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2018/01/22 03:00:38

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2018/01/22 03:00:03

This is what my lizard painting looked like a month ago! Can't wait to share the final result xo
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2018/01/22 03:00:05

#Diversity. Acrylic on canvas. 1828x914mm. This is the result of three weeks work since 30.12.17 and an exact copy of the #Croydon mural from August. I hope all you IG folks like it and look forward to your comments!
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2018/01/22 02:59:58

✨🌲Captured by Green GIVEAWAY 🌲✨I'm so so thankful for all the beautiful souls I have connected with through my art! It brings me so much joy to share this passion of mine with those who truly appreciate it and I can't wait to share more of my creativity this year! Thank you to all that have supported me along the way! 💚💚💚I will be sending a 11x14 digital print of your choice to 2 winners! US only (international giveaway soon)Rules to enter 👇🏽😎1. You must be following me2. You must LIKE this photo3. You must tag at least 1 friend in the comments below and tell me which print you would want! 1, 2, or 3? You can tag as many friends as you want. Each comment will count as an entry 🤙🏽**Extra entry if you want to repost or post on your story and tag me! 😘I'll be picking 2 winners next Sunday (January 28th) and ship the next day! Much love!! 💚✨🎨
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2018/01/22 03:00:02

"We used to dreamer of outer space" ~TØP. Drawing of: @kasiakobu .Sorry for photo quality 😖.I've got too many ideas for drawings, but l don't have enough time to do them because of school. So please stay tuned 💞 I've planned to be more active this year 💞.And I'll probably start write more in captions. Should I?#myenglishsucks.#space #galaxy #acrylicpainting #painting #drawing #portrait #myart #artwork #art #youngartist #polishgirl #twentyonepilots
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2018/01/22 02:59:39

In progress- untitled triptych, left panel 6”x6” acrylic and gold leaf on panel. #wip #acrylic #acrylicpainting #inprogress #untitled #triptych #gold #goldleaf #klimt #klimtinspired #kunst #smallpainting #smallworks
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2018/01/22 02:59:27

تابلو نقاشي رقص سماع اكريليك سايز ١٢٠ در ٨٠ ٣٥٠ هزارتومان #painting #acrylicpainting
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2018/01/22 02:52:38

Didn’t get a chance to do photo realism but I definitely enjoyed painting this beauty. Swipe left for original pic #blackwomanmagic #art #acrylicpainting #usedtothis #artislove #toodope #painters #painting #createdtocreate #dmvartist #dmvpainter #woman #livepaint
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2018/01/22 02:57:14

Limited edition mugs will be hitting my Etsy shop later today!!
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2018/01/22 02:58:54

Experimenting with resin and paint. It's hard to see by the pictures but there is two layers of resin and two layers of paint on a 12×12in canvas. Next time I'll do more layers of resin and try on a smaller wood surface.#abstractart #resin #artofresin #acrylicpainting