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2017/12/12 21:24:09

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. ... (📸 cr: @alabasterfox) ❄️❄️❄️❄️
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2017/12/12 21:22:55

Divided sides. United by a gracious promise. Oh yes, suuuuure, I am talking about this cool 2 pane window frame and how the division disappears when a phrase is lettered in it as if the divider doesn’t exist. FOLKS LISTEN UP... news flash... this is just like real life! There are deep divides in this country. We can choose to look at each section as separate things with completely different stuff in them. OR, we can find something that both sections can relate to and unify them with a binding mission statement of sorts. And even better if the saying is one that is about looking past our selfish messy selves and loving us in spite of that with a gift that changes the world. ❤️ For unto us a child is born... 🙌🏻. {also...side note...don’t ya love seeing the waves of light change in the studio in a time lapse? A cloud may have rolled in every once in awhile but the beautiful light always returned!✨}.This reclaimed barn wood window frame sign was hand lettered with a size 2 round brush and @acehardware Royal paint. .#foruntousachildisborn #christmasdecor #unity #nodivision #calligraphyvideo #letteringvideo #processvideo
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2017/12/12 21:24:20

I am thrilled to announce the Pre-order page is now live for the Find Your Focus Planners. The Business Planner created specifically for the Creative Community. The first print run will be in early January 2018.⠀⠀Available in both Spiral bound and a Luxury Desk hardback version. The pre-order price is discounted until the end of the year.⠀⠀Link in the bio ⬆️⠀⠀ #savvybusinessowner #beingboss #risingtidesociety #communityovercompetition #handsandhustle #sidehustle #femalepreneur #lovemybiz #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurlife #onmydesk #creativepreneur #whereiwork #mycreativebiz #creativebusiness #girlbosses #ontheblog #savvyblogging #bloglovin #blogsociety #bloggerlife #bloggersofinstagram #bloggergirl #femtrepreneur #tnchustler #bandogirlgang #girlboss #creativelife #creativehappylife #dontquityourdaydream @preview.app
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2017/12/12 21:24:06

We love this perfect snowy shot @carolinewinnphotography captured when this most recent snow storm blew through Boston. We love when couples embrace the weather for their engagement sessions! #thebostonbride #boston #bostonbride #bostonwedding #marriage #photography #married #engaged #weddingphotography #brideblogger #communityovercompetition #communityoverfollowers #risingtidesociety #ThatsDarling #Instagood #newenglandwedding #snow
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2017/12/12 21:22:52

Just for fun
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2017/12/12 21:21:39

🎄🔔🎄🔔🎄🔔Onnnnnn the 12thhhhhgg Day of Christmassssss my True Loooooooove gave to meeeeee!!!!! A Pack of Wrapssssss under the treeeeeeee! 🔔 🎄🔔🎄🔔🎄
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2017/12/12 21:21:29

We raced to this light & it was so worth it.
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2017/12/12 12:08:50

Even an elf needs some rest! Elf napping! #elfontheshelf #christmas #christmas2017
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2017/12/12 21:21:25

Between the bouquet and these beautiful ladies, we’re just in love with this picture ❤️ Styling and decor: @thenewportbride | Photography: @stephanievegliante | Venue: @hotelviking | Florals: @michellejeannefloral | Linens, plates, and decor: @dpaulo.designs | Dresses from @lovebird_bridalshop | Bride’s Dress designed by @lindeedaniel | Bridesmaid dresses designed by @donnamorgan_nyc | HMUA: @blushanddirtbeauty | Calligraphy: @katieelizabethlettering | Foil Wrapped Chocolates: @newportsweetshoppe | Cake: @confectionerydesigns | Gold Flatware and Gold Candle Sticks: @reedandbarton | Bride’s Earrings: @jcrew | Bride’s Hair piece: @chloeandisabel | Gold Glitter Dress Hanger: @andriabird | Models: Luana, Leo, Jameson, Ian, Will, Jev, Delaney, and Victoria #newportbride #newportwedding #newportri #rhodeislandwedding #married #engaged #riwedding #rhodeislandbride #ribride #weddingphotography #brideblogger #newportriwedding #communityovercompetition #communityoverfollowers #risingtidesociety #MyNewportLife #christmaswedding #nauticalchristmas
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2017/12/12 21:20:53

Ever feel overwhelmed with your business? Feel like you're doing too much of nothing? If you're feeling like that, 9 times out of 10, so are your clients or customers. So, take a step back, and simplify. Take away any and everything that causes you confusion. The clearer you feel about your business, the clearer it will be to your audience.
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2017/12/12 20:59:45

Made special just for you,may these gingerbread menbring happiness to you😃. 🐐Our Goat Milk Soap makes skin vibrant & youthful, is a gentle yet effective cleanser, softens & moisturizes the skin, and can relieve eczema & psoriasis.
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2017/12/12 21:16:04

Some days I feel like my head might explode with information. I have lists on lists. I thought this was a season to slowdown, but it appears that it is my busiest season yet. Even my dreams give me subtle reminders of my lists. There are many situations we have control over in our lives but their are many times things pop up and they catch you off guard. Either way I release it to more capable hands than mine.
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2017/12/12 21:17:08

The details on this @lizmartinezbridal gown are truly magical 😍 #bridalgown #lizmartinez #spinabride
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2017/12/12 21:13:03

If you want to be incrementally better, be competitive.If you want to be exponentially better, be a team 👯A good leader recognizes the necessary tasks needed to be done to build success.A GREAT leader identifies and empowers the right people then lets them lead with creativity + innovation.My vision for 2018 is to empower these women even more 💕To believe in their potential SO MUCH, that they can’t help but knock down their giants and believe in themselves... ahhh just chills!!!As individuals we’re powerful. But as a team, we’re unstoppable! This is what the sown with strength tribe is allll about... empowering one another, championing each other on, + working off one another’s strengths to build our dreams + visions.We all need that community, those people who truly celebrate your victories, hold your hand in the defeats and stand with you in the battle. I was never really a girls girl. I never had a squad of friends that I did everything with. I had a few solid awesome best friends but they all hung out in different groups. So I never fully felt like I had “my people” where I was encouraged to be my crazy Courtney self. There were hard experiences with gossip, jealousy, and tough loses. But these women right here have helped me rewrite my own story with female relationships. They’ve shown me that not all women are catty, and with the right heart, a female friend can be revolutionary 🙌🏼 If you’re struggling with friendships, I want to encourage you that Christ-centered friendships do exist! 😍 The kind where they champion you forward in your gifts + passions, they build you up until you believe in your own worth, and they are willing to selflessly lay down their gain for yours. It may not be as common, but there are those rare gems out there; sometimes ya just gotta put yourself in a new adventure to find them 💕 I found this squad through social media, and every morning they remind me of my worth, make me smile, and call me to step up as a leader. They’re the best and I can’t wait to hug them in February ❤️ The even better part is, we always have room for more 👯#youcansitwithus #thankfulformytribe #livesownwithstrength
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2017/12/12 21:16:39

Take me back to the summer please! I’m so over this cold winter weather. (Photograph by @stephaniemballo )
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2017/12/12 21:14:08

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” - Paul RandThis quote is so true - and something that for me has taken A LOT of practice to actualise. I’m naturally very much a magpie rather than a minimalist, and I hoard creative design ideas just like I hoard treasures. Whenever I start digging into a new design project I have to throw all my ideas into my concept stage, and then force myself to go back and pare everything right down to only the most essential elements to reach a succinct, intelligent concept that perfectly fits the brand - however much I might struggle to get rid of stuff! Anybody else relate? Whats a challenge that you face as part of the creative process?#theimperfectboss