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2017/09/20 05:32:18

In spite of all my fears i can see it all so clear
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2017/09/20 05:33:29

Freedom is the now.September 21st is upon us! Break free of emotional, physical, and social stress! Join me anytime between 6 am and 10 pm! There’s a large floor in hopes to work well with everyone’s schedules! Also, a reminder that the promotional offer of 35-45-55 ends 2 hours before the event is over on Thursday! #massagetherapy #reikihealing #kahiloa #massage #healingevents #makethemovementmove #bearhuggingenergy #bear
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2017/09/20 05:33:23

Hoje acordei meio doentinho! 😂#sqn ........#maisamor #bear #beard #love #peace #menosintolerancia #cura
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2017/09/20 05:31:48

The Unusually Active Table at 4:00pm today the 19th of September . Mainly for long traders on NASDAQ and NYSE. Good short trades can also be found here.
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2017/09/20 05:32:28

If hunters think killing animals is helping as they're doing 'population control' and 'wildlife management' and 'keeping the numbers down', then hunters must think human genocide is great huh? _As let's face it, clearly the only population out of control at over 7 billion and destroying the planet is us. _Hunters aren't doing anything for 'CONservation'. That's their excuse to exercise their primitive bloodlust and go out and kill for fun. Nature takes care of balancing populations. Hunters just mess them up. _Mountain lions for example keep deer herds on the move, which prevent them from overgrazing in one particular area, which in turn prevents soil erosion, which helps plants to grow. That's nature. Hunters turn up and shoot the mountain lions to 'save the deer' and then shoot the deer so they 'don't overpopulate and starve to death' 🙄 _If hunters were told they could save animals by donating to conservation efforts without killing any animals, they wouldn't donate a cent. They only pay to KILL as they enjoy it. Anything else is merely an excuse. _Caption @a_lallie_new
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2017/09/20 05:32:26

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2017/09/20 05:31:16

Ко мне, кажется, возвращается работоспособность) вот уже на подходе очередной мишка🐻 #скоробудетмишка#wip #workinprogress #hobby #handmade #art #color #bear #toy #teddy #teddybär #teddybear #ooak #мишка#скоробудетмишка #медведь #медвежонок #творческийпроцесс #хэндмэйд #ручнаяработа #тедди #мишкатедди #ярмаркамастеров
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2017/09/20 05:28:11

I found the meme and edited lol I love cats but I AM BEARMANIf my computer was working I woulda used MS Paint and made it look 1.01x betterI SWEAR THE ORIGINAL ARTIST MUST BE ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS THAT MF LOOKS JUST LIKE ME
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2017/09/20 05:28:52

Portrait of a young Black Bear. This little one is usually quite timid, but did not mind my presence as he walked within petting distance alongside my car, eating grass. I turned off my engine and opened my windows to get a clear shot of him as he walked past, but I wasn't anticipating him walking so close to me. It was a real thrill to be so close! I hope he stays timid and weary of people so he has the best chance of survival! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~📷 Canon 6DmkII🔭 Sigma 120-300mm f2.8💥 1/250 sec, f2.8, 1250 ISO
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2017/09/20 05:30:05

Bear Cub scrambling up a tree in Katmai National Park....Photo By @kymri#ilovealaskafans #alaskalife #alaska #bear #bearcub #babyanimals #wildlife #katmainationalforest
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2017/09/20 05:29:58