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2017/12/14 07:06:43

My commitment and obsession is always to be better today then I was yesterday. If I have to make sacrifices to do that, SO BE IT. Im committed to self development not self destruction. On this journey i choose the higher road. YES a tougher road but it is a much more rewarding one. I want my life to mean something I want to look back on my life and say yeah I made some tough decisions but they were the right decisions. So many people dont get it they piss there life away every weekend, FOR WHAT? So they can complain about there current circimstances for the rest of the week? There is NO CHANCE!! I'm in charge of my own life. It's all on me I take resposibility I take action. You will never hear me complain about another person or circumstance as a reason as to why I'm not where I'm supposed to be. If i dont like where I am time to knuckle down and work harder. I am a perfect reflection of the hard work or the lack of work I put in. If im weak in a certain area it won't be for long because I am commited to do better amd to be better. I will learn, I will work, I will make it happen. I will work until that weakness is turned into a stregnth no one can beat me cuz i dont give up IM RELENTLESS and its my time to rise up above my limitations!!! #RiseUp #DoitForYou #ImheretoInspire #motivate #belimitless #bemotivated #BeLEGENDARY #beBADASS #dontgiveup #strongmoms 💪🔥💪🔥💪🔥💪👊⚓⚓
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2017/12/14 03:42:52

Tag someone who you'd like to be here with!🌴HAHAHA. Just kidding. DON'T. Or do... whatever. But not because I told you to. Do stuff because you feel like it.💌Someone told me my last post was risky because it would be a waste of time for me to spend hours writing 100 postcards to strangers. But, since when did making connections & getting your butt to a post office become a waste of time? Not in my book!💜On the other hand, making me open IG to see a photo of a beach because my friend responded to some inauthentic call to action or prompt? Umm... yeah.😎P.S. I'm beyond excited that so many of you wanted to get postcards. At first I was like who's going to even want that? But, you all are proof that good, wholesome, cute sh*t happens on the internet all the time.✍🏽Anyway - I'll start writing your post cards sooon. Thanks for being my pen pals! #overdoseintravel
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2017/12/14 03:40:49

Are you happy with your life? Do you love what you do? I tell ya since I started following what I want in life I am happy. Yeah I don’t make right now what I was making, my paychecks aren’t consistent. But I #WorkHardLiveHappy !!! My two focuses on life are fitness and health and emphasizing on it, and making a difference. Making a difference like getting the final coat of finish paint on my girlfriends living room while I wait on laundry (clean shirt and socks because truth be told I fell behind on simple tasks like laundry and I’m all out) 😂. But that’s okay, I have a million and one projects and things I have to do, helping people reach fitness goals, fitness for myself, training to become a better fitness instructor, it’s super fuckin cold outside (and I work outdoors a lot and am used to it- but still it’s colder than a witches tit). However, no matter how weighed down by responsibility and accountability I am, I do it with a fuckin smile. A smile my friends. Did you know it takes more muscle use to frown than to smile. So to every one complaining about life and all that you have to do, I’m pointing at you, cut the wow is me bullshit and execute your actions. The only way you will succeed is by showing up and doing your shit. That’s what keeps me going. I hate inactivity. Now go out and be badass. I believe in you. If you are lost and can’t gain traction, just start doing. You’ll be surprised how much you can do if you add an extra couple hours in a day to go extra, or sacrifice your Friday and Saturday night and say no to enjoyable activities. Sleep or do something that will be productive or create further productivity. #berelentless #ambition #ambitiousAF #WorkHardLiveHappy #Inspire #Endorphinated #LetsGetEndorphinated #endorphinatedlife #IWantToInspire #Grind #WorkWorkWork #fitness #aesthetics #muscle #fitnessInstructor #Painter #contractor #entrepreneur #BeBadass #WaitinOnLaundry
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2017/12/14 03:26:29

