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2018/03/23 10:26:43

Day 1 of #Sunbasket and reintroducing a grain! 🥘 I’ve been grain-free, nut-free, Sugar-free, soy-free, legume-free, Coffee-free, nightshade-free, alcohol-free, and processed-food-free (on top of my usual gluten-free, dairy-free, meat-free, egg-free) for over a week! Re introduced beans yesterday which went exceptionally well, and today was supposed to be brown rice (grain) but I made an exception for quinoa noodles (grain) 🥘 I’ll do rice tomorrow! Feeling light and great! No bloat! Lost a couple lbs! I have about 5 more days on this cleanse/detox which is just what my body needed after a rough couple of years! Just eating fruits, veggies, seeds and herbs has me feeling awesome! ☀️ with: @taylor.o.stone #liverhealth #cleanse #detox #hormonebalance
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2018/03/23 10:27:19

Muscle up fun with community..Cool game idea...💡 MUSCLE UP KNOCKOUT!-do this until last man/woman standing..Fun stuff...@crossfit #fitness #fun #crossfit #muscleups #gymnastics #calisthenics #barstarz #bargymnastics #strength #endurance #strengthttraining #bodyweighttraining #motivation #workoutmotivation #workoutinspo #community #growth #bodymindspirit
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2018/03/23 10:23:39

Today is World Water Day. (Swipe 👉🏽). Yesterday in California, they had to shut the water off in the building where I’m staying, because they were having issues with it, so I woke up to no running water coming out of any of the faucets. We didn't get water back until around 7pm. •The inconvenience of that was frustrating, but I had to remind myself that there are people all over the world who don't have access to water every single day. •In the villages where @epicthemovement works in Tanzania, Africa, a big part of what we do is provide clean water wells to villages who only have access to river water, or hand dug wells that often have frogs and animal feces floating in them. This is the water that they have been using for everything. They don't have taps that they can turn on at any time of the day to get water, and the water that they have access to is not safe to drink, but they drink it, because they don't have any other option. •Through E.P.I.C., we work with each of the communities to make sure that what we are doing is sustainable. It is not about us coming in with a "western perspective" trying to change culture, it is about recognizing a lack of a basic human need, and providing support wherever we can. We are a small, grassroots organization, and the work that we do could not be possible without the support of our E.P.I.C. Fellows. If you would like to join our E.P.I.C. family this year on one of our trips, then go to www.epicfellowshipprogram.com to fill out an application. We would love to have you on a trip. ❤️💧 #worldwaterday #bethechange #beEPIC
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2018/03/23 10:27:07

Come on down to @kavalounge tonight and get your groove on! The CBD Party, doors at 9pm. 🎉 Live music by @orchidxmantis and @tah_rei. ✨ Amazing capture by @eijiphoto at the Amplify Her afterparty 💜💜💜 #getdown #letloose #havefun #dance #dancelikenooneiswatching #sandiegotonight #love #sandiegoevents #amplifyher #community #consciousliving #beyourself #basstribe #festivalculture #freespirit #livethelifeyoulove #grateful #livemusic #suportlocalmusic #ecotopiiapresents #ecoevents
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2018/03/23 10:26:18

Hey Venice Beach, come out and and join us for some community gardening this weekend!
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2018/03/23 10:26:44

Who will it be? Find out after the last heat tonight. This is our most prestigious award. Athlete of the year is not a reflection of ability, but of character: consistency, hard work, humility, and the right attitude toward their own training and their peers. Consequently they have improved out of sight. #earnednotgiven #marlincoastcrossfit #athleteoftheyear #crossfit #community
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2018/03/23 10:24:49

Can't wait to see this lobby full of our family tonight! 1️⃣Escape the rain, 2️⃣grab a cup of our most popular coffee, white chocolate mocha from the lobby cafe, and 3️⃣meet us in the sanctuary at 7pm!
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2018/03/23 10:26:23

bad choices make good stories. 🤟🏽🤫 @rafaelrsc18
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2018/03/23 10:21:48

