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2017/12/12 02:08:20

Cause It gotta be a reason these bitches wanna be me . #MyReflection 🤪❣️🖕🏽
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2017/12/11 20:13:10

In a sincere effort to look good,this happened😑😏😂
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2017/12/11 15:36:35

Boquita de luna, trenzados cabellos 🌛
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2017/12/11 14:44:37

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2017/12/11 13:49:01

Have you really look in the mirror? Who do you see when you look in the mirror? .For many years, I’ve looked in the mirror and saw only criticisms.Nothing is perfect in my eyes. The reflection of me is not the one I portrayed in my head.Thus I portrayed myself in different perspective..For many years, I’ve looked in the mirror and never satisfied. Not with my facial architecture.Not with my appearance.Not with my body type.Not with my intelligence.Just not enough.Because the idea of perfection is everywhere. Taunting with every sparks they have..For many, years, I’ve look in the mirror and saw a different person each time coz it’s confusing to find out who you are with all those ideas in your head. .But slowly as I aged those things don’t matter anymore.It fade away.Therefore,I am who I am.I like what I like.I love what I love.I do what I want. .Today, when I look in the mirror,I see someone who’s in the process of becoming the better version of myself. .When I look in the mirror.I see a blessed woman with everything she ever need. A hard working woman towards her goals.And most of all, A grateful person to God for what I have. .Have you really look in the mirror?.Who do you see?..#thoughtoftheday #mybetterself #messyhairdontcare #whodoyouseewhenyoulookinthemirror #lifejourney #myreflection #timeisagreatstoryteller
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2017/12/11 10:37:17

Feeling great today. 😏 Going by feel today with all my workouts like I usually do. I hit all muscle groups today. I plan and write down my exercises sometimes, not much. Definitely challenging myself more and more everyday. Not with just exercises, but all aspects of life. ✅📈🗒🚶 #instaday #intune #feedyourappetite#lacticacid #burn #fitfun #leanup #nutritious #watereveryday #exercisetime #bodybuildinglifestyle #newnew #healthystuff #fitnessmotivation #myart #myreflection #mymeditation #mygoals #mytime #neversurrender #riseup #gonewiththewind #getit
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2017/12/11 08:49:26

Everytime you hurt me the less that I cry, everytime you leave me the quicker these tears dry and everytime you walk out the less I love you. Baby we don't stand a chance it's sad but it's true... #imwaytoogoodatgoodbyes #myreflection #notrunningfrommyselfnomore #oldnews
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2017/12/11 04:22:22

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2017/12/11 02:15:35

O mundo é como um espelho, que devolve a cada pessoa, o reflexo de seus próprios pensamentos e atos. A maneira como você encara a vida é que faz toda a diferença. A vida muda quando, quando você muda! #myreflection #rainbow #lifechanges