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2017/12/15 00:05:52

Taking the afternoon to write a few Christmas cards for my friends, with festive tunes on the stereo, a cheeky glass of mulled wine, a sneaky mince pie and the fragrant scent of @skandinavisk’s new Heia candle filling my flat.. 🌿✨
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2017/12/15 00:08:11

You see *me*. You know my heart, what sustains its beat. What my mind occupies. What satisfies my soul. Before you, the word "partner" was a concept that eluded me just as much as I clung to it, exhausting myself to get others to see. No one has ever matched my intensity.. until you. I do things differently, I see things differently. I complicate everything and you've taught me to celebrate my complexities— to, just be. Flaws and anxieties and awkwardness and all. You listen to my ideas, no matter how isolated and strange they may sound. You encourage my creativity and are nothing less than supportive, genuinely. Even when I missed because my creative impulses got the best of me. You've allowed me to feel empowered by my mistakes and not let them discourage me. You show me strength when my grief consumes me. You taught me the necessity for space in becoming the best individuals we can be. Paths aligned, there's no one else I'd rather share this journey with. All that you are, is beautiful. I love you.
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2017/12/14 23:17:55

Early morning wake ups.
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2017/12/14 23:26:09

Did you know that pine needles are a natural antiseptic and pain reliever, as well as being a source of Vitamin C? And if you have a sore throat or cough they're excellent at soothing and drawing out a chesty cough. Simply put boiling water over some pine needles for a refreshing tea. 📷@lepetitfika
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2017/12/14 22:54:27

We still don't have a tree, but we do have little hints of Christmas here and there - a sprig of mistletoe and the dancing winter light. And the three little drill holes that haven't been filled properly, marking the sweat and tears it took to get this shelf up myself 😆
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2017/12/14 22:13:33

Snow!!!! More snow!!! Happy snow dance!!!
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2017/12/14 22:06:38

For anyone who needs reminding.
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2017/12/14 21:39:44

My first gift wrapping is done...there are still so many presents to wrap...I think I would need my little girl's help 😍Are you done with the preparations ?
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2017/12/14 21:26:59

My husband lost a bet with me the other day (about whether or not some actor was in a tv series) and had to make me a cake as a result. Naturally, I requested chocolate. 😉🍫.What’s your go-to comfort food type of cake?.PS I love my new pouring bowl from @illyriapottery so much that I’ve taken to using it instead of a mug. Did anyone else grow up drinking hot chocolate out of a bowl, French-style, too? It’s so comforting on a cold day!
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2017/12/14 21:15:22

Eighteen.1. Always be grateful 2. Take care of my family 3. Take more time to pray 4. Learn to accept on things beyond my control 5. Learn to love all processes in life 6. Study harder & smarter than ever 7. Care less about things that unimportant things8. Spend less money on unimportant things 9. Care about the other people 10. Listen more, talk less11. Stay classy12. Make long life real friendship 13. Smile often14. Take care of my health15. Be more spontaneous16. Have more talent17. Be braver than ever18. Learn more, go further, and live life
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2017/12/14 21:10:03

Mozambique is two-tone wall heaven.
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2017/12/14 21:09:49

• The perfume of daydreams •.#alittlesprouttryingtofigureitout
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2017/12/14 20:47:46

Delicate decorations | photo: @sveta_brysina #captureyourlifestyle
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2017/12/14 20:46:10

Flying high ♡ A little space and simplicity for you today folks - I’m in need of a little calm. The house is in chaos whilst we decorate so I’m afraid there’s nothing remotely Christmassy going on here... We do now have a lovely hole in our living room wall, though, ready for a wood burning stove next week :) I hope you’re all surviving this busy time of year - do try and find a little bit of quiet time for yourself, even if it’s just 10 minutes ♡ ...#mybeautifulsimplicity #ofsimplethings #simplebeautyseeker #seekthesimplicity #thisisminimalism #mydarlingminimal #softminimalstyle #smallmomentsofcalm #lovelyairylove #calmversation #ofquietmoments #awhisperedbeauty #the_gentle_manifesto #seekmoments #theartofslowliving #simplepleasures #theslowdowncollective #slowandsimpledays
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2017/12/14 20:39:08

🌿Hi my name is Nicola and I'm here to bribe you🌿 I really need your votes guys to win a trip of a lifetime to Kerala India with the #keralablogexpress There are a few steps involved so I'm hoping to bribe you (cough cough) with this gorgeous printable that I've decorated my own house with. To vote for me ➡Click my link in bio➡Click Join now ➡Enter your email address, name and select a password ➡Click entries ➡Search Nicola and vote...After you have voted comment vote and I will message you about your free printable. Thank you so much insta fam xxxxxx
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2017/12/14 20:28:12

Floral balls available in my Etsy shop. Dot them along a dining room tablescape for a contemporary festive look with a floral touch! #festivetable