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2018/03/21 01:25:36

Who’s ready for today’s SUPER SALE!! Get a case of @bangenergy for ONLY $19.99!! Tag 3 friends that would take advantage of this deal to win a FREE case! #maxfitmegastore
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2018/03/21 00:35:59

Rainy weather calls for indoor fun! Come explore the mirrored maze at @montereymirrormaze and test your short game with some mini golf at @hwy1golfgamesgrub on Cannery Row !#CanneryRow #MontereyMirrorMaze #Hwy1GolfGamesGrub #Monterey #SeeMonterey
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2018/03/20 21:30:06

Auf den Spuren von Forrest Gump hier in Monterey!!Śladami Forresta Gumpa tutaj w Monterey !! In the footsteps of Forrest Gump here in Monterey !!....#monterey #california #montereybay #canneryrow #forrest #forrestgump #babbagump #imforrestforrestgump #film #great #wunderschönerfilm #ichlaufe #instagood #instagram #instaphoto #photography #instalike #instaboy #instafollow #lovelife #loveyourlife #polishboy #polish #lovecalifornia #😍 #❤️
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2018/03/20 19:30:49

✱リニューアルオープンしたCanneryRow♡初回はもちろんかんちと( ´ ▽ ` )内装もかなり変わってて綺麗やった〜!!変わらず美味しい😋おしゃれ✨#CanneryRow #dinner #renewalopen
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2018/03/20 15:27:10

Can't believe I got the owner of this old building with corrugated metal siding in Moss Landing CA. to get this sign down and sell it to me. He was a pretty old dude and the ladder was so rickety that I didn't watch. Put it up "For Sail" in our A2 space in The Cannery Row Antique Mall. Surprised it hasn't sold yet. canneryrowantiquemall #canneryrow #monterey #vintage #vintagesign #woodsign #mosslanding #forsale
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2018/03/20 08:17:35

I thought this edition of John Steinbeck’s ‘Cannery Row’ would be the perfect souvenir to bring home from our trip to Cannery Row in Monterey. A monument to Ed Ricketts (Steinbeck’s friend who died when his car stalled on the train tracks on Cannery Row) is directly in front of our hotel. Steinbeck modeled his character “Doc” after Ricketts who was a marine biologist. I have visited Monterey and Cannery Row many times and have never read Steinbeck’s account. I am looking forward to reading it soon!🐟 Do you have a favorite Steinbeck novel? I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
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2018/03/20 13:06:07

“The Death Of Simplicity” // [🚨LONG READ🚨] There are a lot of Useful Lies we tell ourselves simply to have a foundation to work with. Like, “The ground beneath our feet is stationary”—yes, but no, not really, not in light of plate tectonics, or glacial rebound, or the rotation of the planet... but close enough right? No need to muddy those waters, pedantry need not apply, OK-yes-we-get-it-it’s-not-actually-like-that-but-it-appears-that-way-so-just-go-with-it-why-do-you-invite-him-to-parties? These Truthful Fictions are needed in the face of overwhelming complexity to create a frame of reference that is faithful enough in its deceit that when acted upon, the Whole Truth is unharmed, and perhaps glimpsed in passing from the right the wrong effected. I imagine every organism has its own Necessary Falsehood it must tell itself lest the whole thing fall apart: “I prefer living in a sea cucumber anus!” states the pearl fish out of duty.But when the False Truth becomes too appealing, when it blinds us with Simplicity so that our minds don’t wish to see the details anymore, we endanger our ability to recognize the existence of a Whole Truth, far more complex and deep and meaningful and scary and intimidating than our comfortable delusion. Safely in our Preferred Paradigm, more False Truths emerge, but this time concocted without sight of the Whole Truth. “The politics of Americans are adequately represented in two political parties.” “I earned the success I’ve had in life.” “The ocean is a wild system” and to the point: “Sea otters eat urchins and that’s why we have kelp forests.”Yes! But no, not really, I mean, yes, but like—it depends. A Preferred Paradigm I’ve shared to millions of people is that sea otters eat urchins, urchins eat kelp, so when there’s otters there’s kelp, thanks to an ecological “tropic cascade.” THIS IS TRUE! But it’s so simple a Truth it should be suspect. “A complex system doesn’t have simple explanations” is a paraphrase I once noted from someone discussing the otter/urchin/kelp dynamics. And kelp forests are incredibly complex, and our Preferred Paradigm is full of holes. (Continued below)
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2018/03/20 13:08:00

Ep. 268 - The Wine ExperienceProbably the coolest place I’ve ever been is The Wine Experience in Monterey, CA, a few blocks from Cannery Row. They barrel age a bunch of different wines and leave them in tapped barrels in the bar and you can get a glass of about 15 different wines or you can blend them at any percentage you want. This is an amateur wine experts dream come true. Ive been dreaming about blending wine for a long time and this place really lets you play with some great wines. Individually they’re all really good so blending can make some amazing wines. We made some pretty’s good ones, too. The Chard-Viognier Blend was good. Ur needed less chard. We made a Zin-Full Cab that’s 80% Zinfandel and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon that was really good, a GZS Blend of 50% Grenache, 35% Zinfandel, and 15% Syrah that was to die for, and the best was a 50% Syrah and 50% Tempranillo S&T Blend. We were pretty impressed with what we made. Definitely going back many times. It’s not expensive either and they even do private group events where you can blend and bottle wines as corporate team building or things like bachelorette parties. More ham worth looking into and definitely need to visit....#wine #winetime #wineoclock #winelover #wino #winethirty #wineislife #winein60seconds #thedrunkensomm #abottleaday #winetasting #wineblending #thewineexperience #canneryrow #monterey #california #winemaker #redblends #whiteblends #winevlog #vlogger #location #influencer @thewineexperience @montereywines @montereycountyweekly @visitcanneryrow #igers #igdaily #igwine #instagood #instadaily #instawine #videooftheday