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2017/12/19 07:20:54

Just starting to dial it back here at the @girledworld HQ after a very big year. It's a great chance to take stock, take a breath, and remind ourselves how far we've come, what we've overcome, and why we started. What we do know is that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If it was too hard, no one would be doing it. But if there's a glint of possibility it can be done, it's a somebody like us, and a somebody like you, that needs to give it a crack. Startup, shaking it up, changing tack, and questioning status quo is not for everyone. But for the somebodies who do it, it will absolutely be worth it.Our job is done when we know we've shaken up secondary school aged girls, shifted their thinking, made them stand up, watched them step up to their own power and possibility, and showed them that to lead and succeed in whichever field they choose, they need to start equipping themselves now.Please join us (daughters/sisters/nieces/friends/Mums/teachers/mentors) for the 2018 @girledworld Summit @RMIT June 16/17 2018 where we'll unleash the expertise, mentorship and powerful take-home stories of extraordinary female leaders who are shaking up status quo every day. Be prepared to be transformed. This is stuff that schools can't teach. Give your girls a chance to challenge themselves, meet mentors and get career advice which may just change their lives. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION NOW OPEN. 🔝Full schedule online soon.
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2017/12/19 07:20:40

What's holding you back?.📸: @somethingsocial
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2017/12/19 07:18:10

Tomorrow is the LAST day to get your orders in before we leave for Christmas! If you didn't see our post over the weekend, we're going home for the holidays and won't be bringing merch with us! So please order tonight or tomorrow if you were planning to! We offer e-gift cards + we still have 20% off all merch in our store with code HOLIDAZE 🎄❄️ thank you guys! we love you 🖤 // photo by @colin.rm000
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2017/12/19 07:15:29

• 🌵🌵• @cactusmagazine
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2017/12/19 07:10:01

✍🏽📄💻👉🏽Do you know of a business in need of a writing consultant?...👉🏽Do you need a book editor or ghost writer?...👉🏽Need help preparing a speech, PowerPoint presentation, or creating course content?... 👉🏽Businessservices available through @sams_word!...👉🏽Contact us today!! Writers@SamsWord.com www.SamsWord.com
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2017/12/19 07:08:03

▪️It wasn’t too long ago that I despised going to bed because I dreaded having to “wake up all over again” the next day (pretty depressing, right?). At times, I would take it as far as not sleeping at all, just so that I wouldn't have to wake up in the morning and embrace my “shitty reality” all over again..-▪️I was lost and I hated how I felt. Luckily, I reached a point of understanding that the only person who could fix the way I was feeling about my life was ME. There were evident solutions that i had been ignoring and it was time to take action.-▪️The key to having a great day is to “create a rock in what feels like a raging river, something to hold, a root.” My rock is a bomb ass morning routine which has completely altered my mindset, and what I believe to be the entire direction of my life. :) I’ve conducted research and various personal experiments an order to create my “perfect morning,” every morning.-🏁✅HERE IS HOW IT GOES..-Step 1: HYDRATION: DRINK 16 oz of water.Benefits:♦️Increase energy, improve mood, fire up metabolism by 24% for 90 min, flush out toxins.-Step 2: MEDITATION: Meditate for 5-20 minutesBenefits:♦️Improve concentration, Increase self awareness, Feel more optimistic, Reduce anxiety and depression by increasing levels of serotonin and gaba which are mood stabilizers, get a natural high by increasing the endorphins in the body-Step 3: JOURNALING♦️Benefits: Reduce stress, increase feelings of gratitude, clarity, confidence and optimism.▪️How to journal: pt 1: Reflect:What are you grateful for? What are you happy about? What are you proud of? Excited about?▪️Pt 2: Prioritize:What is your mission statement? What are your long term goasl? What are your values? What is your intention for the day? Write down your daily powerlist ( 5 things to you will complete today and why)-Step 4: GET MOVING♦️Benefits: Increase mental and physical energy, be more active all day long, improve mood, get a “natural high”-Step 5:PAT ON THE BACK♦️All that is rewarded gets repeated. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for being an absolute savage
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2017/12/19 07:07:18

email | direct message for inquiries & sales _ handmade by JULES _ made from scratch _ fittings & custom sizing available _ made in montreal, canada
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2017/12/19 07:06:03

Today is the last chance to enter! See earlier posts for details!
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2017/12/19 07:02:40

// DAYDREAMING⠀⠀This cloudy Sydney weather got us dreaming of better days.⠀⠀📷 Conner Murphy via @unsplash⠀⠀#sunshineaddicted #summervibes #cloudsarenofun
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2017/12/19 06:59:45

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2017/12/19 06:58:33

Are you full of joy and ready for Christmas? Are you ready to take on 2018?
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2017/12/19 06:57:57

Moose copywriting work // penning advertorials for @woolworths_au mag ‘bout the perfect morning fuel aka @mojobeverages. .This sparkling sipper is sans additives or sweeteners - jussssst an effervescing mix of sweet taste, subtle flavour + wordsmithery by @neonmoose. Pop the top + embrace the taste 🙌.📷 @aisedillonphotography // design @prana_studios 🙌
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2017/12/19 06:55:37

Paradise on our doorstep... how lucky are we! (In this heat, this is the only place I want to be) 🐋
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2017/12/19 06:53:08

It’s about time for the “New year, new me” stuff.... But why wait for Jan 1st to start what you can today?