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2017/12/12 03:43:07

● Winter ●○ Link to my store in Bio ○
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2017/12/12 03:43:23

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2017/12/12 03:42:29

6”x8”Mixed Media Collage on paper.$30.00 each or $25.00 each if you purchase more than one. Comment “mine” to claim. Frame not for saleFree shipping in US
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2017/12/12 03:39:23

Whoops! It appears that the bulk of my listings on Etsy have been expired for the last month.... kind of the opposite of Black Friday
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2017/12/12 03:42:26

Need a reason to smile to cure your Monday blues?? Head to the blog to see how adorable this family sesh was! You know where the link is 😆💛
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2017/12/12 03:32:01

Is there any other way to be on a Monday?🎄.Happy to be working in my office today, listening to Christmas Music with the "Straight No Chasers" station on Pandora, writing Christmas cards and making my weekly To Do List. One more photo shoot next week, but my goal is to finish everything this week and have time to be with my family through the holiday. .What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?🎄.....#jstarchallenge #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #wearethecreativeeconomy #tuesdaystogether #virginialifestylephotographer #hotchocolatetime #virginiaweddingphotographer #iamtheeverygirl #holidayinspirations #holidaydrinks #mondayinspiration #petitejoys #girlboss #girlentrepreneur #womanpower #millenialwomen #thehappynow #creativehappylife #creativeentrepreneur #mylifeasaphotographer #livethelittlethings #darlingmovement #glitterguide #smallbizowner #creativityfound #milleniallife
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2017/12/12 03:35:28

I picked up some goodies Saturday night @nagsheadpizzaco from @seayarn & @__taylove 👙🎨These two are seriously talented and Zoey thought it was pretty amazing that these sisters were selling such beautiful work made from their own hands!! There is seriously so much inspiration from all the creative souls here in the #outerbanksnc 💙🐚🌊
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2017/12/12 03:36:15

how’s about a good serving of grit, imagination, and soul right in your inbox? the @tothshopcreates newsletter goes live tomorrow with a coupl’a fresh stories we loved that focus on our core values. if you’d like to receive, just pop your email into the pop-up that pops up when you visit our website OR dm us your virtual address, and we’ll add ya, easy. #mondaymotivation
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2017/12/12 03:35:38

My Winter wonder land... #WHPclassic
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2017/12/12 03:35:16

As product based biz owners, this time of year is your Super Bowl. It's what you plan, create and prep for months in advance, and where many of you see the bulk of your sales.⠀⠀-⠀⠀Did you know that NOW is the BEST time to plan your Holiday 2018? 😱 As you're starting to prepare for the next biz year it's tempting to kick off your planning with January, but I suggest starting with your holiday first. Here's why:⠀⠀⠀⠀✨What's happing NOW is a great indicator and baseline for next year. It's by no means a crystal ball 🔮but it's an awesome starting point!⠀⠀⠀⠀✨It's best to note what worked well, what didn't and anything new you want to try for next year while it's fresh in your mind. (even though you think you'll remember everything I promise you, you won't)⠀⠀⠀⠀✨If this is your biggest shipping/sales period you are going to want to align your product development, design calendar and sales plans to make sure you maximize your efforts throughout the year (this includes leading up to and post-holiday!)⠀⠀-⠀⠀I've got something in the works to help you streamline the planning process and help you develop your ENTIRE 2018 strategy. Here's what you can do to make sure you're the first to know the details:⠀⠀-⠀⠀Join @thewholesalecollective on Facebook. (I share a lot of insights there, in addition, to sneak peeks!)⠀⠀-⠀⠀Join my email list by commenting "add me to the list!" below along with your info (or shooting me a DM) ⠀⠀-⠀⠀Follow me here @wholesale4creatives because I'll continue to share sneak peeks of what I have in the works.⠀⠀-⠀⠀Together, let's make 2018 be your best biz year yet! 💰👊🏻
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2017/12/12 03:34:53

How would you finish these pine cones? I am toying with adding more scales (seeds, umbos??) with satin stitch, or I can shade in the white space with watercolor. Or something else? What would you do? Halp!
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2017/12/12 03:34:39

