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2017/09/13 04:47:00

⠀⠀One of many works in progress.
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2018/02/19 17:09:15

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2018/02/19 17:08:09

_The heat comes in distant shifts to fill up my roomIt spills out of these ancient vents to meet the new coldAnd I lay in my twisted sheets and stare out at the snowStill thinking of the next few months, my cold and lifeless eyesI've never felt so separateAnd then there's you but that's so obviousIt's hopeless and I know this, that's why I can't dreamNo desire or circumstance would keep this from meOne by one, to department storesWe walk through the aislesIn a forest of designer clothes, you touch me and smileAnd for a moment I could want nothingYour bright eyes burn through my exploding heartAnd we stand as the shoppers pass usAnd for once I can feel a touch completeAnd I need to just be near you and fill these empty eyesBut you start turning as resistance pulls you from my cold and boring lifeLet's make this easy and let time pass, as devotion diesThe list goes on and onI have waited and I will be waiting for the pain to cure the fear
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2018/02/19 17:07:50

For lige godt 19 år siden, tegnede jeg dette portræt af min familie. Jeg forærede det til min oldemor, til hendes 70års fødselsdag. Da jeg blev konfirmeret i 2009 fik jeg portrættet retur, skønt hun døde blot to måneder før. Præcis en måned før min fødselsdag. Nu har eg fået nyt sted at bo og selvfølgelig skal familieportrættet hænge på væggen! ❤️🇩🇰 #minfamilie #anno1999 #børnekunst