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2018/01/17 18:02:24

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2018/01/17 17:24:31

Another fine cocktail at Cosmos! This night may have gotten a little out of hand, but it was all in the pursuit of fun... And there is no greater cause! Happiness! Do what makes you happy, do what doesn't make others grieve, share that happiness! “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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2018/01/17 17:22:07

This cocktail was a dealers choice, my ask was "citrus forward and sweet" and they crushed it!..I think good craft cocktails are an expression of art, an artist's vision of symphony between all the ingredients!
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2018/01/17 17:19:38

Cold day... Warm fire... Tasty cocktail... Someone to share the evening with... Can you want more? NO!Hewing has become a staple in the rotation of cocktail oases in Minneapolis! Here we have "The Blind Dragon" “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”Buddha
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2018/01/17 17:03:18

Drop the hatJose Cuervo, PX Sherry, baked beetroot, Campari, honey, dark chocolate #charlie #cluj #clujnapoca #craftcocktail #craftcocktails #cocktail.#cocktails #instacocktail #cocktailart #cocktailporn #romania
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2018/01/17 16:55:37

Lex Luther!!! - Knob Creek Bourbon 🥃 @knobcreek , Drambuie @drambuie_us , Lemon 🍋, Ginger Beer 🍺 #phillydrinkup
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2018/01/17 16:39:42

From airport to bar in under 30 minutes - gotta love that Singaporean efficiency! No better way to start this trip than with the icon - a Singapore Sling @panpacificsingapore.
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2018/01/17 16:19:33

Why, oh why did God make tequila? And why do so many yummy cocktails demand this vile spirit with the most evil of intentions?Is it because I’m supposed to be Great? Shan had his whale; Holmes had his Moriarti; Angela has tequila. It fits.But a warning: if tequila somehow finds its way into my mouth, do not let me sing. Or dance. Or talk to a bunch of panty-droppin bearded DILFs at the bar. And, for the love of god, do NOT under any circumstances, let me go online shopping under the influence!#dryjanuary
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2018/01/17 15:47:00

#Repost @artofdrinks (@get_repost)・・・Blood Orange Negroni Sour 🍊_1 oz Tanqueray London dry Gin½ oz Aperol½ oz Campari1 oz sweet vermouth1 oz of fresh blood orange juice1 tsp lemon juice1egg whiteGarnrish: slice of blood orange peel pierced with a rosemay sprig -Add ingredients to cocktail shaker except garnish. Dry shake vigorously, then wet shake. Strain into cocktail glass, add garnish.-Spotted on @roaditup-Tag a friend you would love to share this delicious drink with!-Follow @artofdrinks for more beautiful cocktails 🍸| #diageorep #tanqueray #tanqueraygin #gin #londondrygin
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2018/01/17 15:12:32

Windspiel Gin is a young, beautiful and unique brand from Germany.🐕 The key to their exceptionally smooth mouthfeel is the use of potatoes, cultivated in the volcanic soil of the Eifel region, to create their base alcohol.🇩🇪 The line-up of @windspielmanufaktur consists of a barrel-aged potato vodka, a herbal liqueur 🌿 and four gins, including this exceptionally rich Sloe Gin, which will be featured in tomorrow's article on my website❤️: part two of the Soberon's Special on Sloe Gins. If you're interested, you can still find the introduction to this series on the gin liqueur by clicking the link ➡️ @servedbysoberon..The cocktail you see here is called the 'Charlie Chaplin', which was part of the Waldorf Astoria pre-1920's menu.🗽 The equal parts drink is sweet, rich and playful, not too complex, but yet with lots going on.🥃 Not unlike the famous actor it was named after, who, at that time, was silently becoming an icon in film history.📽️ Originally garnished with a wedge of apricot, yet I like mine better 🤠!🍸🍸CHARLIE CHAPLIN - 30ml Sloe Gin - 30ml Apricot Brandy- 30ml Fresh Lime JuiceShake all for 12 to 15 seconds with plenty of ice. Double strain in a prechilled cocktail glass and enjoy in pantomime silence.🍸🍸#Cocktail #Gin #Cocktails #Gins #GinCocktail #GinOClock #Ginstagram #Ginlover #Ginlovers #Windspiel #CocktailGram #Imbibe #CocktailTime #CraftCocktails #Liqpic #CocktailoClock #CocktailBar #Libation #CharlieChaplin #CocktailPorn #CocktailOfTheDay #CraftCocktail #Imbibegram #Mixology #Instadrink #Mixologist #DrinkOfTheDay #Drinkstagram #Drinkup #Greyhound
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2018/01/17 15:09:31

When @servedbysoberon set in motion #secretsanté last year I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what it’d be like crafting a cocktail for someone or having a cocktail crafted for us. This was an amazing event. Fun to see all the boozy personalized creations..I finally sourced (amazon primed) the Amargo Chuncho bitters needed for the cocktail that was created for us by Matthew @lettersandliquor. Here is his beautiful tasty creation!.Old Fashioned Hedonism2 oz @stgeorgespirits whiskey.25 oz @twojames doctor Bird 2 dashes Amargo Chuncho BittersBrown sugar cubeBanana peel garnish.I chose to build this in the glass. I soaked the sugar cube in the bitters and muddled it up with the end of my barspoon. Once the sugar was dissolved I added the rum, whiskey, and a cube of ice. Stirred it a bit to chill and garnished with the banana peel..This really is a special drink. We love our old fashioned’s here at The Rituals and this one is tops. That banana peel garish adds so much to this drink. We love it!.Thanks again Matthew!!
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2018/01/17 14:53:15

I absolutely love happy hour, today we tried @opal_pdx and were thoughroughly impressed! Welove trying new spots while we scheme and talk shop! There is no shortage of good bars in Portland, but this place has some serious swank style!! I loved the diversifity of the house cocktail selection and the whiskey and scotch lists! Go treat yourself, and enjoy-- we sure did! Drinks feat. here: Negroni for @tony.m.pdx and the @thefaeriefoxx got the Talk Talk#drinkaboutit #theportlandpour #pdxlife #happyhourbusiness #portlandbars #pnw #craftcocktail #mixology #instacocktail #negroni #drinklocal #portland #pdx #pnwonderland
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2018/01/17 14:58:02

Smoked Old Fashioned...There is something so mesmerizing about seeing the smoke leave the decanter and enter the glass...🔥🥃🙏🏻: @jade60nyc @coa992_jov @food_p.o.r.n_ny•Follow me @licensed_to_distill for daily recipes and tips from the best bartenders and mixologists in the world! 🥃🍸🍹
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2018/01/17 14:56:20

One of the most interesting cask finishes I think I have ever come across. @glenmorangiecom Nectar D'òr
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2018/01/17 14:52:25

And here's how I used the last bit of my vintage Scotch from @oldspiritsco, in a Mai Tai:🍹1 oz vintage VAT 69 blended Scotch1 oz @plantation.rum Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum1 oz lime1/2 oz orgeat (@liberandco)1/4 oz aged ginger liqueur (@thebigoliqueur)1/4 oz dry Curacao (@pierreferrandcognac)🍹Scotch and pineapple and ginger and lime...I made this one before I got my @tikithesnowaway swag but this is a pretty solid Tiki drink if I do say so myself.