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2017/12/13 12:18:17

Once there was this mom who actually put 5 kids to sleep 😴 by 8:45 p.m. all herself and then got chill out on. the. couch. 🛋Crazy, I know! ---------------------------------------- Here's another good story: our little boy has gone to bed for 3 nights in a row without going berserk! 🙌🏻 today I got the sensory weighted blanket I ordered. ✨Miracle✨ he laid totally still while we read our bedtime books and then: he fell asleep. End of story. Normally the kid flips and flops and cannot settle in to fall asleep. Check out @sensorygoodsonline 👉🏻excellent quality and the best pricing I could find! ----------------------------------------#abeautifulmess #sensory #weightedblanket #sensorygoods #goodnight #sleepytime #fostercare #fosterparent #fosterkids #fosterlove #parenting
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2017/12/13 12:15:14

still so amazed at our progress from when I first started doing her hair. Patience patience patience 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼
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2017/12/13 12:15:11

Today I’m officially 25% done with @creativecircus but I’m feeling 💯. Time to make some more content until I’m back to school next month 💃🏼Coming up: giveaways, events, and a revamp of my YouTube channel - turn on post notifications and let’s get serious ✊🏻.......#stylemepretty #styleblogger #fblogger #styledbyme #fashioninfluencer #personalstyle #americanstyle #fashionicon #livecolorfully #streetstyle #fashiondaily #acolorstory #stylefile #trendingnow #createandcultivate #minimalstyle #abeautifulmess #lookoftheday #fashionpost #bloggerstyle #atlantablogger #nolessluxe #winterlookbook #iphone7plus #canonphotography #atlanta
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2017/12/13 12:08:35

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” -Warren Buffet—When I learned about the power of residual income, this business model just made sense. I call residual income “freedom money.” It’s the income that allows you to slow down on the modern day grind. It allows you to create time where you need more, like with family. Time is the one asset we never get back. So when I learned about home based business, residual income, and when my mind was opened to this industry... I became officially unemployable.—See at the time I was driving two+ hours to a traditional business I had built that I realized wasn’t my passion anymore. I loved my clients and I loved the space we had built but I felt empty and stuck. I couldn’t stop thinking about this business model and the power of residual income. Here I am almost 5 years later and I can tell you that there hasn’t been a Monday where I haven’t been paid residual income.—I know I’m not alone in how I felt and that there are other people out there feeling trapped in their career/job. Just remember if you aren’t excited about what you do day in and day out...that spreads to all other areas of your life (marriage, health, friendships, etc). There ARE other options...and I am SO passionate about sharing this gift. So, who’s ready to create freedom in 2018?! I can’t wait to meet you 💕👯‍♀️—#ResidualIncome #YouCanToo #LaunchYOURLife
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2017/12/13 12:07:15

Tis the season for engagements! Check out the blog to find a simple way to say congratulations! 💍💕
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2017/12/13 11:58:56

Venus and Phoenix and the Solar Wind (detail) - Artist Enhanced Giclee Prints on Canvas available in the shop! Http://stephjoyhogan.com
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2017/12/13 11:49:41

Today we went to a local tree far to cut down our Christmas tree! Now that finals are over for mom it's time to get in the holiday spirit! Do you have a real or artificial tree?20% off @geopetric with code KACEYMAE20Check out my friends!@mrhudsonwhitney @apollotheshepherdmix@simply.rex_thegsd @abby.gsd_________________________________ #WoofPack🐶@kaia.retriever @seba.charlie @the_dog_and_the_bird @esther.harper.gsd.beagle @baylee_the_gsd @oso_thegsd @buddytherottweiler_________________________________This is my entry to #Shilohs12DaysofDogmas by the @theshilohsisters i think Kacey should win day 3 because we are a loving, cuddly family. We spend lots of time curled up in blankets daily and mom even sits on my bed with me before bed curled up in our blanket! #dailydoseofkacey #kaceymae #kacey #itsakaceyday #germansheoherddaily #placeopups #dogsofmissouri #thoughtoftheday #photooftheday📷 #dailybarker #topdogphoto #bestwoof #instas_animals #abeautifulmess #thehappynow #thatsdarling #flashesofselight #dogsofmo #modogs #dogsofinsagram #gsd #gsdworld
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2017/12/13 11:45:27

this Rose Ointment is my best friend especially in the winter months — sooo soothing to dry skin! I also use it to massage other oils into my skin — Rose is SO incredibly beneficial to our body and emotional health 💛 with anything from Young Living, because it’s the best of the best - such amazing quality and oils are so potent, a LITTLE bit goes such a LONG way! You truly get the best bang for your buck with YLEO.
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2017/12/13 11:41:52

Threes a crowd! Featuring all of my current faces. I’ll be loading all these gals on the website this week!
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2017/12/13 11:40:30

miss vibing with my girl @caseyturak33 🌙✨ see you soon xo #latergram
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2017/12/13 11:38:30

She's a happy tree 🎄 on the Christmas docket for this week: 1. Wrap presents 🎁 2. Share our winter bucket list up on the blog for you guys 3. Idk, relaxxxx before all the holiday craziness hits 😅✨
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2017/12/13 11:37:41

Today’s vlogmas day 12 and it’s up now!! Go check it out !!! Link in bio
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2017/12/13 11:37:49

Dexter vibes
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2017/12/13 11:37:01

Happy Tuesday! A little early for the New Year vibes this one is giving me. I can't believe 2017 is almost over! I can't say what an amazing year it's been because it would be an understatement. ☺️
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2017/12/13 11:34:33

Guys, the @giltcity sample sale this past weekend was AMAZING!! I got these @soludos for $4.50! Also snagged Hudson jean shorts and a The Kooples dress. I can’t wait to show the rest!