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2018/01/17 10:34:10

I love big "boyfriend" shirts but somehow their lengths are always "in-between" on me: "in-between" needing to wear something underneath (like shorts or pants) or none at all. But if none at all, I always pray I don't drop anything on the floor so I don't have to bend over and embarrassingly display my flat Asian pancake tushie while picking the item up 🤣 Happy Hump Day, peeps! #humpday #Wednesday #bag @Tods #tods #outfit #ootd #instagood #instagram #igers #style #fashion #igdaily #wiw #wiwt #bigshirt #smile #bamboo #nature #fun #Sandro #shoes #GiambatistaValli #love
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2018/01/17 10:33:51

2 chances to ride with me tomorrow!!!6am and 8:40am ZingCycle #zingcycle #humpday #nosnowyet
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2018/01/17 10:33:37

Shout out to @mercetta115 #fashiononaplate #morningtonpeninsula @mornpenmag well worth a visit #humpday #fashion & #foodie #musthaves #instashop #shoplocal
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2018/01/17 10:33:31

The OG’s of Rats 👊🏾 Est. 2013.#kings #friends #vibes #party #drinks #music #goodtimes #og #rnb #hiphop #dj #djlife #djmvmt #coolvill3 #humpday @jeromedoan1
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2018/01/17 10:33:19

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2018/01/17 10:32:39

Lunch time made EASY with our fresh and delicious sushi 🍣 #HeroSushi #LunchingWithHero
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2018/01/17 10:33:10

#humpday done right 👌
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2018/01/17 10:32:50

2018.1.17Happy Hump Day🐫🐪..살쪄서 필터없이 셀카못찍겠😅지만 오늘도 아자아자💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻#수요일 #humpday
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2018/01/17 07:40:08

OH HEY baby muscles, I see you! You’re gonna be popping in a few weeks though, promise you that! 💪🤙•••••••#haircutsforwomen #nofucks #humpday #brunettehair #bobhaircut #texturedbob #babymuscles #whodis #rosetattoos #girlytattoos #girlswithguns #girlswithgauges
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2018/01/17 10:24:50

Increased food intake, losing fat and gaining muscle?! 💪🏻 You have probably seen me mention these types of stories in my feed and insta stories. Introducing REVERSE DIETING:I ❤️ this analogy... As we know with weight training, progressive overload is the main component that enables us to get stronger, faster, more muscular, and have greater endurance. As we continually increase the demands during exercise (resistance, sets reps, etc) after time are bodies adapt and require a greater stimulus to continue getting stronger and making muscle gains.The same goes for our diet. Gradual increases in intake over time can help us build muscle, burn fat, and get our metabolisms and hormones in a healthy spot. So when are you a candidate for reverse dieting? I have a lot of clients who come to me chronically under-eating or stuck at a extreme caloric deficit. Over time, their bodies have adapted to this amount of food and energy required. They are either frustrated because they can’t seem to lose fat or they are afraid to increase their calories in fear of fat gain. Other clientscan’t put on the muscle they want because they simply not eating enough to provide that fuel for the muscle. Slowly and systematically increasing food intake is actually a method to improve your metabolism.Another scenario I often see is that clients can’t start a resistance training regimen because they are tired and weak from toolow of an intake. They simply don’t have the energy required for the demands. Increasing these types of clients intakes allows them to increase weight training and activity in general which also leads to gains in lean muscle mass and fat loss! The slow and steady approach of reverse dieting is also helpful for clients’ frame of mind so that they aren’t anxious about gaining fat and their bodies also can adapt to this change.While not the biggest contributor, but still something to note another factor of reverse dieting is the Thermic Effect of Food. (TEF) This is the amount of energy required to eat, digest, and store food. TEF accounts for about 10% of daily energy expenditure. As food intake goes up, the body burns more energy (calories) to digest ⬇️
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2018/01/17 10:32:22

I wish everyone was as lucky as I am! Having a friend like @javiera.henriquez is one of the best things that could've happened to me! She's always encouraging me to do my best and "to go heavier" 🏋️‍♀️Thanks for today's booty sesh 🍑I'm sure we won't be able to sit down tomorrow 😂#girlswholift #bootyday #humpday #friendswhotraintogether #friendswhotraveltogetherstaytogether #latinas
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2018/01/17 10:32:23

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2018/01/17 10:31:19

Happy Hump Day
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2018/01/17 10:30:33

Seriously obsessed with the Hello Sailor mini dress just in today 😍🙌🏼 shop in store now or DM us to secure yours - coming soon to online