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2017/10/19 23:26:02

My reaction when I found out that I didn't have to show up for jury duty today. I had my sub plans all ready, but thank goodness I don't have to worry about it!I hope amidst the busyness of the week you are able to step back and take a deep breath. Have a wonderful Thursday!
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2017/10/19 23:30:17

Have you downloaded the October Monthly Guide on Business Planning yet? It is full of tips, tricks and articles to help you set goals, create action plans and build a winning strategy for 2018. Click the link in our bio to download.Photo credit: @halley.hewitt
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2017/10/19 22:51:09

This is what my desk space is shaping up to these days. Honestly, not a bad view! 👩🏽‍💻
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2017/10/19 23:29:40

Want to learn all about oily kid essentials? Come join me tonight as I share some of our favorite Young Living oils and products for the kiddos! On my team or not already a YL member, raise your hand below and I will send you the link. Let's get all the kids oily!
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2017/10/19 23:22:29

Today is my birthday! While I wish I could be celebrating with all of y’all in person over macarons and mimosas - the next best thing I could think to do is have a virtual party! And of course, that means gifts for y’all (and a fun giveaway!) 🎉.To celebrate my 26th birthday, I’m having a sale for 26% off all shop products*! Simply use code SJMBDAY26 at checkout to grab your favorite goodies from the sale 🎁.The sale ends this Sunday, October 22 at 11:59pm EST. This is one of my biggest sales of the year, and I won't be having another sale until Black Friday!.That means this is the perfect opportunity to grab goodies like the ever-popular Printing and Production Partners Guide (which is only $101.38 with the 26% sale!) to begin designing holiday products that YOU can then sell - or get a head start on shopping for the perfect mugs or art prints for your fav people on your Christmas list!.So how about that giveaway?! I would love to gift one special lady or gent with a free copy of the Printing and Production Partners Guide, which is full of all of my favorite resources for printers, envelope sources, Lifestyle product production partners, ribbons/wax seals/stamps, packaging resources, and more! It’s the perfect gift for stationers, calligraphers, and shop owners..To enter, simply tag two of your besties who are always a constant encouragement to you and make you smile from ear to ear like I am in this photo! There’s no limit on how many times you can enter, so tag all of your fav friends! The giveaway is open until midnight tonight, and I’ll be announcing the winner in my stories tomorrow morning!.*Please note that the sale does not apply to custom paintings or custom products. This giveaway complies with Instagram’s rules and conditions, and is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with instagram. .Photo by @bluebarn from @theschoolofstyling at @paisleyandjade #simplyjessicamarie #sjmshop
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2017/10/19 23:27:24

😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊...................بخوناكه م خه م 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉.follow moso0o#xo#bw#like4like #likeforlike #likeforfollow #communityovercompetition #comedy #new⭐york⭐street⭐pizza😘😍 #love #lovequotes #tattoo #qotd #z #l #eshghamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii💋💋💋🌺🌺💎💕👑 #vi #video #memes #københavn #knockout #KNOO #ceramics @aram__bamarny @bebo_kurdish88 @wesam_kochar @zezoooooo17 @qp___db_awaz.tawan_db___qp @kane_to_ @page_shvrang @rayan9587 #f #meekmill #herbalife #pag #dt #Follow bkan@page_xoxo_o_xoxe
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2017/10/19 23:16:52

This open concept space by @jhinteriordesign is one of my all time favorites. The ceiling beams, the black trim work, the library ladders, the mix of vintage and modern pieces….perfection! Total #designcrush
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2017/10/19 23:28:05

Hey, remember that time my niece wasn’t 6 months old (already!!!!!!)
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2017/10/19 23:26:03

On sale !🚨🚨🚨 #dbdgear
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2017/10/19 23:24:24

Happy Thursday! ❤️ Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you today.
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2017/10/19 23:25:52

