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2017/09/18 10:31:30

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2017/09/20 09:19:02

Pearled the stuffed spaghetti squash and I've never been more proud of myself😭 spaghetti squash is surprisingly really easy to work with and I think one of the best bangs for you buck💸 Holy heck please try this -----Microwaved squash face down in 1/4 inch of water for 11 minutes. Sautéed red pepper flakes, 3 garlic cloves, and broccoli over medium heat until broccoli is tender. Baked chicken breasts at 400 for 15 minutes and added to broccoli mixture. Scrapped out insides of squash (the spaghetti) and added with chicken and broccoli. Filled up the squash with the mixture and topped with mozzarella cheese. Broiled that bad boy on high for 3 minutes #OHBABY #heckyeah #dinner #healthy #veggies #college #collegemeals #onabudget #cheesy #goodness #healthy #cookinglight #squash #sketti
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2017/09/20 09:18:52

We're definitely studying in this picture.
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2017/09/20 09:18:45

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2017/09/20 09:17:22

When school gets stressful, I get baking 😁
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2017/09/20 09:18:31

I got accepted into Bark University today so the Pupfessors sent me some gear! Oh, and don't tell my mom that I am a boss at beer pong 🐶🍻 #barkbox #beerpong #fratboy #college **Link for a code for a free BarkBox is in my bio**
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2017/09/20 09:18:24

Good things come from negative times
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2017/09/20 09:17:28

We understand that money is tight when you are trying to apply to multiple PA schools, especially when you're living on an undergrad budget! So we are making it easier for you to get prepared for the PA school application and interview process by letting you schedule any service, including essay review and mock interviews, NOW and pay when YOU are ready! Visit our website to schedule yours today!
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2017/09/20 09:18:18

Sorry, I can't pick up the phone I'm too busy doing what makes me happy 😁 #happy #college #cantpickup #sorry #strawberryblonde
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2017/09/20 09:16:19

Steaming + Vlogging! 📸🌬
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2017/09/20 09:18:03

I was born in Virginia. Was overseas with my Dad when he was in the military. Lived all over the country since college. And am moving to Southern California. But let me be clear... I'm a Western Pennsylvania kid. It's home, always has been and always will be. ...#home #love #fun #happy #smile #family #friends #college #always #pennsylvania #heart #pittsburgh #amazing #city #fitfam #fitness #muscle #bodybuilding #fitspo #fit #instagood #instadaily #follow #me #motivation #inspiration #f4f #bestoftheday #photooftheday #latergram
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2017/09/20 09:18:00

Guys I'm getting a radio show in a few weeks 😲😲😲. ...#exited #college #radio #radioclub
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2017/09/20 09:17:54

Three of the amazing students checking out colleges and planning for the future at the Dearborn County #College Fair! #investedindiana
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2017/09/20 09:17:31

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2017/09/20 09:12:52

9/19/17 (Art by @amdebrincat✨) 7:13 P.M. Mood: aah. Thoughts: So, I'm reading this scientific article for my Lifespan Development class titled "Parent Praise to 1- to 3-Year-Olds Predicts Children's Motivational Frameworks 5 Years Later" (let me know if you're interested in who conducted this study and wrote the article). It's basically an article that questions if something called "process praise" (such as "you're working super hard!") yields more goal-oriented children who attribute success to hard work, and if "person praise" (like "you're super smart!") results in children feeling like their talents and smarts are fixed. Now, I was expecting to go into this reading and feel super bored and uninspired. But, actually, I'm even more inspired than when I first started reading (unsurprisingly, because I was....not inspired at first, lol)! I feel that this article could kind of tie in to what I was talking about before with negative mindsets hindering our ability to grow and learn more, but it takes it to a new level. It's just amazing that how we praise one another, or how we think of our own achievements and abilities, could tie in so much to what we feel we can do. If we're told things constantly that make us feel like our abilities are limited ("you're so smart" for doing that thing you did, and only in this moment), that becomes all that we feel like we're capable of doing. "Reach for the stars!" people say, but is that where we're supposed to stop? I can never talk about this enough, obviously. But, reading this article helps me realize how easily we let limiting each other and ourselves slip through the cracks. We've had no idea! We need to remind others (and especially ourselves) that we are capable of so much more than a certain amount of smarts and achievements. I believe that one of our sole purposes for even being on this Earth is to keep persevering past the bullshit we experience, and give a huge middle finger to limits entirely. Am I right, or am I right? Just because you've been told that you're smart, doesn't mean that, through constantly conditioning and toning those brain wrinkles, you can't get any smarter.