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2018/02/22 01:48:09

Mama I made it! The most rewarding moment of this climb. So much of this journey resembles life's journey. Stay in your lane, go at your own pace, focus on your own goal and don't give up no matter what! Fear/pain is temporary but regret will stay with you forever. Whatever it is you're after in life, fight for it until the very end💪🏾
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2018/02/22 01:47:19

Think I could potentially add more white to my wardrobe. 💌🕊️Went for darker brows and light lips to complement the outfit. Is it a yay or a nay?----Kameez: @brac.aarong -----------------------#lotd #ootd #bestoftheday #chic #makeupinspo #internationalmotherlanguageday #february #love #browngirlbloggers #bblogger #lifestyle #event #blackandwhite #browsonfleek #eyebrows #lips #wardrobe
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2018/02/22 01:45:31

das my dawg💪🏽❤️my rollie.my right hand.my dad.my mentor.my tough love.my reason.
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2018/02/22 00:04:19

Mama is getting bigger, and that means my belly is stretching!! Past two nights l rubbed this on in conjunction with my belly butter and my belly appreciates the extra moisturizing effect (argan oil is great for that). On wash day l plan to add a couple drops to my hair as well (it’s a light oil and my hair always loved jojoba and argan oil). I’ll even start slapping this on my cuticles (l usually use castor oil and l plan on going back to my natural nails with hardener when baby comes). Thanks again @dermae!
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2018/02/22 01:45:40

If you've been thinking about getting your professional brand prepped, primped and primed, wait no more!I'm currently offering a Speakers/Professionals Package which includes a professional, well-designed speaker one-sheet, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter cover photo/header, and matching bio graphic.Visit my link in bio for more information or to book your speakers package today・・・#adminhustle 💛✌🏽
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2018/02/22 01:43:00

Cruisin' with my baby love. BeingGood to Ourselves ❤️🤗
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2018/02/22 01:42:47

Please recognize that you #writeyourstory . Believe you can and go for it. You have the power to create the life you want. Write it down and make it happen.TY for sharing @nerdy_muslim
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2018/02/22 01:40:46

Simplicity brings you to your own path..I THINK this is the most easy natural makeup look,If you are a nude looks lover you are gonna love it... Used@nelf_cosmetics hd hydrating primer@nykaabeauty SKINgenius hydrating and sculpting foundation -True tan@lorealindia black magique kajal@nykaabeauty just wink it eyeshadow palette-SMOKIN hot@nykaabeauty so matte lipstick-praline cookieP.S ignore my nails.. ....#makeuplook #makeupmania #easy #simple #priyaprakashvarrier #inspired #nykaa #nykaabeauty #beautyblogger #lipstick #motd💄 #makegirlz #nudelook #nudelip #foundation #ffjovi #beautybloggers #youtuber #popxo #plixxoblogger #delhiblogger #browngirlbloggers #braids
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2018/02/22 01:33:57

Linking my favorite winter to spring look, including these comfy & weatherproofed booties, directly in my bio (all pieces less than $55!) ⋆ http://liketk.it/2uJ1M @liketoknow.it #liketkit
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2018/02/22 01:36:42

Where are you traveling this year? Learn how to make your travel goals a reality in this week’s post (link in bio). #bestiesandbrunch #ontheblogtoday
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2018/02/22 01:33:27

Wish it. Dream it. Do it!!! Double tap if you refuse to have 2018 be a rerun of 2017! It’s time to execute! Make it a great one boss!
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2018/02/22 01:35:44

The look you give when you’re in a stressful situation that you don’t know how to get out of. Log on to http://introvertnthecity.com to learn 5 ways to find balance in a stressful situation. I turned the frown upside down ☺️☺️ S👉🏾W👉🏾I👉🏾P👉🏾E👉🏾
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2018/02/22 01:34:58

“Beware of looking solely at the noteworthy accolades you have received, for that is a recipe for pride, not true confidence. Instead take a journey from your childhood to present day and see all you have become. Recognize there have been moments where you felt like giving up, but you found the strength to keep moving.” @sarahjakesroberts
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2018/02/22 01:30:59

T O M O R R O W. N Y C 👍🏾‼️ #Repost @moneyhubnyc・・・This Thursday, The Money Hub will bring our financial literacy workshop for the students at Hunter Silberman School of Social Work @huntercollege . Our first of two workshops will feature guest speaker Ash Exantus (Ash Cash). •He is a nationally recognized leader in personal finance and entrepreneurship, established life coach, inspirational speaker, and best-selling author. The man's impact speaks for itself. •The students at Hunter are in for a real treat!•iamAshCash.com•@iamAshCash•
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2018/02/22 01:33:40

It’s that time again! Another Cocktails & Creatives Networking event coming your way! Over 100 creative ladies joined us at Red Martini in January. This time we’ll be mixing and mingling at O2 Lounge on 3/10 from 8-10pm. Sign up to attend by clicking the link in the bio. Limited tickets!
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2018/02/22 01:33:05

✨✨✨ NEW BLOG POST✨✨✨You guys asked and here it is, How to Properly Heal: Seeking Healing.••DO NOT FALL WEAK SEEKING HEALING IN THE SAME PLACE THAT BROKE YOU!•Click the link in my bio 😘
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2018/02/22 01:30:26

When I was younger, my biggest problem seemed like it was my family escaping a low income lifestyle, that is all I ever remembered praying for________When I got into high school, my biggest goal was to get a scholarship that would pay my way through college, that is what I remembered praying for most________When I got to college, my biggest goal was going to medical school, that is what I remembered praying for most________Nearing the end of my first year of medical school, my best friend and person closest to me got cancer, I stopped fathoming the idea of academic goals and stresses being anything major and started to appreciate life more for our every day blessings— this is around the same time I started using IG as an outlet to blog. ________While second year is stressful with boards prep on top of everything else going on in my life, I am grateful for health and the opportunity to b here. Count your blessings. You’re always going to want more, but don’t forget what you already have, and how far you’ve already come along the way. ________#medicalschool#medschoolblog#womeninmedicine#premed#inspiration#mindbodyspirit#motivation#browngirlbloggers#student#medstudent#writersofinstagram#medic#scrubs#medicine#futuredoctor#doctor#advice#selflove#premedadvice#happiness#muslim#MCAT#gratitude#pakistani#feminist#nursing#lifestyleblogger#studyspo#blogger#USMLE
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2018/02/22 01:26:33

Snapchat fever🤳👻💜🔥fun filters✨🍀#snapchat #snap #snapchatfilters💋 #snapchatfilters #snaptime #fun #selfie #makeup #blog #blogger #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #me #amritasuryavanshi #diary #i #myinstafam #instagram #snapdiary🤳 ❤️