So currently I’m reading a personal development book called “The 5 Second Rule” by Mel Robbins, & if you haven’t read it yet I HIGHLY suggest it ! Something in today’s chapter really hit home for me & I just had to share! For so long I was in a slump, wasn’t working out regularly, used every excuse in the book, binged ate foods on the regular, was lost, depressed, & just felt like I had hit a brick wall that I would never be able to break through! I would say over and over “oh I’ll start tomorrow” or “Monday’s the beginning of the week, fresh start” or even “It’s about to be a new month, perfect time for a change”, time and time again; days, weeks, & soon months would pass me by, still nothing would change. I never could seem to get in the right mindset, really buckle down, & make the commitment for a better me. I know I’m not alone in this though, how many times have you said “it’s not the right time, “not right now, maybe next time” or “what if something goes wrong or something bad happens?” If you continue to have those thoughts and wait for the “right time” when are you really going to take the leap & start taking steps forward to bettering yourself & your health?! Truth is there’s never really a “right time”, life’s too short to pass up opportunities, to make lame excuses time & time again, to not be selfish and really take the time, effort, dedication, & consistency it takes to change your life! So what are you really afraid of?! What’s the worst that can happen?! Aren’t you tired of looking in the mirror & being disgusted or hating the person staring back at you? Don’t you hate always having to avoid certain angles in picture or even being photographed in general? Having to wear baggy clothes or going up a size to cover up the extra pounds you’ve put on? Being so uncomfortable in swimwear that you avoid wearing it as much as you can? I could literally go on forever with these because that was me three years ago! Before I decided ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH! Why waste time being so unhappy & unhealthy in life & with your body when you have the ability to turn that all around! YOUR TIME IS NOW! Believe in yourself & never give up! Stop waiting & start doing ! 💪🏼
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2018/03/23 10:25:18

Immigrants. Make. America. Fast. 🇪🇷👟🇺🇸 Shoutout to @coachdanbos and the crew from @heartbreakrunco.This is #heartbreaknation 💔🌎.📸 @matthewlukemeyer
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2018/03/23 10:26:21

#tbt to one of our early seminars for our non-profit organization that my boy @batanbam and I started called @1on1.all.in ..Blessed to have the opportunity to be able to give back to others ..#blessed #givingback #community#1on1 #allin #nonprofit
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2018/03/23 10:26:13

“You will be able to more efficiently live tomorrow if you are intensely living life today. This is the greatest richness in life. There is no other richness.” — Michael Gottlieb 📷: @kestyoga
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2018/03/23 10:26:17

Working out with our kids and their families #community #familyfitness
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2018/03/23 10:26:03

Dream catcher vibes!
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2018/03/23 10:26:06

Great celebration of culture today with great food, education, and company :) played Mexican bingo, learned about the lantern festival in Taiwan and China, and Dr. Hager was donned with the kente cloth of Ghana #community #cultures #fromaroundtheworld #kente #mexicanbingo #global_family #education
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2018/03/23 10:26:04

Stage 6 Now Selling!750sqm available from $138,000 - For an update on availability please call Jordyn Luck on 0487 000 970 or register your interest at www.wataganrise.com.au #WataganRise #Paxton #HunterValley#WataganRiseEstate #LimitedOffer #Community
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2018/03/23 10:25:52

.Cracked openthe break downthe break through.I had one of those surprising but oh so needed sob on the floor, on your knees, hand on your heart, cracking open moments last night. .The swell of tenderness, grief, old pain, longing, and tremendous LOVE gushing through. 💦.Some deep part of me integrating my move to Maui two years ago, & everything I’m currently stepping into. Some deep part of me coming alive again. .🌄🙌🏽Hallelujah 🙌🏽🌄.If we allow our vulnerabilities, it always leads us back home, to the nectar of our hearts.The break down IS the break through - let the tears come, let yourself be held and opened in the biggest most raw beautiful way. .#vulnerabilityrocks #heartnectar #allowthebreakdown #openheart #feelthefeels #hallelujah #journeybackhome #wholeness #community #equinox #therealreal #godeep #welcomeitall
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2018/03/23 10:23:25

Take a moment to notice the little things ✨ You never know what might spark creative interest. Life is full of sweet simplicities! 🍍 #apinchofpineapple
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2018/03/23 10:25:46

Thanks for the crew at Young Ambassadors Group of Council for Children's Rights. Double thanks to all of you for believing in children. #schermco #education #educate #children #kids #service #belief #believe #serve #grow #lead #learn #community #clt #charlotte #qc #queencity