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2017/11/23 01:35:12

If you could see how Allah takes care of your affairs for you, how He wards off evil and afflictions from you, your heart would melt out of love for Him, your eyes would seek only Him, your purpose in life then would be only to please Him.#bokehphotography #bokeh_kings #bokeh #bokehkillers #bokehful #bokehtastic #bokeh_killers #bokeh_love #bokeh_addicts #dof #dof_nature #dof_brilliance #tv_depthoffield #tv_allnature #islamicreminders #subhanAllah #vzcomood
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2017/11/23 01:32:03

💯 points to the first person who can tell where this is
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2017/11/22 05:03:45

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2017/11/22 20:10:40

..Bethany was doing well with her new regimen for IBS, but for some reason we don’t really understand she’s been having a relapse in symptoms. Her nausea is back and her appetite has decreased..She was given a muscle relaxer a few days ago which took away all her painful spasms. It worked better than the pain medication. For a few glorious days she had no pain and was even able to walk a little. But the medicine gave her some severe side effects and she had to stop it. The doctor doesn’t have anymore appointments until a month from now and won’t prescribe a new muscle relaxer over the phone either..Her anxiety was being managed wonderfully by a new medication but since she started taking the new muscle relaxer it has returned with a vengeance. Even after she has stopped taking the muscle relaxer her anxiety level is very high because it’s taking days for the medication to get out of her system. The pain is back more sharp and debilitating adding to her anxiety...But this is what I’m holding on to:The muscle relaxer did take away the pain, so there’s hope something out there will eventually work..This really proves we need to look for a knowledgeable neurosurgeon and hopefully get to the root of the pain..Her stomach might be experiencing nausea again but the medication she’s been taking for regularity is working and it’s not causing her severe stomach pain anymore..The new wheelchair company we found has been helping modify her chair. We are slowly but surely getting closer to having a wheelchair fitted correctly for Bethany. This will help tremendously with her mobility and pain management..#edsstar15 #bokehstar15
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2017/11/22 19:54:37

Allah'ın ona verdiği pamuk gibi kalbi oda sağa sola vermiş,içinde fasülye yetiştirmişler itemi😀#macro #toys #heart #bokeh_love #benimobjektifim #fotografheryerde #istanbul #kareografi
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2017/11/22 19:11:45

Christmas is on its way, you can see it in the shops’ windows, in the beautiful Christmas lights in the West End, in the festive menus at cafés and the puddings, nuts and chocolates in the food halls, in the Christmas markets all around town. We are preparing for a very cold winter, but Christmas is still one of the warmest seasons I can think of. This close-up was shot at one of the stalls at the Southbank Christmas Market. It’s lovely and well worth a visit 😊🎄💫🤩