorblog #creativehappylife #creativeliving #waterblog #inspiring_watercolors #watercolorillustration #artistsofinsta #artstagram #womenwhomake #psimadethis #waketomake #createeveryday #madetocreate #winsorandnewton @winsorandnewton
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2018/02/23 07:26:08

Stay Blissful! 🌿
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2018/02/23 07:25:55

This has been my palette for the past 6 weeks or so. I’ve mixed, used up, and remixed so many different pigments to find those perfect desert tones. But the life is wearing out of this little paper, so I’m going to have to start fresh pretty soon. But I love THIS ONE.😭 #artistprobs
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2018/02/23 07:25:48

E X P E R I E N C ESometimes we don’t always know what is around the corner. We hope there’s light, but it could be we need to wander through more shadows to get there. It can take instinct, faith, or confidence to progress. The only way we’ll get there is by giving it a go, and experiencing what life has to offer. Wishing you light on your path 💫@visitjapanau @exploringjapan @tokyoluxey
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2018/02/23 07:16:36

Haven’t washed my hair or worn make up in 5 days... & I’m purdy chill with it 🤪#aintnobodygottimeforthat #selflovejourney
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2018/02/23 07:24:22

To anyone like myself, plagued with the curse of perfectionism: Give yourself a little extra grace and know that who you are cannot be reduced to a list of all the mistakes you hold over your own head. Please don’t hold a grudge against yourself. Please don’t punish your own heart by hold by on to past missteps. Let it go, and heal your heart by making your mantra the phrase my six year old daughter often says to me, “You mean more to me than diamonds.” If we treat ourselves with the same care that we give to our most prized possessions, then we can transfer that same kindness and love to others 💙
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2018/02/23 07:23:20

🔳 ABSTRACT MINI SALE 🔳Get 3 minis with your choice of colors for only $25! You may also request gold or silver accents.Normally, these would be $15-20 a piece.Snag up this deal for a limited time only.Shipping will be a flat $8 fee if required.Swipe for more examples.DM to order.
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2018/02/23 07:20:51

I was lucky to have the opportunity to take over @fieldofartisans Instagram for day. Check them out for a closer look at the making of my baseball hats!
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2018/02/23 07:19:27

Walter White in progress 🖊 8x10- and 11x17-sized prints of Mr. White are currently for sale! Click the #linkinbio👆 to shop.
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2018/02/23 07:18:38

Fab day at the @thecbnteam get together.... bostin to meet some lovely creatives... thanks Helen xx#sallysshed #creativehappylife #makelifebeautiful #cafelife @thegloriousarthouse
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2018/02/23 07:17:06

Custom order out the door👋🏼 ...3/4” cuff with central antique ivory stave and fossilized walrus ivory end caps👌🏼
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2018/02/23 03:40:40

Toppers de TROLLS!! Somos @uvita_lazos y hacemos todo tipo de decoración para tu candy bar! 04147075412!! #props #Photobook #CandyBar #Manzana #Dulces #Creando #Diseñando #Party #Cumpleaños #Temático #Fiesta #Manualidades #HacemosTusSueñosRealidad #Transformando #PartyIdeasForKids #PaperArt #PaperWorkArt #Birthday #CreativeHappyLife #HandMade #HechoConAmor #CreandoConCariño
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2018/02/23 07:14:58

Look what you molded me into.
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2018/02/23 07:11:47

Super into expressive brushes lately. I’ve been consciously trying to do more abstract work as a way of relaxing and I can honestly say that it’s therapeutic for me! I always start with a color palette I love, and different sized brushes and nothing else in mind 💛 how do you relax through art? Would love to learn more ways! 🎨🖌