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2018/02/22 23:13:19

The road less travelled….#cyclingphotos #cyclingshots #cyclingpics #cycleride #cycling #fromwhereiride #cyclist #roadporn #ridemore #roadcycling #cyclingphotos #cycling #ciclismo #cyclingpics #cyclist #bikestagram #instacycling #lovecycling #cyclinglove #instabicycle #cyclistlife #outsideisfree #wymtm #roadtonowhere #roadslikethese .⠀
#repost @bhoffmanracing⠀
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Throwing it back to my first trip to South Africa in 2016, standing in the middle of the road with my bike one morning outside of Stellenbosch. Look forward to getting back soon for some high octane racing! #tbt #hoffracing #imsa #capeepic 📷 @et_photo_home
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2018/02/22 23:07:08

Smile when you are having fun!
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2018/02/22 23:12:09

gonna be wide, well at least good for 650x2.2 tyres, after welding internal routing parts on dt,understood how great brazing should be...#framebuilding #4130society #steelisreal #cycling #tigwelding #bicycleacademy #gravelgrinder #baaw #wymtm #instabike #Lithuania #fixedgearvilnius #garlavelo #650b #bicycle #dviratis
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2018/02/22 23:05:53

More deetz on FB:When camps for the Asian Champs were announced a month ago, I spoke with the secretary, and two vice-presidents of Pakistan Cycling, requesting that I be allowed to stay and train in Islamabad during the week (the velodrome is 5 hours away). As the only amateur rider on the squad, I had various professional commitments including an immigration case and business-related meetings. I explained my coach's training and nutrition plan, outlined targets, offered to attend the camps every weekend and whenever I could during the week, and committed to paying my own travel costs. All three of them agreed, unequivocally. I know this because I called each of them separately and asked them to repeat it in their own words. I attended camps and clocked in times 0.4-0.6” faster than the other guy trying out for Man 1. My best performance was 25”, while his was 25.9” (for reference, the difference between 1st and 12th place in the f200 was 0.37” so 0.9” is enormous). A week before we were due to depart, an insider friend told me that I had been removed from the squad (no official correspondence thus far). When I called the higher-ups, they claimed my competitor had been putting in better times than me. I asked for the timings, they said there were no records of those attempts. I offered to drive to the velodrome that day and put in a better time, they said that timings weren’t the only consideration and that camp attendance mattered. I reminded them of our agreement – one of them admitted that he lied and taunted me saying that there was nothing I could do about it. The gist is, the guy they picked was from the same province as the president and secretary, and it looks good for them if they’ve got provincial representation on the national team. The other team members were from the Army and utilities departments, so I was expendable. Of course, what good is my word, when you’ve got numbers. I drove to the track this weekend, and without warming up (after a 5 hour drive), unshaven legs, no aero wheels, and on a windy AF outdoor track, tied my own PB. Grab a stopwatch, time it for yourself, and tell me if it’s faster than 26 seconds.#wymtm #FromWhereIRide
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2018/02/22 23:07:44

Whyte Wessex SE *NOW IN STORE*Sram Red EtapVision Metron one piece carbon bar and stemEaston EC90 sl Carbon wheels
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2018/02/22 23:04:25

The red sky at winter by @eberhard_grossgasteiger 🏔️
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2018/02/22 22:54:13

First up and sponsoring again this year: @vanbonsport 🔥Check out their web shop for loads of fixed gear parts and good deals! 🙌🏼•••#spacemonkeyfixedgear #vanbonsport #spacemonkey #fixedgear #fixed #fixie #fixedgearracing #fixedgearcrit #fgc #trackbike #wymtm #fromwhereiride #lifebehindbars #cyclingphotos
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2018/02/22 22:50:49

Eroica marketing team at work.... today special location for us Bianchi Caffè Milano
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2018/02/22 22:48:37

Since the launch of the app yesterday we’ve seen new members join the hub from all over the world, including @paolopennimartellicycling who posted this absolutely stunning photo. Download the app today on the App Store and Google Play and join cyclists from around the world on the hub. #experiencemore #onthehub #unfound
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2018/02/22 22:42:09

The adventures of Sober Rider and the Star Sheriffs #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #winterriding
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2018/02/22 22:37:40

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2018/02/22 22:36:12

Our 3L Rain Parka is a highly technical waterproof jacket ☔️ with subtle detailing to enhance your commute...🌙 reflective features front and back⠀✋🏻 oversized snaps for easy closure and opening with gloves⠀👐🏻 lots of easy access pockets⠀↔️ expandable shoulder gussets for freedom of movement on the bike⠀🚴🏻🚶🏻 adjustable hems and hood, depending on whether you're walking or riding⠀💧 glued construction for extra waterproofness⠀Extremely functional, without compromising on style. More info via the link in our bio 👀•⠀@pedalbxl @stravacycling @ritcheylogic📸 @anttonmiettinen ⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀•⠀#katushasports #roadcycling #cyclinglife #urbancycling #wymtm #outsideisfree #fromwhereiride #roadslikethese #lightbro #ootdmen #styleinspo #cyclingshots #stravaproveit
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2018/02/22 22:36:03

And here's my favorite Dr. with the best legs in town!..@dr.gunnarsdottir
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2018/02/22 22:35:24

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2018/02/22 22:29:40

Explosive power, muscle endurance, and RAW staying power at threshold starts in the gym and gets refined on the rig; we got you covered over here. We don’t preach it, we live it!