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2018/02/22 19:30:53

Such a fun day sharing my love of weaving with these four gorgeous ladies. You girls did great! @howlonghaveigot @annie_ronayne @life.at.101 Man, I love my job! Thank you to Anita @thewoolinn for hosting us. #weaversofinstagram #weavewithrm #paintingwithyarn #celebratecreativity #theunusualpear
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2018/02/22 04:14:47

The goal here was to make finding fabric in this stash closet feel like a shopping experience. Mission accomplished! Flannels on the top shelf, quilting cottons in the middle, and apparel/upholstery fabrics on the bottom shelf.
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2018/02/21 16:06:41

The @Artscape looks beautiful this morning, let's #celebratecreativity with @moragmyerscough's installation for #designindaba2018! #embracetheunknown #designindaba
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2018/02/21 10:50:33

¡¡It’s here!! Look for our newest issue around campus🎊🎊In a big decision, Leviathan has finally decided to use NUMBERS in our table of contents! Who knew we’d live to see the day? Get your copy now! #art #poetry #prose #litmag #celebratecreativity
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2018/02/21 06:27:02

We love this idea because we, too, believe in the transformative power of public art. @bloombergdotorg's Art Program has launched a second round of its #PublicArtChallenge, which engages mayors of U.S. cities with 30,000 residents or more to collaborate with artists and arts organizations to develop temporary public art projects that celebrate creativity, enhance urban identity, and strengthen local economies. Check out our Stories to see projects by previous winners and grab the link to learn more or apply. 🎥: @mikebloomberg
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2018/02/21 03:01:26

My kind of stress-reliever. 😍Check out @islandteaco branches located at the Ground Floor of Robinsons Cybergate and SM City Cebu just outside the SM Cyberzone. #Sponsored #SponsoredPost #IslandTeaCo. #ServingRealTea
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2018/02/20 19:12:04

I recently had one of my lovely regulars contact me saying she'd seen a bow she liked, made by someone else and could I make one the same for her.🎀I truly love to make customised pretties, but I said I would not directly copy something someone else had created.🎀Through Ruby and Bear, I hope to encourage kids to have fun with jewellery and accessories, and to celebrate their own sense of style and individuality. That's one of the reasons I like to make loads of different things.🎀I've recently discovered another business copying some of my products and those of some other small businesses. I've seen how hurt and stung other businesses and the hard working bodies behind them have been. Being an SBO is rarely 9-5 and is often a heart and soul career.I would not want to hurt another SBO and devalue their hard work.🎀Social Media can make or break a small business, and I choose to use it to uplift and support other small businesses, WAHM's and local enterprise as well as to try to grow my own.🎀It opens up so many more doors for us makers and SBO's to promote what we make and to be inspired by others, locally and globally. I could spend days poring over the beautiful squares I see posted, and then be so inspired and energised by the creativity and individuality that I can't sleep. But I won't copy.🎀Instead, I will continue to be inspired by, support and promote other small businesses. I will not copy, but I hope to inspire both the wee ones who wear my products and others to #celebrateindividuality and #celebratecreativity🎀If we were all the same, what a boring world it would be xo#rantover #rubyandbearnz #nzmade #rubyandbear #handcraftedkidsgear #madebymum #handmade #handmadeinnz #unique #originality #dontcopy #supporteachother
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2018/02/20 18:19:09

Juhu, die ersten Bewerbungen zum #JugendEngagementPreis 2018 flattern hinein 📬😍 Wer steht denn eigentlich hinter den Bewerbungen und warum engagieren sich junge Menschen in diesem Projekt? Wir stellen Euch heute das wundervolle @lineuphalle Musicalteam vor, das sich mit "Copacabana" beim #JEP2018 beworben hat. Noch bis 1.04.2018 könnt Ihr Euch mit Eurem Engagement beim landesweiten JEP bewerben und die Chance auf ein Preisgeld & jede Menge Anerkennung erhalten: https://freistil-lsa.de/preis/#JEP2018 #warumseidihraktiv #Jugendengagiertinsachsenanhalt #mitmachen #anerkennung #weiterso #kultur #engagementmachtspaß #lineupfamily #showthecreativator #celebratecreativity
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2018/02/20 09:07:12

Take a splash ~ DIY Forever Fishbowl fresh on our blog! Definitely a creative process + finished product for young artists! Link in profile! ANNOUNCING ~ NEW ART WORKSHOPS START THIS WEEK IN THE STUDIO!!! 🐠💦
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2018/02/19 11:48:26

It's not always that we experience a jeepney with a good side mirror. Lol.