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2017/12/18 04:44:02

This year I am grateful for every place that I have visited. One place in particular: my soul. I just explored the surface but I am grateful to have start this journey of meditation and self discovery. In two days I will be at #vipassana center 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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2017/12/18 04:42:41

So so so happy to be able to make ornaments for growing families, wedding presents, teachers, coworkers, friends and family! 💕 Today is the last day to order and all items will ship tomorrow. 🎄🎅🏼 Merry Christmas, y’all!
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2017/12/18 04:41:26

When your hair is full of secrets but you are the worst liar ever so you share them with the world ...I haven’t washed my hair since Wednesday and it was dripping wet with sweat Friday after @purebarrelkn & I took a blow dryer to that ish & look - it’s brand new 💃🏼I curled it yesterday & did nothing this morning but apply a girls best friend - weave 💁‍♀️ @barefootblondehair & brush & go! Also day 4 wearing the same sweater from @hm - clearly I have an obsession and I’m not in the slightest way ashamed. Atleast I’ve been alternating colors! Lessons learned - Jenny doesn’t like washing her hair or picking out new outfits. #easiestcapsulewardrobeever #idostillshower #wellsometimes 😂#imtoohonestandicantlie
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2017/12/18 04:40:06

Holiday #bakingday - check my IG story for more details!
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2017/12/18 04:38:38

You know when something wonderful happens that was not only unplanned but also totally unexpected ? Mauritius was everything but a lazy moment in a hammoc. The link is in my bio if you want to get a few more impressions. 🏝
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2017/12/18 04:37:35

⠀A bee is all about a teamwork ethic. They head out each day, individually, to hunt for that all-important nectar so they can come back and contribute to their hive. That is the exact ethos I want to bring my clients and why a bee forms as part of my brand identity. I work independently but bring something to my client’s business that ensures they can grow and prosper. ⠀⠀These little laser cut versions of my logo icon have been heading out to homes all over the world to share a little BLD love and let my client’s know how much I love ‘em.⠀
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2017/12/18 04:36:39

#Repost @emily_s_innovation (@get_repost)・・・Today is the last day for overstock covers. Sale ends tonight at midnight PST. @Regranned from @christys.crazy.plans - All the overstock covers are NOW listed. Message @emily_s_innovation which ones you want before you buy just to make sure it's not sold yet. Once she gives you the okay, go ahead and purchase it on etsy. Again, write in the notes to seller which ones you want. Her goal is to sell everything. For the covers that are 100% foiled, they will be $8, but everything else is $5. All sales will be final. No discount codes please. Happy shopping. #zbesties #erincondren #happyplanner #recollectionsplanner #plumpaperplanner #personalplanner #etsy #etsysellerofinstagram #etsyshopowner #etsyshop #momboss #creativeentrepreneur #planneraddict #sandiegoplannergirl #etsysale
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2017/12/18 04:29:34

Sending out the last of the holiday orders before our epic girls trip up north! #simplewealthart #holiday #gifts #recycledcopper #gemstone #fringe
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2017/12/18 04:31:21

Thisssssssss!!!! Falalalalalaaaaaa....
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2017/12/18 04:24:33

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2017/12/18 04:28:11

En la vida a veces vamos a fracasar, pero quizás solo sea para comprobar la fortaleza de nuestros propósitos o de nuestros sueños.De nosotros depende hacerlos realidad.
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2017/12/18 04:26:34

Follow and repeat..
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2017/12/18 04:24:40

Sleeping is a waste of time for people that consume life every day. When we have interest in something, resting is the last on the list. Sleep is important, but not vital!