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2017/10/22 08:04:29

There is a game on today? Who knew? #playallday #bestbuddies
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2017/10/22 08:03:40

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2017/10/22 07:58:23

I walk for inclusion #bestbuddies
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2017/10/22 07:54:02

Best Buddies at Dior, great partners for Best Buddies Dallas We are so great for their support. Lisa Smith touching all of our hearts with her signing #bestbuddies #bestbuddiesforever #dior #bestbuddiesgala2017
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2017/10/22 07:50:08

Alyse and Connor hiked the Lighthouse Trail for the first time today, and it won't be the last! I'm so proud of them! That's a tough trail to conquer! #wecameweconquered #bestbuddies
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2017/10/22 07:44:01

“Después de los grandes momentos quedan inolvidables recuerdos”. Matchup party 2017 🎉🎉🎉🎉!! #abracemoslainclusión #bestbuddies #MiColegio #goodmomentswithmybuddy
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2017/10/22 07:39:42

My Kooper. Words can’t describe the love I have for my best buddy. #bestfriend #bestbuddies #love @kooperharbpana #myson
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2017/10/22 07:29:27

Our Chapter President Danielle tabling at Merrimack’s open house to spread the Best Buddy mission! #bestbuddies #bbma #inclusion #friendship #college #merrimack #openhouse
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2017/10/22 07:23:05

#BestBuddies 5K this morning. What a great organization
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2017/10/22 07:14:08

So I had a discussion with an older gentleman in the clinic this week, and he said something that has been on my mind ever since he left.•“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment surrounding the flower.... Not the flower itself”•I’m sure this is an old saying but I loved the analogy. I’m not sure I always agree, but it sounds very harmonious. What do you think?•It got me thinking about stressed out dogs, who are stressed out because of the owner (the environmental factor), and how important it is to actually love yourself first, in order to being able to giving another being (kid or dog) a chance at living and loving life with harmony and passion.•I hear it so often... “If it wasn’t for my dog, I’d loose my damn mind!”. I get that the punchline is that the individual loves their dog, but what the hell! Fix your shit and LOVE your life together with your dog! I really wish more people understood the importance of caring for oneself, in order to allowing those closest to them to love them better.•I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to work things out with the help of animals, but if it’s a constant need it might be a huge, blinking sign in neon lights saying “work on you! It’s ok to not be perfect and wanting to improve...”•This is why I love having older clients. Sometimes they give me so much food for thought, it takes my mind through hours of thinking. So I guess I’m a thinker! Hope you are having a great weekend!
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2017/10/22 07:12:50

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2017/10/22 07:11:50

•Auntie Winz & Nixy went to the farm today!•// 🎃🚜🌾#bestbuddies #tractorrides #pumpkinpatch #haystacks
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2017/10/22 07:07:02

#bestbuddies ! 😀👍
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2017/10/22 07:06:58

• Every Blondie Needs A Brownie By Her Side •.... #margaritatime #bestbuddies #octobernights