"In case you forgot to remind yourself...your smile lights up a room, your mind is insanely cool, you are way more than enough, your butt is perfect and you are doing an amazing job at life. 💜 If you start to feel bad about yourself, remember, every beautiful pizza was once just a plain ball of dough." xo#yogagirl #girlsthatlift #fitandfabulous #riseandgrind #lovetheskinyourein #bam #brainsandmuscle #findyourwings #befierce #befearless #bebadass #beyourself #livethelifeyoulove #nodreamtoobig #yogaguidemag #namastehappy #mysatya #thisisliving #thisis50
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2017/12/14 03:24:04

Be that girl ✨💜 #midweekinspiration #nymm
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2017/12/14 03:02:28

Loving myself at all different stages of my physique and not giving a fuck about anyone else's opinion 🙏🏻▪️I feel like in today's culture everyone is obsessively focused on unrealistic positive expectations... you know like be happier, be healthier, be leaner, be the best... better than all the rest, be smarter, richer, more popular, sexier, more productive, more envied, more admired. Just be perfect and amazing. This fixation on what's better and "superior" only serves to remind us over and over of what we are not, what we lack, what we should have been but failed to be... So instead of being fixated on these expectations society has for you, focus on you. Focus on what you can do to better yourself, what's going to make you happy, what really matters in this world to you, what body are you going to be happy & comfortable in, what life are you going to be happy living, and what's going to truly bring you happiness.▪️I know I'm not going to have the most impressive physique - there's 7 billion other people in this world, I know I'm not going to be the most aesthetically pleasing to look at, because the beauty in this world is absolutely endless... but I have things that make me special and things that make me, ME! and I don't have to have these things to succeed, but I do what I can to better myself even with defying those expectations. - Maybe you feel like you need to be all these things to be truly happy- the most successful, the best body, the most money, BUT If there was no such thing as judgement or absolutely no ones opinions mattered to you would you still think the same?#WednesdayThoughts #bebadass #radiatepositivity #Feedyourbrain #spreadlove #selflove #empowerment #TeamMihaly
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2017/12/14 02:26:46

It’s simple ✨Start becoming aware of what drains your energy and make a conscious decision not to allow it to. Stop entertaining things that don’t serve you. If it’s not growing you, molding you , or making you a better human being??Ehhhhhh scratch that . You’ve got more important things to ponder about. Stay magical Goddess. “Chin up , Crown On”👑💫#goddesspower #energyhealing #staymagical #everythingisenergy #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #growthmindset #inspirationquotes #motivationforlife #investinyourself #valueyourself #blackempowerment #blackgirlmagic#valueyourtime #valueyourworth #inspirationdaily #womenempoweringwomen #blackgirljoy #peaceofmind #strongwomenquotes #allwomen #bravewoman #superwomansoulfood #positivemindpositivelife #bossbabe👑 #bebadass #frequency #witchbabe #vibratehigher #elevateyourstyle
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2017/12/14 01:43:40

Coach Scott has something that he must overcome everyday on his fitness journey that has made it a little harder than the average person. And that is type 1 Diabetes.Coach Scott was diagnosed with late onset juvenile diabetes at the age of 26. This form of diabetes is genetic, and most often appears in children much earlier in life. When diagnosed, he remained active playing sports recreationally, but struggled to maintain appropriate blood sugar levels. That struggle caused him to gain weight, which was not good for a man who had been extremely fit and active for his whole life. "I needed to do something, I knew if I kept down that path that I wasn't going to be there for my son" Scott said. After researching and discussing various options with his doctors, he decided he needed a consistent workout routine. After some trials and a bit of a balancing act with his schedule, he has been able to lower his blood sugars and feel better on a daily basis. Scott continues to research the effects of exercise and how it affects diabetes management. One thing is for sure, according to Scott "Exercise is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage diabetes." Scott has the unique ability to empathize with other members who also have diabetes, work with them to explain how certain workouts may affect their blood sugars throughout the day, and start them on a path to healthier management of their diabetic symptoms.Like, comment, and share our post each day to be entered into 12 drawings starting December 12th for our protein sampler pack (1 share 1 enter- must like and comment to be entered) All winners will be put into an additional drawing on December 25 for a FREE month membership #motivation #strategicstrong #ss&c #strategicsomerset #crossfit #progenex #bebadass #somersetgym #strategiccoaches #strategicstengthandconditioning #noexcuses
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2017/12/14 01:20:11

