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2018/03/23 04:09:15

🌊🐬Sapphire Oceans🐬🌊••••A white glue metallic slime?! What?!? Ikr, I put a ton of eyeshadow pigment into it and bam it’s metallic! I actually put some hand lotion in it to make it soft, but the hand lotion smells like nail polish remover 😐••••QOTP: birthstone?•AOTP: opal/pink tourmaline (October)
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2018/03/23 04:06:23

🍎Apple Pudding🍎••••This smells just like a sweet apple and the bubbles never end! ••••QOTP: favorite type of pie?•AOTP: def coconut cream! Sooo good 🤤
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2018/03/23 04:08:51

Counting down the days until this flu F*CKS off & I can get back into the hot yoga studio💫Being ill sucks because you don't feel yourself don't you? And since 'Myself' consists mainly of boxing & yoga, the fact I haven't done EITHER of these things ALL week makes me so sad 😭💫First world problems I know but still.......I am ill & emotional, let me have this one ☝️💫Wearing: @varley 🖤Shot by: @lee_mj_daley 📸
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2018/03/23 04:09:03

No you're not hard-core ''No you're not hard-core''Unless you live hard-core "Unless you live hard-core"I hope you sung that...#wakeboarding #marlboroughsounds #beautifulday #calm #sohardcore
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2018/03/23 04:02:58

Aquí estoy 😀Esperando que llegue la primavera😉 y tú que estás esperando?
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2018/03/23 04:08:43

Rain is beautiful. Just another thing that we can admire that we have no control over. #nature#beauty#love#calm
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2018/03/23 04:08:40

I’m finally done! I really enjoy how both pieces turned out, they both give off this calm and quiet feeling. And I’m impressed with the light effect on both drawings!They’re both from a story of mine so hopefully you’ll see more of them!#drawing #artistsoninstagram #digitalart #myart #quiet #calm #lighteffect #girls #woman #doll #peaceful #love #lesbians
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2018/03/23 04:08:31

Jizz on everything. No issues.One micro dot of ash. Fine!!#ok #hotel #calm #down
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2018/03/23 04:07:46

🙏🏻 2016 _#표지모델#그저감사 무한감사 #크확기 #smiling
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2018/03/22 11:33:58

The perfect relaxation combo.. salted vanilla candle, warm vanilla sugar bath bomb, and some personal development books ✨
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2018/03/23 03:34:58

I love the Northern Lights. Just to put it out there. And.. I found this really pretty video and out one of my favourite songs over it. Sorry for the disgusting quality and all... I would love to see them in person one day! 💚💚💚💚Credit: it’s not mine. But creds to whoever did it. Song: In love with a ghost | we’ve never met but, can we meet for a coffee or something?💚💚💚💚#northernlights #pretty #relaxingvideos #calm