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2018/02/21 00:53:56

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2018/02/21 00:52:39

In last weeks episode I spoke about an experience in sex ed where boys were taught how to put on condoms and girls were told to make a list of their physical boundaries. Men’s sexuality was celebrated, women’s was shamed. Did any of you have similar experiences? Was your sex talk secular or was it in the church/a faith context? Email me at mrsfeministpodcast@gmail.com or DM me here to share your stories!
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2018/02/21 00:48:33

Super excited to be published in @BRIDES magazine again! What a great way to start off 2018! Make sure to pick up your copy for all your wedding planning!
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2018/02/21 00:45:21

You can just feel the love in this picture! She’s wearing our Gold Mary Janes 💛💛
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2018/02/21 00:42:40

Morning vibes ✨☕️👊🏻💕
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2018/02/21 00:41:31

“Come as you are” 20x22”
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2018/02/21 00:32:21

We love sharing different ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine! See more on A Beautiful Mess today. 💜✨ #ouifresh
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2018/02/21 00:38:12

Catch those sleeves ✨
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2018/02/21 00:27:34

Hey everybody, I am proud to announce the official release of my first collection. The Unknown and Oversaturated vol i photobook and prints are available for a limited time. Get your piece of this collection today. Link in bio!#linkinbio 📷: @martino.photos
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2018/02/21 00:30:02

How often do you stop for the little things?✨I took this picture one morning a few weeks ago. I’d been rushing around, in a hurry to leave the house and get to where I was going. As I drove down the road that leads out of my neighborhood, my mind spinning a million miles an hour, I turned a corner, and my breath caught. Overnight, the world had frozen, and the natural area surrounding the ponds by my house had been transformed into a winter wonderland, a thick layer of ice insulating every tree limb, every stalk, everything. That everyday scene was suddenly something magical, and as if my hands had made the decision on their own, they turned the wheel and pulled the car over, ignoring the busy whirring of my brain.✨I got out of the car. It was 7 degrees Fahrenheit - so cold my bare hands could hardly operate the shutter button. Still, I walked around the pond for a good ten minutes, snapping photos and breathing in the icy air. I felt so much GRATITUDE that morning. All the insistent pressures taking up space in my mind just sort of melted away, and I was there, in the moment, in awe of its stunning beauty.✨We need to do this more, I believe. All too often, we go through the day with blinders on, unaware of the simple pleasures, the exquisite beauty that surrounds us. Today, I propose a heightened awareness of the little things we so often take for granted - the magic of an iced-over landscape, the warm hug from a friend, the sound of laughter. There are so many reasons to approach each day with joy and wonder - all we have to do is look for them. ✨...#winterscape #winterwonderland #freezingcold #itsthelittlethings #dailygratitude #lifeissogood #allthefeels #fortcollins #coloradovibes #igersfortcollins #thatslovely #theeverygirl #acolorstory #abmlifeisbeautiful #abeautifulmess #glitterguide #motivationalwriter #inspiringwords #wordsarelife #writersofinsta #writersofig #wintervibes #thegramgang #tilinsiders #communityofwriters #communityovercompetition #writerslife #writersnetwork #thepowerofwords #inspirationalwords
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2018/02/21 00:29:29

I'm a little obsessed with these monstera leaf earrings in jewelers brass and sterling silver. They are so cute! I'm 100% making myself a pair! If you would like a pair DM me, I'm giving them a new release pricing of $25 for the rest of February 😀
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2018/02/21 00:22:40

Things are about to get real lovey-dovey around here! Moneé Elizabeth will always be your destination for dainty hand crafted pieces, but we're going Bridal. You can expect to continue to see our classic pieces as well as some new designs for the special #bride and #bridesmaids as well as custom #bridesmaidsgifts ! We're excited and we hope you are too! P. S. I'm hoping I don't have to re-marry my husband just to get this #bridecake 👀
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2018/02/21 00:24:12

I've been struggling a bit recently. Without being all like 😫😭 a messy vulnerable mess...it does explain why I've been a little quiet on all realms: real life, IG & FB. I'm just trying (trying the key word here!) to take a little stock and figure out where to go from here. The question I need to ask myself is, how am I going to stop this from happening time and time again. A cup of tea, a blank notepad, pens and flowers might help...any more tips then they'd be more than welcome 💕
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2018/02/21 00:23:57

Another commission city scape in the works!
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2018/02/21 00:18:40

Back to art 😊 Tomorrow’s projects include working on this new painting some more. This is a section of it that I am particularly enjoying. It’s been so fun to use some @goldenpaints Clear Tar Gel painting medium on it (the peach-coloured lines and drips in the lower centre section of this pic). The extra dimension and texture it gives is great! Cannot wait to experiment some more in the morning. Right now though, it’s 1am 🙈and I need to go to bed 😴 Also can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s comments and posts tomorrow! I have missed you! For now though I must sleep. See you soon 😊❤️😘......#artistlife #acrylicpainting #australianartist #australianart #herveybay #maryborough #queenslandartist #studiosession #artcollectors #ilovecolor #originalart #calledtocreate #passioncolorjoy #carveouttimeforart #abstractpainting #interiordesign #myunicornlife #abeautifulmess #colourlove #ilovecolour #artstudio #abmlifeiscolorful #homedecor #ihavethinsthingwithcolor #insanelyinspiredinstagram #acolorstory #pursuepretty #brisbaneartist #herveybayartist #artexhibition
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2018/02/21 00:23:43

Teaching at @pdp_inc for the next two weeks! I love being a professional silly person! #whenindoubtsteptouchitout #Repost @pdp_inc・・・@neotericdance taking over our Febcamp for some afternoon dancing yesterday - better than caffeine for the adults in the building. 😉🙌🏻 #vacationwithpdp#dance #dancer #choreographer #choreography #adultballet #adultballerina #adultballerinagang #ballet #jazzdance #moderndance #danceeducation #danceteacher #abeautifulmess #acolorstory #theinstagramlab #risingtidesociety #tilinsiders #neotericdance #musicaltheatre #musicaltheater
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2018/02/21 00:22:50

You can find an original Mr. Owl acrylic painting at @saltyteacup in North Portland. Woodblock prints are available through me; ranging in price from $25-$50, depending on size. PM me if interested.