Attention! My baby is sick. Which usually is no big deal. But this time he's really fussy and I have to tend to him a lot. I was hoping to have all open orders going out today/ tomorrow but they might not be going out until end of this week. Thank you for understanding.#igbabies #instagrambabies #babieswithstyle #kidslookbook #igkiddies #littlefashion #goodvibes #handcrafted #womeninbusiness #girlboss #shop #shopping #maker #mompreneur #handmade #gypsysoul #hippiechild #promote #creativehappylife #letthembelittle #bebold #boho #smile #madewithlove #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #ootd #instashare #mompreneur #etsyseller
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2017/12/12 03:34:05

What is your favourite way of wrapping gifts? I like it simple yet beautiful, as always! I got so many questions and messages after I posted my gift wrapping tips on my Stories that I decided to make a little fun tutorial for you. And per usual, just things you find around your home or on the way from work! Hope you enjoy it and if you wrap your presents this way, I would love it if you tag me along! Thank you @xantheb for a great support while making this!(Also this is my attemtp for competition foe #cs_decorate @creativelysquared @scotch_anz )
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2017/12/12 03:31:42

Christmas is exactly two weeks away! We hope everyone is just as ready for it as we are..😕🤣
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2017/12/12 03:33:30

the present moment is always perfect, as lao tzu says “nature dos not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”.new watercolor palette settled up, and ready to paint new things•o momento presente é perfeito, e como diria lao tzu, “a natureza não se apressa, e ainda assim tudo é concluído”.nova paleta de aquarela prontinha pra ser usada e pintar coisas novas• #studio #artstudio #creativespace #atelier #creativity #creativehappylife #creativepreneur #creativeart #creativeprocess #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolour #watercolorart #watercolorpaint #watercoloring #watercolorartist #watercolorist #aquarela #aquarelando #artistlife #artist #nycartist #artista
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2017/12/12 03:32:06

Monday daydreams floating in? Express it creatively with your #coffee! ☕️☕️☕️#wellfedcreative #coffeeweek
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2017/12/12 03:32:21

I have a writing update up in an hour and a half! I’m talking about goals for this month and what I’m planning for the future..My challenge for y’all today is to create without fear. Put your own to paper, press your brush to paint, pull out that camera and go create.Release the creative voice inside of you and just explore and have fun. Make ridiculous characters. Write stories that don’t follow any structure. Play with colors that you normally wouldn’t match. Take pictures of the beautiful and the ugly together. Have fun.Laugh.Enjoy yourself.Create w i t h o u t fear.......#createlife #createwithoutfear #creativehappylife #creativepreneur #artistsofinsta #wintertheme #artchallenge #featuredbooklovers #walkinginawinterwonderland #writercommunity #wordsofwisdom #thoughtoftheday #motivationmonday #livethelittlethings #igbookish #exploretocreate #photographerlife #encouragement #thehappynow #bookaholic
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2017/12/12 03:30:22

Hi friends 👋Happy Monday! I was looking at some pictures over the weekend and I realized I don’t think I’ve ever formally introduced myself! So here comes a fun #meetthemaker post: So, Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’m the Carlberg behind the Creations here 🤣▫️The first wreath I ever made was when my husband and I bought our first house 7 years ago. It has #hydrangeas and #chevronburlap and I still hang it in our front door every now and then! I love learning new styles and techniques and my favorite orders are #customorders where we can collaborate to create something one of a kind!▫️We recently introduced a new line of Farmhouse Christmas signs this year, and I’m happy to announce we will continue with everyday signs in the New Year!▫️I’ve got a handsome husband, two cute kiddos and a spry pup that truly are my world. As a family we love #camping , #cartoons and #bellylaughs .▫️Some random facts about me: I like my music country and my football Steelers. My favorite color is gunmetal grey, favorite season is Fall and holiday is Christmas! Seeing the magic of Christmas through my kids’ eyes is truly something special. I’ve got an ecclectic tv taste - from Game of Thrones to Gilmore Girls and Criminal Minds to Hallmark Christmas movies. I love cooking (I get it from my mama) and making lists (I get that from her, too).▫️Thanks for being part of the #carlbergcreations family and supporting me in this crazy adventure!**Post a fun fact about yourself below!**Xoxo, Jessica**#makersgonnamake #makersmovement #mycreativebiz #makers #makesomething #smallbusiness #entrepreneurlife #wreathmaker #signmaker #holidaywreaths #wreathsofinstagram #livecolorfully #mompreneur #etsymom #momboss #handmadebusiness #etsyperfect #creativehappylife #handmadeisbetter