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2018/02/22 07:38:34

Loved doing makeup on this firecracker 💥 @skyemorales A Mo Fam production @motionfamily @freshempire @samacan.co #skyemorales #freshempire #motionfamily
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2018/02/22 07:11:29

Not only do I love my job...I love my Clients!!! 🙂 This was a pretty technical job in SF. The customer initially had another design company come out and sadly they totally botched the job! Then I roll in with my 10+ years Rockwood Design Experience and I said "No Problem - We can do it"! And about 4 weeks later...Our installation! - This picture is of one of the shutters we did that the other company totally messed up, but ours is PERFECT!!! ~ Sheila
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2018/02/22 06:46:21

Just another day on vacation #me #fun #airport #sandiego #calilifestyle #yeah
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2018/02/22 04:14:47

I’m a total slacker on the fitness front so I wasn’t sure about joining my friends for a bootcamp style workout. I respond well to the “guilt buddy” concept though - I tend to only bail on others if I’m close to death..We are decidedly not an avid group of work-out fiends and for sure we had a variety of strengths and weaknesses. Jason brought out moves that challenged all of us. Our attempts made for some hilarious moments. (Um, me flailing about for the boxing portion.) 🥊😆.Love that Jason leads his workouts outdoors instead of a gym. A beautiful day in sunny LA made doing moves like “Prisoner” squats (yep that’s a thing) a bit more endurable and even fun! ☀️🌴.#lavibes #workoutwednesday #ramblinrosé
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2018/02/22 06:33:54

Enjoying a laid back #winewednesday with some delicious cheese and our Arroyo Seco Chardonnay ✨ #simplyelevated #austeritywine
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2018/02/22 05:59:13

La vie en rose🌷#goldenhour
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2018/02/22 05:57:28

Seeing this little girl, who’s about to turn 13, rocking my BE THE STANDARD sweater is EVERYTHING to me today!! I’m literally on the verge of tears after reading this text her amazing mom sent me: “We are placing another order on Friday. She thinks you are so cool & was happy to hear that somebody who is a grown up is also holding on to high standards.” YA’LL!! I’m DONE!😭😭😭 THIS is why l do this! THIS is why I’m willing to look + sound crazy and stand for God the way l do! She’s embracing a life of PURITY while entering into her teenage years! Please help me cover this beautiful girl in prayer! That God would keep her and that her identity will never be messed up! (MORE pics of people in their shirts are coming!) Thanks to all of you who are ordering! #BeTheStandard👑 ***Visit ASHELISE.COM then go to my STORE to order***
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2018/02/22 05:46:56

Time is money, money takes time.
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2018/02/22 04:55:19

We care 💚 we are always here to help and assist with any questions and concerns you may have! 🏡 ..“Succeed As One”
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2018/02/22 04:53:15

Dropping some #wednesdaywisdom on y'all 💥🙏..Following Me? 🔽🔽🔽www.JesseHuerta.com👤 Fb 🔸 🔲IG 🔸 🐦➡️@Rollinsw0llen