In the hopes that more people will be able to experience the inspiration that come with our unique quote necklaces we are offering a 20% discount on the entire quote necklace collection. Only 1 more day. What is your intention for 2018? #20percentoffandfreeshipping
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2017/12/14 00:56:02

Wait...this IS how you use this thing, right?! 😂10 miles bright and early to start the day. The wind was stupid today and I wasn't in the mood to fight it. These miles were awesome and I felt super strong. Don't you love it when things are clicking and the miss fly by? Also... I am a'lovin my @lilytrotters socks. Need to snag a last min gift for someone (or yourself... I don't judge)? use code DRTYRUNNER for 20% off right now. Yesssss!Happy Wednesday! xx#run #allthemiles #sockflock #lilytrotters #bebadass #instarunner #motivation #trailandultra #ultrarunner #orangemud #topoathletic #springtribe #ilovetorun #ambassador #runit #womensrunningcommunity#RLAG #strongrunner #strongandfrisky
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2017/12/14 00:36:30

That’s right, beezys. Stay hydrated, stay bad ass ✌🏼 #youdoyoubooboo #yougotthis #humpdaymotivation #bebadass #beproud #hydrateyoself #happywednesday
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2017/12/14 00:27:18

Day13 of #25daysofbuti is #balasana or #childspose “No one knows what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain -- our journey's not over. We can only hope that in some small way our time here will be remembered.” —Plio (Dinosaur)..Much love to our amazing SPONSORS: @butiyoga @goldenrationutrition @elisabettarogiani @tharasacra @rebeldeck @thesoulfulfairy @eatingevolved ..HOSTS: @bizziegold @dat_tribe_life @tara_jae_buti_yoga @ekateryna23 @nadiacarriere @nanimoves @in_my_lane @mssashi @fit.movement ..#bethechange #yogi #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #dinosaur #wisdom #journey #yogajourney #butiyoga #butisattva #butitribe #fitmom #proudfitfam #adventure #howwillyouberemembered #bebadass #bekind #beyourself #love #ptsdrecovery
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2017/12/13 23:19:46

Wednesday’s are to be AUTHENTIC. Always BE BADASS. @mybadassgear #authentic #bebadasseveryday #BeBadass
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2017/12/13 22:06:47

Crushing hard on all of these amazing women right here!!! All were part of the 80 Days Obsessed Coaches Test Group and as you can see had RIDICULOUS results!!!.Some of these results are after just 30 days and most are after a full 80 days of focused workouts, superfoods ShakeO, timed nutrition and the desire to see change!!!!.The absolute BEST part is that most if not all of these ladies are already pushing each day to be better than the last, eating 80/20 and doing the healthy lifestyle and YET they all still had results!!!.The greatest gift you can give yourself and everyone around you is the one where you take care of you!!!!.In just 1 day this program is being released and is available to all of our existing and new coaches and customers at a discounted price. And for my team of coaches (including any new coaches who sign up) will get opportunity to be part of a an official Test Group with the creator herself, Autumn Calabrese!!!! Talk about upping the ante in the accountability department! .Then on 12/20 A Little Obsessed (our sneak peek program) becomes available with a week of workouts to help get you prepared for the full release and start of 80 Days Obsessed which starts in January 15th!!! .Have I confused you yet?! Don’t worry I was a bit confused and overwhelmed at first...BUT that’s where I come in! I got you!!!! Don’t wait until January 1st to put YOU first! Join me and let’s end 2017 with a BANG and start 2018 kicking ass and taking names out of the gate!!!
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2017/12/13 22:05:09

We only have 1 life to live make it the best one possible ❣️ #lovelife #happy #love #lookafteryourself #behappy #besassy #bebadass #enjoylife #live #in #today #live2bfitandhealthy
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2017/12/13 21:07:42

My bed felt so cozy ...........this sweat feels better 🙌Get to it No excuses #stopPlayin #goals