Is this your first business? Prior to Branding Addicts, being a serial entrepreneur 😂 I started multiple business ideas while trying to find my dream career. I tried and failed, tried and failed.... which sucked! But in retrospect, my success was brought on by the experiences of my failures. As I was searching for my dream job, it brought me to answer the following questions: What was I good at? What were my skills? Why am I doing this? What did I love to do? What didn’t I love to do? Do I want to spend my life doing something less that what I love? I think it’s very important for everyone to adventure through all of these questions. I mean guys, studies show based on reports done on the average 40 hour work week that we will spend 30%.... 1/3 of our entire lifetime working. I would like to even bet that now a days this percentage is even higher. That’s insane! It’s a crazy chunk of time to “waste” doing something you don’t even like to do. I’ve been there... starring at the clock as time slugs 🐌 on by, praying for 5:00pm to come faster. My point is, if you have a passion and if you have a dream job that you are interested in, give it a shot! Trust God’s will for your life and ask him to reveal his plans to you🙏 You have that spark in your heart, that thing you love to do (and are GREAT at) for a reason. Take the risk of trying and failing. What do you have to lose? Start your idea, get coaching, intern, get schooling, just start and practice, practice, practice. Do what ever it takes to fight for your dream and make it a reality. I did. I am living proof, and I can tell you that it is soooo worth it 🙌❤️☕️ ••••••#societygal #womenhelpingwomen #entrepreneurmindset #communityovercompetition #brandingaddicts #graphicdesignerlife #creativemarketing #smallbusinessstrategy #marketingstrategy #entrepreneurswag #bossbabes #girlboss #bosslady #risingtidesociety #womenrunthis #rts #savvybusinessowners #socialsociety #brandingtips #graphicdesignerlife #thatsdarling #thebrandingaddicts #entrepreneursofinstagram #livethelittlethings #motivationalspeaker #dreambigger
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2017/10/19 23:24:29

This pretty board has been client-approved & we are heading to the next phase of her project: Brand Creation! I had a consultation call this week where I was asked for the reasoning behind starting with a mood board in the design phase of the project, before beginning into everything else. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it acts as a vastly effective tool toward setting the aesthetic foundation for a brand. When creating one, we take into consideration everything from the company’s purpose, vision, & mission to the customers it serves & the overall style that can best communicate to that target market. Often the perfect mood board combines a balance of beautifully curated images that pull in a variety of elements into one unique brand personality! We then use this in every step of the design phases - logos concepts, branding boards, brand collateral, & website design - to be sure everything is cohesive & in line with the original vision. #blushbrands
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2017/10/19 23:24:33

Just because I'm all about a good bouquet
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2017/10/19 23:21:22

Next week I want to help you conquer November. It's time for our Monthly Planning Party, where I walk you through a framework, give you tips and ideas for making your priorities happen, and help give actionable feedback for making things happen.-There is still time this year to make things happen, however you have to have a plan in order to do that. I believe that you have the courage, time and motivation to finish the year strong. Maybe you just need a reminder about that. Or perhaps you could use some accountability to make the time finalize your plan for making that happen. Either way, I'd love to be part of your journey.-There are only a few spots left this month so if you want to join me next week, be sure to snag your spot today!-Learn more and register here: http://bit.ly/2xCDPcE
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2017/10/19 23:24:48

This happened by mistake. When I tell you everything works together you betta listen. I could go through the whole story but I’ll be here typing and misspelling words all day. What I will tell you is that you have two choices.. choice 1. Let life happen and A-Town stomp completely over you, or 2. Take everything thing transpires and push yourself to win, be great, and have victory!! I developed my first full course!!! 💃🏽💃🏽#womenempowerment #workshops #communityovercompetition #womenempowerment #branding #womeninspiringwomen #personaldevelopment #personalbranding #victory #comfortzone
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2017/10/19 23:24:45

🍂Happy Thursday Everyone🍂Since the #gathering season is almost upon us, my #throwbackthursday is this table I made back in the spring. This one was so different than the others I had built and it was a lot of fun to watch it come together. This was stained in white wash pickling. First time ever using it and I loved it! .“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” Matt. 18:20 🍂...#handkraftedbyheather #woodworkingcommunity #womenwoodworkersofig #furniturebuilder #buildlikeagirl #wood #woodfurniture #instacool #instalike #igmakercommunity #rustic #farmhousetable #throwbackthursday #gather #oregon #pnw #makersgonnamake #makersunite #communityovercompetition
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2017/10/19 23:21:41

We're curious: what is ONE emotional or physical health issue that you'd love to support with essential oils?